Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty One

Adrian and I, walked back to his pack house along with the few guards and warriors he brought with. The walk back was very awkward and silent. I stood closer to him then the others, I felt a sort of comfort next to him. He looked so powerful as he lead me and the pack with his head held high. His eyes burned with a sense of power that I have never seen before. This male is alpha and he knows it, everyone knows it. My wolf feels slightly proud that this male is our mate. We aren’t proud of what he has done, but who he could become is someone we would be proud to call our mate. Adrian is the only person I truly have left in this world. Everyone else has abandoned me, except him. He’s here, he found me again. The question is why? Why did he come and find me? Was he getting bored? Does he only want me to be his luna? Or does he genuinely need me?

“Angel?” A shocked voice called. I look to the voice to see my old friend Molly standing beside a tall man. Molly’s eyes are wide and look as if they’re going to fall out of their sockets.

“Hi Molly.” I whispered as Adrian and I walked past her. I don’t want to stop and say hi to her, I have time for that later. I need to talk to Adrian.

Molly seems astonished as Adrian leads me and his guards and warriors into the pack house.

Adrian stops suddenly causing me and the others to stop as well. “Leave me and my little mate.” Adrian demanded the others. Like lightning they flash out of the empty hall.

Adrian turns around and looks at me intensely before walking away. I follow him without hesitation. He leads me into his office where he gestures for me to sit in the gray chair. Adrian walks behind his desk and sits in his chair. He stares at me for a moment before sighing deeply at me. “I’m glad you’re back where you belong.” I’m shocked at his words. No yelling, screaming or lecturing. His words are kind, and laced with concern. “What did they do to you?” Adrian asked with concerned eyes.

I clear my throat and meet his clinical eyes. “Nothing.”

Adrian doesn’t seem to believe me but he doesn’t push. “What did the leader want? Who was the leader? I need the details, Angel.”

“The alpha’s name is Atlas, and he has a mate named Zoey, she’s the luna to BloodHaze pack. Alpha Codine took Zoey from Atlas because of a feud between the two. Atlas took me because he wanted me to become his mate.” I explained with clenched fist.

Adrian sighs deeply and runs his hands down his face. “Also, Atlas isn’t just a normal werewolf, he is part vampire. He is cursed with the moon and the sun.” I added.

At this Adrian’s head whips up and he becomes interested. “What? He’s a hybrid.”

I nod slowly at him. I’m surprised that he knows what a hybrid is. “How do you know what a hybrid is?” I asked.

Adrian eyes me carefully. “Hybrids are very lethal and powerful. Very few exist.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “You didn’t tell me how you know what a hybrid is.”

“I have encountered a hybrid awhile back. The hybrid was a female, the only female. She was older and had a few children. She just got in contact with me not too long ago about an issue that needed to be solved.” Adrian said very calmly.

I grew very curious. “Who is she? What issue?”

Adrian held my gaze for a long time until he finally spoke. “The woman is your mother and you are the issue.”

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