Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Two

The woman is your mother and you are the issue.”

I stare at Adrian in utter shock. This can’t be true. My mother is a simple wolf, nothing more nothing less. I know my mother, or so I thought.

“What do you mean?” I whisper, still stunned.

“Back in 1995 hybrids weren’t rare, but they weren’t common. There were a fair amount of hybrids, your mother was one. The hybrids knew they were better than other creatures. The hybrids made sure that they were the most powerful and respected. Your mother grew tired of following the rules of the original hybrid; James. The two of them went back, way back. Your mother and James were in love. That was until she met your father and found out they were mates” Adrian explained. There is something he isn’t telling me, I can tell.

“Why am I the issue?” I asked with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not an actual Lewis, Angel. You’re a Lannister, you’re James Lannister’s daughter.” How is that an issue? How is that even possible? Im the youngest? I’m not who I thought I was. The life I thought I knew, the life I have lived is all a lie. Sure, it’s just a last name but I am a whole different person than who I thought I was. I’m not a wolf, I’m also a vampire, I am a hybrid. Why me? What about my siblings? My powers?

“I need to speak to my mother.” I demanded without look into Adrian’s eyes. If I were to look into his eyes he would see the fear, the pain, the betrayal. Every emotion that could peg me as weak.

“I will call her and let her know that you have discovered the truth. I will allow her to come and visit you, seeing how this is a matter that should be discussed in person.” Adrian said as he rummaged his pockets for his phone.

He pulls out his phone and puts it up to his ears. My hearing is enhanced so I can hear their conversation clearly. I hear the phone ring until my mother’s soft voice answers.

“Hello?” My mother’s soft voice is heard.

“It’s Adrian, we need to talk.” Adrian said in somber tone. His eyes pierce into mine, he’s watching me, watching my eyes for any sign of emotion.

“Adrian? What is going on? Is it Angel?” My mother rambled her questions off.

“Calm down. I need you to come to my pack. It is time Angel discovers the truth behind who she is.” Adrian said.

“No. It is not time, she is still a young girl.” My mother defended. What does my mother not want me to know?

“She already knows, now it’s time for you fill the pieces in. Come at once, or else I will inform her on everything she needs to know.” Adrian cold tone sent shivers down my spine.

“I’ll be there soon.” The line is hung up and a satisfied smirk colors itself onto Adrian’s face.

“Now we wait.”

It’s a few hours until Adrian gets a text saying that my mother and siblings are here. I am curios as to who is running the pack as my dear brother accompanies my mother.

A few of Adrian’s guards go and bring my family into the house. Adrian and I stand in the living room side by side. The first person I spot is Amsterdam, who wears a scowl on his face. The feelings are mutual, dear brother.

Next, is my mother who is clung to my brothers side like a coward. I knew from the moment she stepped foot inside that she is afraid. Following my mother is my two other siblings who wear blank expressions on their faces.

“Ah, hello sister. I see you’re doing quite well.” Amsterdam snarkily said.

I smirk slightly at my brothers weak attempt to shake me. “That I am, how are you, brother? Do you like playing bodyguard to our terrified mother?” AMsterdam clenches his jaw tightly and narrows his eyes. You tried getting under my skin and failed, but I managed to get under yours, brother.

“Now is not the time for bickering. Hello, Angel. I am sure you have many questions.” My mother said calmly as she wrings her hands together.

“More than you can imagine.” I muttered under my breath.

“I will grant you permission to stay for the day. You will be gone by nightfall and I expect you to give Angel everything she needs to know, or I will.” Adrian commanded in a cold tone.

“Thank you.” My mother said to Adrian with a small smile.

“Angel you are a hybrid, a vampire and a werewolf. You are not a Lewis, you are a Lannister. James Lannister stills lives but he has not been seen for ages. James is a very cruel man, he often gets his way and when he doesn’t he throws a fit and goes on a rampage which often ends up with people slaughtered.” My mother began explaining as she took a seat on the couch.

“How is that possible? I am the youngest.” I exclaimed, looking at all my siblings with wide eyes.

My mother opens her mouth and then closes it like a fish. “When I had your other siblings, it was with my mate but there was a time when I didn’t want him, so out of an act of rebellion I slept with your birth father, the result of that was you.”

My other siblings glare at my mother. “How could you?” My sister; Avalon accuses, eyes narrowed.

“What about my powers?” I asked, butting Avalon off.

My mother pauses and looks at me carefully. “The powers never came from me, it came from your siblings father.”

I growl lowly at her and begin narrowing my eyes. “What about my powers?” I gritted through my teeth.

My mother sighs deeply and shakes her head. “You don’t have powers, Angel. You are simply a monster who thirst for blood.”

I take a step forward only to be pulled back by Adrian. “Why haven’t I thirsted for blood? Why hasn’t anything different happened to me?”

“It will, on the next full moon you will turn into a vampire instead of a wolf. You have to feed on someone and if you don’t you will die.”

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