Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Seven

Time is known for healing things. In time, all will be healed and forgiven. Our biggest enemy is time. Sometimes there is too much time, or too little. Battling a war against time is deadly. Might as well just call defeat, because you will lose.

“She needs to hurry up. Adrian will be awake soon and will come hunting for us.” I said nervously as I paced back and forth.

Luke sighs in annoyance and checks his watch. “For once, I agree with you. She does need to hurry up.” I roll my eyes at him. Luke is strange and the way I feel about him is strange. He’s so different than Adrian yet exactly the same. The way I feel when I am around him is unfamiliar. I feel safe, calm, at ease. I don’t feel that around Adrian very often. Luke is warm yet so cold. He’s intriguing yet boring. Luke, why do I feel like this? Do you feel the same too? I wondered in my head.

Suddenly headlights shine on the both of us and Jane’s small little bug drives slowly towards us. Man, however she got through the forest without crashing amazes me. I run over to her now parked car and eagerly jump in excitement when she exits her car. I hug her tightly and embrace the warmth of a familiar friend. “It’s so good to see you.” I whispered into her ear.

She pulls away from me and smile softly at me. “You too,” Jane looks over to Luke and raises an eyebrow questionably at me. “Who is that?”

“That’s Luke, Adrian’s beta.” I said nonchalantly. I noticed how odd my sentence sounded when I looked at Jane’s shocked face. “Oh, he’s on our side.” She relaxes from her tense state.

“We have to go, now.” I said urgently as I remembered this is based off of Adrian’s awakening.

“Agreed, Adrian should be awake very soon. A knockout from someone little like you won’t keep someone slumbered too long.” Luke pointed out with a smug grin.

I roll my eyes and walk to the other side of the vehicle to the passenger side. I lift up the seat and indicate Luke to get in. He huffs in annoyance but gets in without argument.

I push the seat back and get in. I close the door and buckle my seat-belt. Then, I turn to Jane who’s staring at her steering wheel with terror on her face. “What?” I asked nervously.

“I’m out of gas.” Jane whispered.

My heart plummets to the bottom of it’s cage. “How! Didn’t you keep track?” I asked.

Jane shakes her head quickly and begins tapping her thumbs against the steering wheel. “It’s so weird because I swear I had a quarter tank.” I look in the rear-view mirror to Luke who looks angrier than usual. Of course the bone head would remain silent. Silent yet deadly. A voice rang in my head. I jump in fright at the unfamiliar voice. I never have heard this voice before but then again I couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female. The voice was a whisper and so quiet.

“Angel, what is it?” Luke asked, suddenly interested.

“T-there was a voice in my head. It wasn’t familiar, and I couldn’t detect the gender.” I stuttered in fear.

“Was it mind-link?” Jane asked curiously.

I shake my head. “No, I know the difference. The voice was a ghost whisper. It was so haunting yet alluring. I can’t explain it.”

“What did the voice say?” Luke asked quickly.

“Silent yet deadly.” I whispered.

Luke frowns deeply while Jane looks utterly lost, just as I am.

Don’t look now, but a shadow lurks beyond the darkness. It’s coming. Suddenly, image crash into my head. Unknown images. I see a clock ticking quickly, stars shining bright. Then a piece of paper with words written beautifully. The image fades away before I could read the writing but another one replaces. I see a full moon, a black wolf with a long scar on its left eye. It’s fighting against another wolf that is a fiery red. The images disappears and a new one. Adrian’s face, he looks angry, raging. He’s whipping things around and clawing at his own body. Blood drips down his skin.

The last image is of me. I stand in front of a fire. The flames burn brightly, but they are eyes. The flames change into the shape of a wolf and suddenly the wolf from early appears. It suddenly lunges and before it hits me the image breaks and I am brought back to the real world, panting and gasping for air. My eyes are watery and tears stream down my cheeks.

“What the he*ll was that!” Jane exclaimed.

My door is open and Luke is beside me looking intensely at me. “What happened, Angel?”

“I don’t know. It’s blurry.” I cried out.

Luke sighs deeply and runs his hand down his face in frustration. “What did you see? Or hear? What was it like?”

“I saw a clock, stars, a piece of paper with writing that I couldn’t read, a full moon, two wolves fighting, Adrian, and me and then flames.” I whispered shakily.

Jane rubs my back soothingly. “Keep going.”

“I heard the same voice. ’Don’t look now, but a shadow lurks beyond the darkness. It’s coming.’.”

Luke shuts his eyes tightly and groans lightly.

Suddenly his body begins shaking and he falls backwards onto the ground with a loud thump. I scramble out of the car along with Jane and kneel down on the floor. I pick up his limp head and place it in my lap. His eyes are shut tightly and he still shakes.

“The same thing is happening to him.” Jane pointed out nervously.

A loud howl rings through the forest and my eyes widen in fear. I turn to Jane who is staring at me in confusion.

“What?” She asked.

“He’s coming.”

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