Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Eight

“What do we do?” Jane’s panicked voice asked.

“We try to get your car to start.” I said quickly. I gently put Luke’s head on the ground and rush over to the driver side of Jane’s car. I turn the key a few times and groan in annoyance. Suddenly, the car starts.

“How the heck did you do that?” Jane asked shocked.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Hurry and help me but Luke in the backseat.” I said urgently. I rush over to Jane and Luke and grab his arms. Jane grabs his feet and we drag him over to her car. Jane sets down his feet and pushes the passenger seat forward. “How?” Jane asked.

“Just put him in the passenger seat and you get in the back.” Jane suggested. I nod and wait until she pushes the seat back. We turn slightly and put him in there feet first. It took us a good minute to get Luke in but we did. Jane shuts his door and we both run to her side of the car. I practically belly flop in the back-seat. Jane gets in and begins backing up a little before doing a u-turn. Luckily the car is small and the trees are spread apart enough.

We go flying through the forest as fast as we can without losing control of her car. “Where are we going?” Jane asked.

“To your pack. I have business with your alpha.” I said as I look out the window. The trees fly past me. I’m always on the run. This time, it isn’t Adrian, it’s me. I need to figure this out. I can’t do it with him. He wouldn’t understand anyways.

You would be shocked at how much he would understand. The whispering voice spoke. I don’t get startled or see images.

“Do you know anything?” I asked my wolf.

Silence. Talking to your wolf is rare. They are wild creatures, they understand us but they are stubborn and cruel creatures. Some people have good relationships with their wolves but I don’t.

I think about what the voice said. What does Adrian’s past look like? Is it dark? Lonely, hollow? Does he get misunderstood? Was this a mistake. No, this wasn’t. I had to do this. I need to fix this problem.

“Angel! Luke is awakening.” Jane called, causing me to break away from my thoughts.

I peer over his seat to see his sleepy eyes looking around in confusion. He turns around and our noses touch causing me to jump back. I blush fiercely as he clears his throat. “Uh, Hi.” He said.

“Hey.” I trailed off quietly.

“What did you see? Hear? What happened?” Jane asked eagerly as she takes her eyes off the highway that we arrived on. When did we exit the woods?

“I heard a voice, similar to Angel’s description. It was so melodic. I was blinded by images suddenly. They were filled with similar things to Angel’s except I didn’t see a red wolf, I saw a silver wolf in place of the red wolf. It was odd, I felt like I knew the silver wolf. The wolf had red eyes, something I had never seen before.” Luke explained uneasy.

“This is so weird. What does this voice want?” I wondered out loud.

“The voice said ’You don’t know what’s wrong or right, but fire and ice will collide in time.’ It’s odd because the voice speaks in riddles.” Luke said.

“It is. I can’t understand what any of it means.” I said softly.

“It doesn’t matter. We will have an elder from our pack look at the two of you.” Jane said with a small smile.

I sighed deeply and sunk into my seat. The voice was playing with us. It wants something, but what? To what extent will the voice go to get it’s way?

This no longer is a friendly game of tag, it’s a game of hide n seek, a deadly game.

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