Defying the Alpha

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Thirty One

I nearly choke on air when the words leave Atlas’s mouth. “You’re my brother!” I exclaimed, mortified.

“Step, I don’t consider us siblings though. Your father married my mother after your mother left. He wanted a rebound and got it. My mother and him had a little girl but she died at birth.” Atlas explained while clenching his jaw.

I relax visibly. I could not have been related by blood to the monster whom I almost married. This is so messed up. How did my life become this way? It was going good before my idiotic mother shipped me off to Adrian. “What happened to your mother and our father?” I asked.

“My mother died a month after my sister. The grief was too much so she took her life.” Atlas explained coldly. I disliked Atlas, but nobody deserves to lose a parents.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered solemnly.

“It’s in the past. Anyways, I will help you find your father. I too have some questions but never had the guts to go.” Atlas admitted.

“The big bad hybrid didn’t have guts to go see daddy?” Luke taunted with a devilish smirk.

“Knock it off, Luke,” I warned.

Luke rolls his eyes but doesn’t argue. “When do we leave?” I asked with determination in my voice. This time, things will go right and this will be solved. I will find an answer to this.

“Later. Question, why do you think there is a cure for this? You were born this way.” Atlas asked with genuine curiosity.

“I never felt any part of my vampire side until recently. There has to be a reason behind that. I’m thinking it’s because my mother was just a werewolf. Maybe my wolf side is more dominant than my vampire.”

“So you think there could be a way to cage your vampire side and have your wolf side fully dominate?” Atlas questions.

“Exactly, if I can do that maybe things won’t be so bad.” I said.

“What if you can’t?” Jane asked, everyone’s head snaps towards her. I almost forgot she was in the room with us.

“I don’t know and I won’t think about it. I have to have faith.” I said softly.

“So, what can a guy eat around here?” Luke chimed in.

I giggle at his odd change in behavior. This guy seriously is something else.

“Jane will escort you both to the kitchen. I need to finish some pack work.” Atlas said.

“I’m not hungry, I’ll stay with you.” I said casually. I sit on the side of his desk and face his slightly shocked face.

“Not a chance.” Luke growled protectively.

“Luke, I will be fine. I seriously doubt anything will happen when you are a few rooms away.” I point out. “Just go eat and then you can come back.” I reasoned with a small pout.

Luke growls and stalks out of the door with a scurrying Jane behind him.

“So, that clearly isn’t Adrian, who is he?” Atlas asked as he rummages through papers.

“My mates beta. Luke was with me when everything happened.” I said quietly. I didn’t want to get into details but apparently Atlas had different ideas.

“Please do tell.”

“Adriant told me, invited my mother and siblings to explain. She did, she threw a ticking bomb at us which resulted in an innocent girl being slaughtered by this whole other side of me. Luke came along and helped me through it. Then, I knocked out his alpha and bam, we are here.” I explained quickly.

Atlas laughs, full on laughs. His head flies back as his deep laugh flows out. His laugh was contagious and soon enough I was laughing with him.

“I can’t believe a petite girl like you knocked out someone as buff as Adrian.” Atlas said astonished.

“Well, I played the sad card. I apparently lost my humanity for a moment and was brought back by looking at my victim. I used that as an excuse. After seeing that girl I knew I could never do it again. I had to figure something out and Adrian just wouldn’t have understood.”

Suddenly, footsteps near us and a familiar scent clouds my nose. I whip my head and meet the eyes of an angry man.

“What won’t I understand?”

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