Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty Six

Everyone’s mouth hangs open, along with my father and Silvene. Nobody was expecting my answer.

“Angel, you’re being insane! You have to take the offer. You could be seriously damaged if you don’t.” Jane exclaimed, while grabbing my shoulder, she spins me around until I am facing her. “Don’t let your stubbornness get the best of you.”

I shake her hands off me and shoot her a warning glare. I look into Adrian’s eyes who are burning into mine. It’s intense. It’s as if fire is igniting between us. He knows exactly why I said no.

If I were to say yes, that means he wins. He would hold submission over me. Once I am marked and my virtue is stolen I belong to him. It would be as if I am an object being owned by someone. I would be the perfect submissive mate he wants. That, is not the right path for me.

“You get the stubbornness from your mother.” James said with a deep sigh. I turn to face him, I scoff as I cross my arms over my chest. I glare into his eyes. “No, I don’t get anything from her, and the only thing I got from you was this god-awful curse. Otherwise, I am nothing like you or my mother.” I snapped, while holding my gaze with his.

“If you say so. Listen, if you turn down this offer you will be on your own. I won’t help you again.” James said in a threatening tone.

“Than so be it, I don’t want anything from you anymore.” I said as I spinned on my heels and walked off the porch and to the car. Before I got in the car with the others who were right behind me, I heard Silvene.

“It’s fate for you and him to be together, don’t let your pride get in the way of saving yourself.”

I look into her eyes and mouth, “Too late.”, then I get into the car along with the others.

Once we all are in the car, Atlas is the first to speak. “Why did you do that?”

“It wasn’t right.” I answered simply. Everyone knew why I turned it down. I couldn’t do it. I will never allow myself to submit to Adrian Nixon, that wouldn’t only mean he won, it would mean my mother, Amsterdam and even James won, and that won’t ever happen.

“Sister your pride clouds you.” Atlas said, sighing deeply, while running his left hand down his face.

“Don’t worry about my pride, focus on your own alpha. We never discussed what you’re going to do about your luna who, well, isn’t your luna.” I said while leaning back in my seat. Atlas raises an eyebrow at me.

“How do you know about that?” He asked.

Jane gulps and sinks deeper into seat, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Atlas. “Seriously Jane? Can’t you keep one thing to yourself?”

“Sorry, alpha.” Jane said, submissively. I almost growl at her but I suppress myself. She wasn’t brought up the way I was. She had rules, guidelines, boundaries. She doesn’t have a desire to defy, to rebel.

“It doesn’t shock me that Zoey would be a interesting topic for you, Jane. Yes, Zoey was supposed to be my luna and soon enough she will be, I have a plan but for now nothing will happen.” Atlas explained in a serious tone.

“Well then, what are you going to do, Angel?” Jane asked, turning to me.

“Going to go back with Adrian, Alex and Luke.” I said with a soft sigh.

“I mean about your curse?” She asked.

I stare at her deeply for a moment. What am I going to do? Do I fight it? Or let it turn me into the monster it wants me to be?

As I think about it, I realize something.

Why fight your demons when you can fight along side with them?

So, the question is. Do I conquer them, or let a war up-rise with them? If so, who will be my first target? My mate? My mother, my brother? Or, James?

I mean, after all. Playing games with yourself will get boring after awhile? It’s time this devil gets a new play mate.

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