Defying the Alpha

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Part Thirty Eight

The room is completely silent as Adrian goes and gets the collars for Luke and I. Alex continues to apologize on his brother’s behalf but little does he know it doesn’t change a thing. I’m as cold as ice, I don’t want to feel anything anymore. The way Adrian toys with me has caused me to reach my breaking limit. If his goal was to break me he succeeded. I am broken on the inside and soon to be on the outside. Although I am broken. Adrian won, he wanted me to be an obedient puppy, well he got it. I knew better than to think like that but in the moment I was weak.

“Angel, Luke, this collar will be a sign that I am your master. Disobey me, displease me, and you will get shocked. The collar has voltage levels and it goes up to ten. One through nine are simple shocks that will gradually get more painful as the number advances to ten. Now, ten will put your body in shock and you will be immobile but your mind will be awake. You will be aware of what is happening but you won’t be able to move or speak.” Adrian explained as he stood in front of Luke and I proudly with the collars hanging on his index finger. The collars were both black with white letters that had our names on them. My stomach churned at the sight of them but I didn’t, I couldn’t really care.

“Adrian, do you really think this is going to help anything? You understand how awful being collared is, how could you inflict such mental and physical pain on someone that you once felt?” Alex asked, looking at his brother with clinical eyes.

Adrian’s attention averts to his brother where he gives him a sharp glare. “Enough brother, I know what I am doing.” Oh how you don’t. If you had any hope for us Adrian Nixon you are burning it by doing this. I will never be able to forgive you for this.

Luke stares at his alpha coldly but doesn’t say anything. I know Luke is terrified even though he has this facade that he doesn’t care. The bond between an alpha and beta is so strong it’s almost terrifying. Being betrayed by the other is dark and very dangerous. It opens new emotions that the other one may not have known they could feel towards the other. Luke betrayed Adrian, but it was because of me. If Luke didn’t go I could’ve been hurt, or have gotten into trouble. Plus, Adrian wouldn’t have been able to find me as quickly.

I avert my gaze over to Alex who is staring at Adrian in disappointment. Poor Alex, his little brother is a monster and he can’t do anything about it.

“Angel since you have been such a good little girl, I will allow you to put on your collar first.” Adrian said, an evil smile gracing his lips. I wanted to feel mortified at him, but I simply couldn’t. I wanted to be shocked, surprised, that he felt wearing the collars were an honor. Yet, I knew better than to feed into that desire. My emotions still want to surface, I can feel them lingering in the back of my mind. I can feel them wanting to break free from the cage I locked them in. But, I knew better than to give into that temptation.

“Thank you, Adrian.” I said, I bow my head as a curtsy. A plan eases it’s way into my mind. I knew what I had to do.

Adrian’s face hardens and a scowl forms on his face. “It’s Alpha to you now.” It was like a blow to my chest. No bullet could hurt me as much as those words did.

It wasn’t as simple as a name or a title.

You don’t call your mate alpha, never. You instantly have the right to call them by their name. I knew it before I heard it.

This wasn’t my punishment, this was just the beginning of a new nightmare.

That plan whispers into my ear. It wants me to listen, but as I focus more I realize it isn’t my conscious speaking to me.

It’s the voice from before, yet that isn’t what surprises me. It’s what the voice says that does.

Monsters are not born, monsters are made.”

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