Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Five

Luke is by my side immediately which has Adrian frowning deeply. Luke grips my shoulders and looks into my eyes. I raise an eyebrow as he stares intensely into my eyes. I am confused as to why he’s looking at me as if I died.

“Angel, look at the girl.” Luke demanded, motioning to the young girl whose blood still lingers on my lips.

I look over to the girl and my heart begins pounding. The girl hangs by ropes and has her head hung back. On the right side of her neck are teeth imprints, two fang marks carved by me. I feel guilt wash over me like tidal waves. The rush of new emotions that washed over me were painful and resulted in me gasping for air like a fish without water. I understood what Adrian said, my humanity went away for a moment. I got lost in the blood lust, but after feeling what I did I wonder if maybe turning off my humanity isn’t such a bad idea. The look on the girl’s face before I devoured her, the petrified pleads, the thrashing in fear, it all haunts me. The look on that girl is one I will never be able to forget, it is also one I will see it again. It’s the look of a face when one sees a monster, it was the look on my face when my father was gone, the look on my face when I first met Adrian, when I discovered my mother’s secret.

“Don’t even think about it, Angel.” Luke warned with wide eyes. I look at him pleadingly as tears begin to descend from my eyes. As I look at Luke’s clinical look I realize that Adrian hasn’t said a word. I look over to him to see him talking with one of his guards. My heart beats wildly as words spill out of my mouth. “Adrian, I need you please.” I cried desperately. I may seem dramatic, but killing someone, in order to save yourself, it’s cruel and cruelty is one of the many assets to being a monster..

Adrian’s head snaps in my direction so fast I thought it would fly off. His eyes bore into mine as I cry helplessly. More than anything I want to be in this male’s arms.

I run as fast as my feet will take me until my arms are wrapped around Adrian’s neck and I’m in his arms. Adrian is startled by my sudden embrace and hesitantly wraps his arms around my waist.I then lean back a little and whisper in his ears. “This is the way of the game, I’m sorry but you have just become a player.” With that I snap his neck and let him fall limp.

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