Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty Four

I stare at the man who is supposedly my father. He looks very similar to Amsterdam. He doesn’t have red eyes, he has brown. He has black hair that has a few grey streaks. He has no wrinkles on his face but he does have a small beard that matches his hair color. He has a chiseled jaw and a defined body, very muscular.

“Uhm, hello.” I whispered shyly while looking at the ground.

“So, you seek a cure for the hybrid curse?” My father asked. I snap my head up and tilt my head in confusion. “Yeah, how did you know?” I asked, curiously.

“I’m not a fool, dear. You have reached age to transform into your true form. Which, I see you have.” James said with a small smile.

“How can you tell?” I asked in confusion.

“It’s not a thing you see, I can feel it.” Jame explained.

“Is there a cure?” Jane blurted out suddenly. Everyone looks at her in shock. Jane herself is shocked with her question. “I am so sorry sir, that was rude.” She apologized.

“No worries, there’s a cure.” James said. I sigh in relief and begin grinning until I hear the next sentence. “But it involves magic.”

“Magic?” I wondered out loud.

“Yes, magic. Not any source of magic. Dark Magic. You are stripping apart of yourself, it involves a very specific witch.” My father explained.

“Who?” Atlas and Adrian asked at the same time.

“Her name is Silvene.” My father said.

“Where can we find her?” Adrian asked.

“No need to find me, I am here.” A woman’s voice said. My father scoots a little and a young woman with fiery red hair appears. Her beautiful, light green eyes pierce into mine. “You must be Angel, I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

“Hi.” I said warily. This woman is beautiful but screams dangerous. Beautifully dangerous, watch out the witch might bite. The voice appeared. I nearly jump out of my skin but I refrain myself from doing so. I look to Adrian who notices. I haven’t told him about it yet, has Luke?

“So, you seek a way to stop the hybrid curse.” Silvene said with a small smile,

“Yeah.” I answered calmly. I was growing aggravated with the questions. I wanted this to be over.

“Well, I can do it but there is one problem.” Silvene said cautiously.

“What?” I asked with narrowed eyes.

“I see you have found your mate but don’t bare his mark. Well, in order for this to work you need to be marked by your true mate.” Silvene explained slowly.

My heart begins pounding erratically. This can’t be! There has to be a loophole. “What’s the loophole? All dark magic has it,” I pointed out confidently.

“Not all.” Silvene informed.

“What happens if she doesn’t wear my mark?” Adrian asked. I can tell by the way his jaw is clenched is that he doesn’t want this either.

“She’ll be playing games with the devil.”

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