Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Three

I stare at my mother in astonishment. I can’t believe what I am hearing. “So you were never going to tell me? Just let me die?” I accused with narrowed eyes.

My mother sighs deeply and rubs her temples. “Of course not. Adrian would notice the signs and I would come to you and help you. Unfortunately, you found out before that. Now you have to make the choice.”

I gasp at her. How does she expect me to make the decision now? “You can’t be serious! This is a life or death decision I need time!” I exclaimed.

My mother shakes her head vigorously. “We don’t have time Angel.”

I look to Adrian for help but he doesn’t look my way. His eyes are trained on my mother who is looking at me. “Angel, you just have to kill someone and drink their blood. Then, it’ll be over.” My mother explained calmly.

I grow enraged at her. “How can you be so nonchalant about this, mother? You’re telling me to take someone’s life for my own.”

My mother stares directly into my eyes and nods curtly. “That is exactly what I am telling you.” She begins to stand up but I stop her when I stand up. Amsterdam growls but a quick glare from Adrian shuts him up.

“You are a cruel woman. How am I you’re daughter? Amsterdam was born before me, what does that make him?” My mother clenches her jaw and narrows her eyes at me.

“You are both, children of James. Luckily, your brother lucked out is only a werewolf.” I look to Amsterdam who has a blank face. That bästard knew!

“So you cheated on your mate, even after having a child with this man? After having Amsterdam, you made him Alpha! He isn’t even a Lewis!” My other brother snarled.

“Sweetie, it isn’t like that.” My mother said, trying to calm him down.

“You’re pathetic! What’s so special about this James guy that you have to cheat on daddy twice!” Avalon growled.

“Stop it, Avalon.” My mother whispered.

“Brother, how could you?” I asked, averting my attention to my brother. There’s hurt evident in my voice. Sure, Amsterdam and I aren’t close but he’s still my brother.

“Wasn’t my place.” Was my brothers short reply. I scoff and roll my eyes. “It wasn’t your place for a lot of things but you still stood in it anyways.”

Amsterdam rolls his eyes and stands up beside my mother; our mother. “Let’s go, we obviously aren’t welcomed here.”

My mother looks at me for a moment before following my brother and my two other siblings out the door. My deranged family who doesn’t care at all finally leave.

I look at the door with hatred flowing off my like waves. All this new information is ticking in my brain as I reminisce the bad things that could happen.

“Your mother is right Angel.” Adrian spoke, causing the silence to break.

“I know she is.” I said coldly.

“So? What are you going to do?” Adrian asked as he walked over to my side.

“I’m going to feed off someone and become half vampire.” I said nonchalantly.

I have accepted my fate, but the outcome is a whole new story.

Be prepared mother, I will have my revenge for making me a monster.

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