Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty Three

After spending a half an hour arguing about seating arrangements in Atlas’s SUV, we finally are on the road. Jane sits next to me and gossips about new shoes that are coming out. Alex and Adrian discuss things in the front seat and Luke and Atlas play a game on their phones. I really never thought that things would be like this. I never knew that people like these guys existed. They are so serious but as if they’re light switches they can be so normal and calm.

“Angel, why did your mother name you that?” Jane asked.

“I don’t know.” I said, I didn’t want to think about my mother at all. The thought of her easily boils my blood.

“Why did your mom name you Jane?” I asked, trying to divert the attention away from myself.

Jane perks up and smiles brightly. “Wendy’s daughter.” What? Who is Wendy? Jane noticed my confusion and begins giggling. “Peterpan, wendy, the lost boys, neverland.” I raise an eyebrow. “None of this rings a bell?” Jane asked. “No?” I said confusingly.

“It’s a movie and a book.” Jane said.

“Oh.” I said with a small nod.

“Angel doesn’t get out much, she’s kind of a shell.” Adrian joked from the front seat.

“Well, who’s fault is that?” I snapped. Everyone looks at me shocked, even Alex who looks through the rearview mirror. I sigh deeply. “I’m sorry. I am just so nervous.” I admitted quietly.

“Why? Everything will be okay.” Jane said soothingly.

“Yeah. Nothing will happen to you.” Atlas said with a supportive smile.

“That’s what I am afraid of. What if their isn’t any way to stop this?” I whispered in fear. The thought of having to go through what I did before makes my skin shrivel like a spider getting hairsprayed. What if my father doesn’t care?

“We will figure it out, Angel.” Adrian said calmly.

“Yeah, don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason.” Luke said with a small grin. I don’t say anything else, just sink into the my seat.

Everyone else falls silent as we drive to James cabin. The sky turns dark and the stars shine brightly. I slowly find myself drifting off into a world of darkness.

The wind hits my face as I stand face to face with my father. His eyes are a vibrant red and a crimson color liquid is dripping from his blood stained lips. I look down to his right hand and see the head of Jane, her eyes are open and staring directly at me.

I scream loudly. My father chuckles and tosses her head to the side like a ragdoll. “My sweet daughter, don;t run from this, embrace it. You are a monster.”

I can’t see his face, it’s like a black blob. I can make out his lower body perfectly but once I reach his neck I can’t see anything but black.

“Why are you doing this!” I cried in terror.

“Because darling, it’s what monsters do.”

I jolt awake and pant heavily. Everyone’s attention is on me besides Luke who is passed out and Alex who is focused on driving. Adrian is turned around in his seat and staring at me intently. Atlas sits across from me and stares at me in confusion.

“What happened?” Atlas asked.

“I had a dream.” I choked out. The look in my father’s eyes haunt me. Jane’s head in his hand, the blood. He’s a monster, and I am his offspring. So I’m a monster.

“What was it about?” Adrian asked.

“My father. He was so evil and demonic. He had Jane’s head in his hand and told me that I was a monster like him.” I said fearfully.

Jane touches my arm, I flinch. “It’s okay. It was just a dream.” Jane said as she soothingly rubs my back.

“He isn’t that bad from what I remember, don’t worry about it Angel. It will be alright.” Atlas said, trying to comfort.

“Listen to me, you’re stronger than this. Don’t loosen your guard now. Keep being strong.” Adrian said. I knew it was all I was going to get from him. Adrian lacks the sympathetic chip.

“I will, I just am so nervous to arrive.” I said truthfully.

“Well, we just arrived.” Alex chimed in. I look through the window and see trees surrounding us.

“Oh.” I whispered.

Atlas shakes Luke awake and everyone begins exiting the car. Once we are all out and done stretching our aching limbs we turn to the cabin. It’s small and very original. It’s brown and woodsey. There’s a porch with a small rocking chair and end table next to it. There was a small porch light on but it didn’t do much. “So, do we enter the lair?” Luke joked earning a punch from Adrian in the arm.

“Let’s get it over with.” I muttered in annoyance. Why was I acting so nervous? Oh, yeah. This could ruin my life forever.

Everyone walks up to the front door. I stand in the center and before I can knock the door flies open and reveals a man who looks in his late forties.

“Hello, Angel. I was expecting you.”

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