Defying the Alpha

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Part Sixteen

I bust into a fit of laughter at the insane man. Although he is undeniably handsome, he sure doesn’t have a sanity chip. Once I realize I am the only one laughing I come to terms that he is serious. “Wait, you’re serious? You’re actually both a wolf and a vampire?” I asked with my jaw dropped. The man nods in confusion before tapping his fingers against his desk. “Wait, what did you mean by ‘I’m the answer.’?” I asked while mimicking his voice on ‘I’m the answer.’.

Atlas narrowed his eyes at me, I obviously made him upset by mimicking him, but to be honest it’s fun.

And I wonder why I always get in trouble or scolded. I think to myself.

“You’re act isn’t funny. I suggest you learn some respect.” Atlas snapped while slamming his fist against his desk. I jump slightly but immediately recover. “How do I learn respect when I’m never given it?” I argue while allowing my canines to ascend.

“Quiet, now I know you’re curious as to how I am both a wolf and a vampire, yes?” Atlas asked with a smirk. “Yes.” I muttered in annoyance.

“Well, it was a long time ago. I was born into a pure blooded wolf family. I was an alpha’s child, mother and father were both pure bred alpha’s. I was very strong and powerful, I grew quickly and became strong rapidly. Then, I did something terrible, so terrible that the Moon-goddess and the Vampire Queen came to me, they both decided that as punishment, I don’t only face the curse of the moon, I face the curse of the sun. They took a half of my wolf and gave me the curse of a vampire. I don’t recall much of the incident, all I remember is seeing their disappointed faces and then I woke up. When I woke up I was hungry, but not for meat, or regular human food. I wanted blood, the blood of a human, so I went on a killing rampage. I killed an entire village. I was lost and afraid, I didn’t understand how to control these emotions or needs. Until, a young woman found me in the middle of a feast. She was beautiful and walked as graceful as a doe. I remember being intrigued by her, she was so addicting. Her name was Crescent, she too was cursed with the moon and sun. Crescent helped me control my thirst, and control my emotions. Then, after years and years of being together, she vanished.” Atlas explained solemnly towards the end.

“Wow, so you really are half wolf, half vampire.” I said in disbelief. “Yes, I am. Now, I think you should learn some respect from earlier, that was uncalled for, little one.”

I roll my eyes at Atlas. Yeah, the same thing was said by the last alpha and look what happened. “Whatever you say, alpha. Or do I call you coven master? I am just so confused as to what a mutt like you is called.” I said in a sarcastic tone. Atlas growls under his breath but forces a smile onto his lips. “Well, you could call me Master Alpha, yes, Master Alpha.” I stare at him shock. He’s got to be kidding me.

“No, I will not call you that.” I exclaimed. It’s the most ridiculous name I have ever heard. “And why not?” Atlas asked while running his fingers over a picture frame that he grabbed off his desk. “That is the most stupidest name ever, I will not call you that. One or the other.” Suddenly the picture frame whizzed past my head and shatters against the wall. My heart is pounding out of my chest as I stare at Atlas in fear.

“You will call me what I wish to be called, whether you like it or not.” Atlas sneered as he stood up from behind his desk. Atlas is a good six foot, maybe a few more inches. He is even more intimidating as he stands in front of his desk. Atlas leans back and watches me carefully as I am paralyzed in my place. I can’t move, breathe, blink, only stare into Atlas’s eyes in fear. “I am glad you got the point, I will have someone come and escort you to your room.” Atlas said with a pleased smile on his face. His dark eyes glaze over and within moments a petite woman walks in with her head bowed.

“Carissa, please escort Angel to the west floor, make sure she has the nicest room.” Atlas demanded as he continues to stare into my eyes. “Yes, of course.” Carissa said in a submissive tone.

Carissa grabs my arm which shakes me out of my trance, thankfully. She leads me out of Atlas’s office. I am finally able to breathe and think clearly.

“My name is Carissa, I am your guide in a way.” Carissa explained as we walk side by side to a flight of stairs. The place is really Victorian as well as modern. By modern, I mean technology based; I mean elevators, how amazing.

“I’m Angel, I am being held hostage here.” I said coldly. Carissa nods and drags me up the flight of stairs. “Why use stairs when you have elevators?” I asked while huffing. “Then we would have to make a longer trip, stairs were closer.” Carissa answered curtly. I have a feeling that were the elevators are located is some place I am not supposed to be, which makes me want to go there even more.

Carissa leads me through a small hallway all the way until the end where a brown door is. She opens the door and suddenly I am blinded with bright, yet beautiful lights. The room is absolutely magnificent. It has a queen sized bed with pure white sheets. A beautiful painting of a forest is mounted above the bed. There are two end-tables on each side of the bed, with a lamp is placed snugly next to my new bed. I look straight ahead to a window, that is accompanied with a window seat. A bookshelf is against a wall that is curved slightly, and on the wall hangs a clock, which is next to a door that I assume is a bathroom. There is another door to my left that looks like a walk in closet. There is a small love-seat at the far right of the room, a tv mounts right in front of it. The walls are a soft lavender color, and the floor is hardwood. It truly is beautiful.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” Carissa asked while shoving me out of the doorway and into the room. “Yes, it really is.” I said as I spin around to look at the room.

“Well, please make yourself at home, everything you need is in here.” Carissa said before bowing and exiting the room.

I take one last look around before diving into the heavenly bed. I sigh deeply before allowing the darkness to claim me.

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