Defying the Alpha

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Part Twenty Nine

The ride to Jane’s pack took longer than I hoped. Once we pulled into the driveway, Luke began fussing about how Atlas could easily call Adrian and rat us out. It was true, Atlas could very easily do that. Except when he discovers my little secret of being a hybrid I am sure he won’t do such a thing.

“Atlas wishes to see you now.” Jane said as we got out of the vehicle.

“Okay.” I said as I rounded over to her. Luke rushed to my side and held his head high and had a fierce look on his face. I roll my eyes at him but don’t say anything.

“What does this male do for the pack beside let them run wild.” Luke commented as he stared judgmentally at a group of teens sparring and playing around.

“He believes in freedom. That everyone deserves the rights to be their own person. He has his rules and has his punishments if they’re disobeyed but he’s not always uptight.” Jane explained in adoration for her alpha.

I scoff and roll my eyes. “I don’t recall that.” I said.

“You were stubborn and constantly defying him. You asked for it.” Jane pointed out defensively.

“What did you do?” Luke asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you a different day.”

Jane leads us into the pack house and through a few halls until we reach Atlas’s office.

She knocks and awaits for his command for us to come in. We walk in and immediatly a smile is brought onto his devilishly handsome face. “Welcome back, Angel.” Atlas said with arms spread open.

“Yeah.” I said with a sigh.

Atlas’s smile doesn’t falter, instead it increases when he notices Luke. “I see you have brought a friend.”

“Yeah, this is Luke.” I introduced in a bored tone.

“Hello Luke, I am Atlas.” Atlas said.

“I know who you are,” Said Luke with an annoyed tone.

“Oh, marvelous.” Atlas smiled.

“What brings you back to home?” Atlas asked curiously as he takes a seat behind his desk.

“I have to tell you something,” I trailed off and looked to Luke who was staring intensely at Atlas. “Well? What is it?” Atlas asked, causing me to look back to him.

“I’m a hybrid.” I spoke softly. I wrung my fingers together and started breathing deeply.

Atlas looks at me curiously before nodding slightly. “Interesting. When was this discovered?”

“Not too long ago. I need to find my father. I need answers, I need to figure out how to stop this.” I said quickly.

Atlas chuckles and shakes his head before staring at me darkly. “Child, you can’t stop this. Face it, you’re a monster.”

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