Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty

I narrowed my eyes at Atlas. I can’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. He doesn’t know anything but the monster part, he doesn’t know the good. He’s a form of evil, a monster. His actions prove that. Especially when he held me captive and almost forced me to marry him.

“That’s wrong, I am not a monster.” I spat angrily. It disgusts me that he would call me such a thing. Would a monster try to stop something so sinister and wrong?

Atlas rolls his eyes and nods thoughtfully. “That’s what they all say. You will one day realize it’s in your blood to be a cold blooded monster.”

“No.” I defend.

“Face it, you’re just as much of a monster as I am. We are alike, too alike.” There was something in his tone that caught me off guard. It was as if he knew something that I didn’t.

I scoff at his words. The male doesn’t truly believe I could be a monster? Or that I won’t try fighting. “Monster? That’s not me, that’s you.”

Atlas rolls his eyes and sighs. “What do you want?”

“I need to find someone, James Lannister.” I said.

“What business do you have with a Lannister? Also, I thought you were looking for your father?” Atlas asked, suddenly very interested.

“Well, I sort of am a Lannister. I’m James daughter,” I said.

Atlas’s eye widen and his mouth is formed in an ‘o’ shape. I turn to see Luke staring at Atlas intensely. He doesn’t trust this male, he doesn’t like the fact that Atlas is suddenly interested in what I am saying. He as well as I, know something is up.

“Well, this certainly changes things. So you’re a Lannister, interesting. I wasn’t expecting that when you were to be my wife. Sadly, you escaped under my fingers, but maybe that was a good thing because now you know of the truth.”

“Do you know where he is? I asked, growing sick of his mind games. I want to know where my father is now, I need my answers.

Atlas grins widely and taps his fingers against his desk. “So impatient.”

I’m beginning to grow irritated at him. He knows something. I need to know what it is. “Answer her da*mn question, now.” Luke chimed in with a growl.

I smirk in satisfaction at Atlas’s surprised face. He really did not expect to be stood up to. “Fine, fine. Yes, I know your father, it’s hard not to.” Atlas said in defeat.

“Tell me more.” I urged.

Atlas snaps his head in my direction and glares. “Quite.” Luke growls softly at this but doesn’t butt in this time, which may be a good thing. Putting Atlas in his place too many times could cause problems.

“James is the most powerful creature aside from the MoonGoddess and the SunGoddess,” I tilt my head in confusion and butt in. “SunGoddess?” Atlas sighs and runs his hand down his face in frustration. “Yes, the SunGoddess, she’s the Goddess of Vampires.” I nod thoughtfully. I never knew that such existed. I guess it makes sense.

“Anyways, as I was saying. James was one of the first werewolves in history, but when a war between the wolves and vampires erupted, James got caught in it and was bitten by a vampire, but not just any, the leader, Sybil Crimson. When Sybil noticed that James hadn’t instantly died she decided to take him under her wing and see if he would heal or if he would die. He lived. Sybil became a mother to the young boy,

It was when James grew tired of her rules and her protection that he slaughtered her and became the leader of the vampires. After a few years his parents suddenly died and that left him with being the leader of wolves as well. James was leader to both creatures and so he decided to experiment and began producing hybrids, half vampire, half werewolf. Your father never showed interest in any of the woman until a young, beautiful, and very fierce woman appeared. He instantly fell for her. The two of them were young in love. Her name was Katrina, she was from a long line of alpha’s.

Your father and mother then had Amsterdam, who was a disappointment to your father. He wanted a hybrid baby to be the next heir, not an average werewolf. Your mother’s genes overruled your fathers in that pregnancy. Then, a few years later they tried again and had a baby girl. Her name was never told because she was in fact a hybrid and was going to be kept hidden until she was old enough to take the throne. Your mother hated the idea but had no choice but to go along with it.

That’s when your mother’s mate came in. He was a warrior for James, one of the best. When your mother and him met they knew instantly that they were destined to be. After waiting for the right moment your mother and her mate decided to run away together. The two of them secretly petitioned meetings for werewolves who didn’t want to follow James any long. The number was larger than expected so packs were created. They worked on a mastery plan to distract James, and it worked. Everyone got out safely. Including you and your brother. Ever since then, nobody has heard of James or the other creatures.”

I stand in complete shock. I can’t believe. My entire history that I’vc grown to know is a lie. I don’t know how to process all of this information. “Wow.” I whispered to myself. I keep my eyes trained on the floor as we all stay in silence.

“Your father was a cruel man, he did things that weren’t good. Your mother knew it was not only best for her but best for you and your brother.” Atlas added, in a calm voice.

I look up and meet his gaze. “Where is he?”

Atlas sighs deeply. “He’s not far from here. Lives in a cabin in the woods. Keeps himself sheltered and hidden. Everyone believed he died in that distraction, but I knew the truth.”

I begin to wonder. How does Atlas know of all this? Why does he speak of James like he knows him personally? Does he? What kind of connections do they have? I wonder if Atlas was one of my father’s creations.

“How do you know James?” Luke asked, stealing the words from my mouth.

Atlas sighs deeply before looking directly into my eyes. His eyes are like flames that dance.

“I’m his son.”

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