Defying the Alpha

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Part Eighteen

I’ve been trying on dresses for what seems like hours upon hours when in reality it’s only been twenty minutes. The dresses are all so hideous and disgusting. I have a feeling that it’s because I am trying them on for a forced wedding and mating ceremony. I know what goes on at mating ceremonies, I know how awful they are, and I wish more than nothing for Adrian to come and rescue me. I would rather face suffer from him than be forced into mating with a mate I am not destined for. Not to mention I would be cast as a lone wolf; not a rogue, more like a wolf who isn’t a child of the MoonGoddess. Atlas, already isn’t because of his curse, he is a child to the devil.

“Please cooperate.” The woman dressing me pleaded.

I scoff and take off the white, skimpy dress. “Why don’t you choose a dress that isn’t hideous nor skimpy?”

The woman gasps and snatches the dress from my arms. “How dare you.” Her hazel eyes burn into mine with pure anger. I nearly giggle at the petite girl who couldn’t be much older than I am.

I roll my eyes at her. This is so irritating. I am so close to just screaming and beating the tar out of the woman. “Get a dress that is short and simple.” I demanded with a sigh. Gosh, I am sounding so snobby.

The woman doesn’t object and sulks away. I hope this is the last dress because then it’s makeup and hair and I really am not mentally prepared for that. This day is like a terrible nightmare, except I know I won’t wake up. There isn’t anything I can’t do, I can’t run. There are guards everywhere and I have five escorts with me everywhere I go, even to the bathroom.

I wish we could run away.’ My wolf, Eve sadly spoke. I agree so much with her, I wish I could just be free for once.

About ten minutes later, the girl comes in with a huge grin plastering her face. A white dress lays in her folded arms as she walks over to me and hands it to me. I hold the dress up and smile internally. The dress is gorgeous. It’s tight form fitting, bodice, that flares out at the hips in chiffon layers that looks like tulip petals. The back of the dress has an opening with a bow in the middle of the back and a smaller one at the tailbone.

“It’s beautiful.” I murmured while gawking at the dress.

“I thought you would like it. It is one of a kind and handmade by yours truly.” The young girl boasted. She begins playing with her shoulder length blonde hair as she looks everywhere but me.

What a weird girl, one minute she was rude and now she’s nice?

“You’re truly talented.” I said politely.

The girl offers a crooked smile. She then ushers me to put it on. I am very pleased when I put it on and it fits perfectly. I look in the long mirror and giggle while spinning once. The dress is beautiful and looks nice on me.

“Makeup and hair time!” The girl exclaimed.

After an hour of getting stabbed in the eye with makeup brushes and eyeliner, we finally finish and let’s just say the girl whose name is Jane did an amazing job! My hair is curled and cascades down my back, two pieces of my hair from the front are pulled back and pinned with the bow in the back of my head a few inches above the nape of my neck. My makeup is very nude and natural, I have a creamy eye-shadow on, no top eyeliner, and some mascara and eyeliner on my waterline. I have no acne so no need for foundation or concealer nor powder. I really prefer no makeup but Jane is very persuasive.

“Thank you.” I said while smiling at Jane. Except my smiling ended when Atlas walks in the room with a smirk on his face. “Ah, little one, you actually obeyed me this time and got ready.”

His cocky tone sends me over the edge. I scoffed and stood up from the chair I was sitting in. “First off, quit calling me little one. Second off, I only obeyed you because I have no other choice, you would force me anyways.”

Atlas’s face grows red in anger and little growls emit from his mouth. “Watch it, Angel. You’re walking a thin line.” He gets anger so easily, he is easily edged on.

I throw my hands up in exasperation. “I’m always walking a thin line. Everywhere I go, it’s a thin line!”

Atlas narrows his eyes at me. “Thin lines aren’t meant to be walked on, little one.”

“Yet, here I am. Walking it.”

Atlas stomps towards me and grabs my chin roughly and jerks me closer to him. “Yes, you are and I think it’s about time you fall off. Quit with the attitude Angel, or you will regret it dearly.” I won’t lie when I say I thought I was going to be back-handed. The fear this male gives me is like no other. Only Adrian can produce this much fear from little actions, and Atlas is pretty close to Adrian.

Is the MoonGoddess doing this on purpose? Is this a punishment? What have I done to deserve this?

Atlas shoves me away from him and slams the door while storming out causing both Jane and I to jump. My emotions are flying all over the place as I try to calm my erratic heart.

“Are you okay?” Jane’s clinical tone makes me want to cry and show weakness, but I can’t.

I nod shakily and look around slightly. It scares me what this male is capable of, one wrong move and he could diminish me. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I answered quietly.

Jane shakes her head and rubs my arms up and down as if she is trying to warm me up. “I’m sorry about my alpha, he can be a little harsh sometimes.”

Any weakness vanishes at her false words. I scoff and raise an eyebrow at her. “A little harsh? The man is forcing me to marry him.” I’m so frustrated with Atlas. Why me? There are so many other girls who would willing be his luna. What about his mate? “Does Atlas have a mate?” I asked Jane.

Jane’s face immediately scrunched up in shock. Her hazel eyes widen in surprise, I caught her off guard which could be one of two things. She knows something, or the question just generally surprised her.

“Uh, w-well, y-you see,” Jane stuttered as she shook, she knows something.

“Tell me, please.” I pleaded.

“Uhm, yes. Alpha Atlas did have a m-mate. She was beautiful, by the far the most beautiful girl in the pack. Her name was Zoey, she was incredible, everyone adored her. Zoey and Atlas seemed perfect together, but only I knew the truth.” Jane solemnly said. Are Jane and Zoey related, were they close?

“You seem like you know her?” I asked curiously.

Jane laughed a little before smiling at me. “Well, I should hope so. She was after all my baby sister.” I knew it! What happened to Zoey? Jane talks about Zoey in past tense? Could Zoey be dead?

“Where is she?” I asked while looking into Jane’s darkened eyes.

“The BloodHaze pack.” Jane said lacking emotion. Her eyes were no longer darkened, just hollow like. There is no emotions dancing in her eyes.

“Why is she in the BloodHaze pack?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“She’s their luna.”

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