Defying the Alpha

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Part Fourteen

The wolves began attacking Adrian and somehow he shifted instantly and began fighting back. I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move, blink, nothing. It wasn’t until a wolf lunged at me and was on top of me that I realized what was going on. I began to thrash and struggle underneath the huge canine. It was a male and he was hungry as he bared his teeth at me.

“Get off me!” I screeched. Yeah, Angel. Because telling the rabid beast to get off of you is totally going to work. My self conscious said.

“Angel!” Someone screeched as the canine sunk his teeth into my hands that were pushing his jaw away. Blood oozed out of my hand and my fear finally kicked in. I screamed in fear and agony as the monsters teeth sunk deeper into my hand. I had no way of getting out from underneath him, this male was twice my size and three times heavier than me.

“Adrian!” I cried out unknowingly. Suddenly I heard a roar that caused the ground beneath me to rumble. The wolf was knocked off of me and replaced with Adrian’s black wolf. He looked down at me worriedly as tears rolled down my face from fear and pain. I needed to get out of here, these wolves needed to be defeated. Adrian’s wolf whimpered which made me come out of my thoughts. “Adrian, please get me out of here.” I whimpered as I held my hand tightly to my chest.

Adrian’s midnight fur was replaced with his tan skin in a matter of seconds. He looked down at me with sadness etched on his face. He put his arms under me and ran out of the room. The wolves were fighting one another as more and more pack members arrived into the room to fight of the enemy wolves. The members of the pack were trying to get the enemy wolves to fall through the broken window by cornering them. They were doing good, really good.

Adrian held me tightly to his chest as we neared another fighting scene. I held my breath and cowered in my mates chest as we ran past the area. I knew this was dangerous but something was wrong with my hand. It was burning like fire. It felt so painful that I contemplated whether cutting it off would be less painful.

Once again we neared another battle area and this time it was more dangerous. Adrian tried to sneak past but failed miserably. Two wolves leaped out and jumped on Adrian causing me to go flying out of his arms and tumbling on the floor. My head connected with the floor first and a sickening crack was heard. A scream escaped my lips as my whole entire body ached.

A wolf was on top of me in a matter of seconds. I barely had any time to prepare for it’s sharp teeth to begin snapping and growling in my face. I was balling and screaming frantically for someone to help. I knew Adrian couldn’t, he was ambushed with many other wolves along with many others. Nobody could help me.

The wolf shifted into a human. It was a male, he was young and if he wasn’t trying to kill me I would even say he was handsome. He had messy black hair that fell over his raven eyes. His pale skin was covered in dirt and blood, he had gaping wounds that looked pretty brutal. The male smelled of power but not alpha power, more like a beta.

“Axel! Quit stalling and take the girl and leave!” A dark voice boomed.

The male named Axel snapped out of his trance and lifted me up. I was too weak to struggle against him. All I could do was scream and thrash. I looked over Axel’s shoulder to see Adrian looking right into my eyes. He was struggling to get to me. He was on his hind legs and whimpering loudly. Adrian suddenly grew angry and with one swipe he sent the four dogs guarding him to the ground. Adrian ran to me but was stopped half-way by more wolves. He and I knew that this was goodbye, at least for now.

I couldn’t help but scream his name as Axel began running. My body screamed in agony as Axel ran down a flight of stairs. This was torture, more torture than being chained up for seven months, more torture than my family sending me away.

Axel busted through the front door and walked right into another battlefield. He didn’t care as he ran straight through the fighting wolves and straight into the woods.

Axel ran for awhile until we saw a black car parked in a gravel path. I never knew that the forest had a road. Axel opened the back door and threw me in before getting into the passenger seat.

I narrowed my eyes at the back of his seat. “You can’t take me hostage forever! I won’t allow it.”

Axel chuckled and turned around in his seat to face me. “We don’t want you hostage, someone much more powerful wants you.”

I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “Who?”

Axel raised an eyebrow and shook a finger and made a ‘tsk’ noise three times. “You’ll see.”

“I will tell you this. He isn’t cursed with the moon nor is he cursed with the sun, he is cursed with both.

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