Defying the Alpha

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Part Nineteen

Surprise, major cliffhanger.

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”She’s their luna.”

I stare at Jane in surprise. Did Atlas reject her? Did she reject Atlas? What would Zoey be doing in one of the worst packs in the world?

“Why?” I bluntly asked. I suddenly felt very abashed at my rudeness. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.” Liar, you want all the dirty details. My self concious said.

Jane smiles and waves her hand dismissively. “No worries. Your guess is as good as mine. My sister up and vanished one day and than the next she was being crowned Luna.” It’s no secret that Jane is cynical of her sister choice of being luna.

“Was she forced? Did the alpha have anything against her?” I asked intriguingly.

“Not that I know of, but my sister was full of secrets.” Informed Jane. So, Ms. Perfect had secrets, those secrets probably are secrets because they don’t make her so perfect. Interesting.

“What kind of secrets?” I intruded slightly. I am desperate to know, I will do anything to get out of marrying the basta*rd.

Jane smirks and raises an eyebrow. “They wouldn’t be secrets if I told them to you, now would they?”

“No, I guess they wouldn’t, but I need to know them. I can’t marry Atlas, we both have mates.” Yeah, I bet my mate doesn’t even care about us.

Jane sighs deeply and shakes her head vigorously. “Okay! Their alpha, Codine, is very sinister and apparently has something against Atlas. Some rumour that they’re siblings.’”

“So, Codine took Zoey as a way of winning the fued against Atlas?” I thought outloud.

“Possibly, but it could be for other reasons. Atlas could’ve done something to Codine to fuel this war between the two, I don’t know honestly.” Jane said with a scrunched up face. This is so difficult, I need to know before the wedding before it is too late. I can’t be married to Atlas, I just can’t.

“Jane, we are traveling to the BloodHaze pack to pay Zoey and Codine a visit.” I said with a mischievous grin on my face.I have the perfect plan to escape Atlas and his deranged love triangle, honestly, I could care less about who gets hurt in the end, as long as it isn’t me.

Jane and I are in her car driving towards the BloodHaze pack. It was really easy convincing Atlas to let us go. We lied and said we needed something for my dress and hair, which he bought only because it had to do with the wedding and me.

I didn’t tell Jane about my plan to escape and edge of Codine, I know she wouldn’t allow me to do something like that. So, I lied and said I was going to bargain with Codine and Zoey.

The car ride to the diabolical pack took longer than I wanted. I am so anxious to leave Atlas and be free again. Although I will be facing the risk of getting caught again I will expect it. It won’t blind me suddenly like the capture with Atlas did. This time I will expect it, therefore I will avoid it.

“Where did you come from before?” Jane asked while looking over to me as we pulled into the BloodHaze’s driveway.

“Nixon’s pack.” I answered curtly. I don’t want to ever discuss Adrian nor his wretched pack ever again. Although, a part of me knows that isn’t true. I can feel the mate-bond stir up inside me at the mention of his name. The want and need for me to be around him has grown since I last saw him. I urn to be touched by him, yet I loathe his touch for it left me scars I will never forget. The mate-bond messes with my emotions and its awful.

“Woah, Adrian Nixon?” Jane murmured in shock. I hate how his name caused thousands of butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

“The one and only.” I said cooly.

Jane turns to look at me. Her eyes are clincal. I am curious as to why she is worried for me. “Adrian will find you again, even with this bargain you’re planning. You may be freed of Atlas after this but you’ll always have to deal with Adrian, why don’t you go home before things grow worse?”

I sigh deeply and put my head in my hands in frustration. “Because, if I do that it means he won, he won this little defying challenge and I won’t stand for it,” I took my head out of my hands and looked dead into Jane’s eyes, “Defying the alpha is my game that I intend to win, so far I’m winning.”

“Not for long, look.” Jane whispered in horror.

I followed her gaze out of the windshield and saw Adrian standing about a hundred feet away. The smirk on his face grows as he realizes I noticed him.


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