Defying the Alpha

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Part Fifteen

I was afraid as we drove off into God-knows-where. I was afraid of this beast who not only was cursed with the moon but the sun as well. I’ve heard about them, but I never had encountered one nor had seen one. I knew they were powerful, but I didn’t know much about them. I didn’t know what they were call, or what they ate, what they did, how they act, nothing.

“Why me?” I asked suddenly while glaring at Axel.

Axel huffed and turned around and stared directly into my eyes which made me feel intimidated by him. “If I knew sweetie, I would tell you. Now, please shut up and let me enjoy some peace and quiet.” Axel said with a smirk.

“I have a right to know! I know you know because this person or thing would not just send you to fetch a random person and not tell you what, you must’ve asked because of curiosity.” I pointed out.

Axel sighed deeply. “No, child. You don’t question him, you don’t have the right to. I don’t know why he wants you, and frankly I don’t care.”

“Then why are you capturing me if you don’t care?” I asked while crossing my arms over my chest.

“He holds something dear to me against me, so I have to do whatever he says.” Axel said in a monotonously tone.

“He sounds mean.” I said in a quiet voice. I was never one to be afraid of others but this guy seems like he has power, a power that isn’t used nicely.

“He is.” Axel said bluntly.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“Why is he mean? I don’t know, why don’t you ask him for yourself, we’re here.” Axel said as he turned around in his seat and faced forwards. I peered out my windows and saw trees surrounding the area. The trees were dark and creepy looking. I opened the car door and looked straight ahead to the house that was before me. It was beautiful, it was painted grey with white shingles and paneling around the four, squared windows. The front door was wooden with a shiny gold doorknob. The house was large, maybe three, four floors. There was a porch that had two guards standing side by side at the door. They wore black uniforms that made them look dark.

Axel grabbed my arm and practically dragged me up the porch and to the door. The guards stopped Axel and I and gave me a dirty look. “She is to see the alpha.” Axel said formally.

“We need her name, and age.” The man closest to me on the right said as he glowered at me.

“My name is Angel and I’m eighteen.” I said in a mocking tone. The guard rolled his eyes but grabbed a strange device and suddenly took what seemed to be a picture before punching some things in. The guard then pressed a button behind him and the door opened.

Axel lead me past the guards and into the empty and very silent pack house. I was curious as to why it was so quiet but then it dawned on me. This place seemed way to nice to be a pack house, this seemed like an actual home. It was the alpha’s home, but why was I in it?

Axel lead me through a dimly lit corridor and stopped in front of a door. He knocked on it very oddly. He knocked four times and the last two were like a beat to a drum. “Come in.” Said someone faintly.

Axel twisted the doorknob and grabbed my arm and lead me through the door. The room smelled of honey and lavender, odd mixture but it was surprisingly good. I looked at Axel who was staring straight ahead. I followed his gaze and it landed on a young man wearing a nice suit. The man was incredibly handsome with his chocolate brown hair that was very vogue like. It was short on the sides but was sticking up on the top slightly. He had light green eyes that really complimented his olive skin. The man was muscular which was easily noticed through his tight suit he had on. He was flawless to be exact.

“Hello, little one.” Said the handsome man. His voice was rich and husky, very masculine.

“Why am I here?” I asked with narrowed eyes. The man was shocked by my response to him but he quickly recovered with a smirk. “All with be explained soon enough, well first I should have you know my name is Atlas, I am the alpha of the Raven pack and BloodDawn clan.”

“How are you both alpha and coven master?” I asked, completely ignoring the fact that he introduced himself. Atlas smiled at me which caused his teeth to show, he had two fangs sticking out. “I am what they call a hyrbid, half wolf, half vampire, and you are the answer to my question.”

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