Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Six

Luke growls and in a flash has his arms around my neck and putting slight pressure on it. “What did you do!” He seethes.

I roll my eyes at him. “Don’t worry, he isn’t dead. I had to. I need your help.”

Luke loosens his grip on my neck and eyes me carefully. “I’m listening.”

“I need to figure out a way to stop this, and the only way to do that is to find my father and I can’t do it with Adrian on my as*s.

Luke sighs and releases me. “Did you have to snap his neck?”

I shrug and look at the startled guards who stand beside their limp alpha with pure terror etched on their faces. “Sorry about that.”

“Whatever, now why do you think I would help you? Especially with my distaste for you.” Luke said with a frown on his face.

I scoff and roll my eyes. “You say you have a distaste for me but if that were really true you would’ve had these guards lock me away. You wouldn’t have helped me earlier. You care more than you let on and that is why I think you will help me, because you care.”

Luke’s frown vanishes and becomes cold, vague. I know I hit a spot with this tough male. “Great, it’s settled. We leave immediately.” I look away from Luke and to the guards. “Take him back and don’t say a word or I will do what I just did to him but it will end your life.” I smirk as they scamper to carry their alpha through the woods. The guards who were guarding the girl follow along with the others, leaving Luke and I alone.

I look back to Luke who is frowning deeply at me. “What? I wasn’t actually going to kill them. Sometimes you have to lie to get what you want.”

Luke shakes his head and smirks. “Sometimes I wonder why we don’t get along better, oh wait that’s because before you were this scared, little girl who thought she was better than the alpha. Glad you learned your worth pup.”

I gaze into Luke’s eyes for a moment, allowing his words to process. “No Luke, I wasn’t a scared little girl, may I remind you I lasted seven months chained to a shed with little food and water? How is that fear, or making me little. Also, I am better than the alpha, I am more than he will ever be.”

“That’s where you are wrong. Adrian has power over you, if he didn’t you wouldn’t have felt the need to knock him out.” Luke pointed out with a smug smile.

I scoff and roll my eyes. “Whatever. Let’s just go.”

“Go? Where? Tell me how we find your father that you know nothing but his name?” Luke asked.

“I have my connections.” I hold out my hand to Luke who stares at me confusingly. “Ugh, your phone.” I groaned in annoyance.

Luke grunts and fishes into his pocket for his phone and hands it to me. I begin dialling.


“Hello Jane, it’s me, I have a favor.” I said with a wicked grin on my face.

“Angel, good to hear from you. What can I help you with?” Jane asked.

“I need to find the location of a hybrid. James Lannister.” I said.

“Yeah, I know of him. Why do you need to find him?” Jane asked curiously.

“Looks like Atlas isn’t the only hybrid you know. James Lannister is my father, and I plan on letting him know that.”

“What?” Jane’s astonished tone said.

“Long story, I’ll tell you about it when you come and get me and a friend. We have to work together to find James and we have to do it fast.” I said urgently as I realized time really was ticking.

“What about Adrian?” Jane asked worriedly.

“That’s why we have to do it fast. I have to be gone before he comes back for me, so please hurry.” I plead.

“Alright, I am on my way…” Suddenly the line goes quiet and then a voice greets me. “Hello Angel, I am so glad to see and hear from you again. This will surely be interesting.” Atlas.

“Indeed it will, I’ll see you soon.” I spoke calmly. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Now, how do I deal with a love sick hybrid? Is this really a smart idea? At what point am I willing to risk everything, just for answers? I know I have to do this, I need to figure out how to stop this monster stirring inside me.

“Yes, yes you will.” The line is hung up. We are in the middle of nowhere but Jane should be able to find us as she is probably tracking my exact location as we speak. Now, it’s a matter of time.

Is time an ally in this game I have created, or is it an enemy?

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