Defying the Alpha

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Part Three

I wish I could shoot Blondie in the head. He literally sits in silence besides the occasional road rage he receives from being a horrible driver

“Blondie, maybe if you stopped driving like a psychopath you wouldn’t get road rage.” I pointed out as he flips off someone who actually was driving correctly, the person turned on their left blinker and turned into the left lane which somehow irritated Blondie.

“Maybe if you weren’t a psychopath your family wouldn’t be getting rid of you.” Blondie snapped, hitting a tender spot in me.

I don’t have anything to say to him, I am actually left stunned in silence. This brutal male is very blunt with his words, it’s shocking and hurtful.

Blondie notices this and shakes his head. “See, you’re still a child, what I said actually got to you and hurt you.”

I laugh humorlessly at the ridiculous male. “Yet you’re the one who needed a bullet to shoot at me after you got hurt by what I said.” I pointed out.

Blondie stares at me contemptuously but says nothing else. Blondie is by far my least favorite person along with my brother and mother. The three of them should make a ‘Roast Angel To The Ground’ club. Oh, the hits that club would get.

I know I am a hard person to comprehend, a hard person to get along with and like but it’s not impossible, nobody has every tried, my mother didn’t, my siblings didn’t. I was always pushed away which is were my moods progressed more and more. I know that at times I can be very cruel and cold but honestly I don’t care because that is all I have known.

“Alpha Adrian commanded me to make a pit stop at the gas station, do you have to go to the bathroom or stuff your face?” Blondie bitterly asked.

“I would love to p*ss in your rude mouth,” I mumbled low enough so he couldn’t hear me, “Yeah sure, I could eat and use the restroom.” I said with a fake smile.

Blondie rolls his eyes and continues to drive on the now empty highway. There is no city or town so I am assuming this is a country area. Trees decorate the left and right side of me as I zoom by them. The woods are beautiful, especially at night when the moon is your only source of illumination, when it shines down upon the tall trees, where it brings the shadows out of their hidings.

“You better go to the bathroom and get your sh*t quick, parum lupum.” Blondie said hastily. I honestly don’t understand what I have done to make Blondie hate me so much. Is his whole entire pack as rude and cold as he is?

“Whatever.” I said while we pulled into a small, and very deserted gas station. The gas station looks as if it was abandoned besides the open sign that is lit up on the window. I suppress a groan and unbuckle myself from the seat. I exit the vehicle and leave Blondie to pump gas into the car while I go and use the restroom and find something to eat.

Once I get inside the gas station the smell of smoke and mold hits my nose. I scrunch my nose up in disgust, does nobody clean this place?

I look behind the cash register to see an older man with a beer gut and a long black beard. He has long, black, greasy hair that is topped off with a dirty hat.

“Hey pretty lady.” The disgusting man’s voice said with a wink.

I scowl in disgust and decide against using the restroom and buying food, I will just have to wait, there is no way I will use this place’s restroom and eat anything from this place.

I quickly exit the gas station right as Blondie walks in. “Don’t you have to go to the bathroom and get something to eat?” Blondie asked.

I shake my head and rush back to the car. I wait for Blondie to come back to the car.

“Well, now I know why you didn’t want to use the bathroom or eat anything from there.” Blondie said with a shiver in disgust.

“Yeah, really didn’t want to get infected.” I said.

Blondie stares at me as if I have grown two heads. “Infected? Infected with what?”

“Whatever that poor man has!” I exclaimed.

“Oh.” Blondie said.

Other than that, the drive to Nixon’s pack was quite and boring.

A shake breaks me away from a dream I was in. Then a whisper is added on.

“Wake up.”

I open my sleepy eyes and see Blondie staring at me intently.

“What?” I asked while rubbing my eyes.

“We have arrived.”

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