Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty Two

My mouth hangs open in shock. I can’t believe he found me! How did he? “Adrian.” I whispered.

“Hello to you as well Angel. Oh, thank you knocking me out.” Adrian said with a fake smile on his face. I immediately jump off Atlas’s desk and back up a few feet. “Oh, now you’re afraid? You didn’t seem so afraid when you knocked me out?” Adrian taunted while glaring daggers at me.

“Adrian Nixon, welcome.” Atlas said, breaking the daggers from me to him.

“Atlas, how nice of you to keep my little mate in custody. I’m disappointed that you weren’t the one to inform me of her arrival. Instead it was my loyal beta.” Adrian said coldly, I narrow my eyes at Adrian. So Luke ratted me out.

“I’m sorry. I was respected her wishes.” Atlas said while leaning back in his chair.

“Well, I will be leaving now and taking my mate with me.” Adrian said as he advanced closer.

“No! Adrian please, this isn’t what you think. I need answers to stop this monster stirring within me.” I said desperately.

“There is no stopping it Angel, you will have to face it. Come, now.” Adrian demanded.

I hold his gaze and shake my head. “No. I need to figure this out! Please.”

Adrian growls at my defiance. “No, Angel. That is enough. Come with me now.”

“Brother, listen to the girl. You really need to control that nasty temper of yours.” A new voice chimed in. I look behind Adrian’s shoulder to see Alex; Adrian’s brother standing in the doorway.

“Alex, I told you to wait in the car.” Annoyance laced through Adrian’s voice as he turns around to glare at his brother.

“Yes, brother you did say that but I don’t typically follow any of your other commands so did you really expect me to follow this one?” Alex said challengingly.

Adrian huffs and turns back around to face me. “Make it quick.”

“My father is James Lannister as you know. I need to find him and since Atlas is a hybrid I came to him. I knew you wouldn’t have let me so I knocked you out. It wasn’t for revenge it was so I could get my answers. I did, I got them. Atlas and I are related by marriage. I learned so much and now I need to find James and get more answers from him. I need figure out how to suppress this beast.” I rushed out.

Adrian nods carefully but doesn’t show any emotion. “What makes you think I would’ve said no?”

“Would you have let me?”


I smirk as he realizes his trap that he set but walked into. “Okay, whatever but your solution was to knock me out and take my beta along with you? Didn’t you think better than to know his loyalty lies with me?”

I feel a sting of pain for the betrayal of Luke. I honestly thought I could trust him. “I thought I could trust him.” I turned to look at Luke who appeared beside Alex. Guilt was etched on his face.

“Well that was dumb of you.” Adrian said with a smug smile. Adrian doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that it does in fact hurt at the betrayal of Luke. I thought I could trust him, now it just makes me realize that trusting is earned, not given.

“Indeed it was.” I mumbled. I looked down at my feet and sighed deeply. This was the end. I wasn’t going to get the answers I seeked. I would face the treacherous pain of killing another again soon.

“So, when do we leave?” Adrian asked while looking around to everyone.

My head whips up and I eye him warily. He can’t be serious, can he? “Wait, what?”

“Well, we came all this way might as well finish the job.” Adrian said with a nonchalant shrug.

I feel overwhelmed with happiness and run straight into Adrian’s body. I wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face into his chest. Someone clears their throat awkwardly and I blush and jump away from him. “Sorry.” I squeak out in embarrassment.

Adrian has a tint of red on his ear and just nods and scratches the back of his head.

“Well, this shall be fun.” Atlas chirped while setting down his papers.

“So, who’s driving?” Luke asked while looking at everyone with a boyish grin.

Everyone stares at him oddly but it doesn’t phase him. “Okay, I will drive.”

“I’ll drive.” Alex said immediately.

Everyone nods in agreement besides Luke who pouts like a little kid who got his candy taken away. “Come on.” Alex said over his shoulder as he walks out of the doorway.

Atlas speeds past Adrian and I and over to Luke. The two begin chattering about something. I turn to Adrian and sigh softly. “What’s the price?” I asked. I know full well that this isn’t out of the gratitude of his heart. Adrian Nixon wants something.

“Nothing, come on.” Adrian said, walking ahead.

I want to trust him, but I can’t.

Everything comes with a price.

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