Defying the Alpha

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Part Four

I take in Nixon’s large pack house. It’s a grey house with black paneling. The house looks like a Victorian mansion, but what can I say, he is probably one of the richest alpha’s alive.

“Impressive?” Blondie asked in a cocky tone.

“Yea, unlike your face.” I said while sticking my tongue out at him.

Blondie’s face turns red and he clenches his jaw. I smile internally knowing how easy it is to get under this males skin. “Whatever, get out of the car.” Blondie demands.

I roll my eyes but reluctantly get out of the vehicle. Blondie is already ahead of me walking like someone on a mission.

“Wait up!” I call while jogging to him. Blondie pauses and allows me to catch up before returning to his power walking. “What about my stuff?” I ask.

“Someone else will get it when you need it.” Blondie said nonchalantly.

I say nothing but nod. Blondie and I walk up to the mansions door which he opens. The smell of honey and rain rush to my nose causing me to inhale deeply. The smell is so intoxicating, I could smell it all day and not get sick of it. The smell consumed me, all my other senses we overpowered.

“It smells good.” I said absentmindedly.

“It smells like a house?” Blondie said in a questioning tone.

I shrug at him and allow him to lead me through the house. None of the pack members were here which is odd. “Where is the pack?” I ask with a hint of uneasiness to my voice.

“It’s town day.” Ah, that makes sense. Town day is the day that all supernatural creatures can go out and shop in the human towns, basically it’s a trip to the human ‘world’.

I never really went out on town day, it wasn’t as spectacular as everyone assumed. I went every now and then and it was basically the unmated males werewolves hooking up with the human girls. Of course the males are teenagers, young teens.

“Child are you even listening?” Blondie asked snapping me out of thoughts. He was talking to me?

“Yes, I was talking to you and I would appreciate you listening.” Blondie’s frustrated voice said. I tuned him out and focused on the smell.

Blondie must of given up talking because when I detached myself from my thoughts he was silent. We walk into a fairly large room. The walls are a grey and the flooring is black wood. A desk that was steel was in the middle of the room. Behind the desk was a man who’s black tousled hair was laying on his head.

The smell is most powerful in here.

The man whips his head up and makes eye contact with me. Shivers course my body and I am left in a trance with the man. Futuristic images pass into my head like tidal waves. Red is all I can see, the color of blood. Claws shape into my mind, the claws are decorated with blood.

“Luke, who is this?” The man’s voice asked. The man has a ghoulish voice, the four words he said could be detected with ghoulishness. The man looks intimidating but incredibly handsome. His frame is buff and muscular, he has a chiseled jaw and pale blue eyes.

“This Angel, Angel this is Adrian Nixon, your new alpha.” Blondie who’s name is apparently Luke informed.

“Ah, the troublesome girl. I see.” Adrian said while assessing me from head to toe.

“Ah, the most feared alpha. I see, but not much.” I said with a cheeky smile.

Adrian laughs humorously. “We shall see how long this attitude of yours last.”

“We shall.” I said with determination flooding off me.

The two males eye me curiously. The stares are intimidating but nothing that made me uncomfortable. “How old are you, child?” Adrian asked.

“Eighteen, so don’t call me a child.” I spat in disgust.

These males bring out the worst of me. The venom I feel towards them already is so overwhelming. It’s as if I could chew their heads off in this moment.

“Your a child in my eyes, a young, disrespectful pup.” Adrian said with a devilish smirk.

Pup! Who is he calling a pup?

“Watch it.” I growled.

Adrian does nothing but shake his head and lets out an amused chuckle. “You’re something else, little she-wolf.”

I roll my eyes at him and growl stubbornly. This male infuriates me but he is so attractive that it overpowers my anger. This male could be a Greek God with his looks. I can’t help but feel something for this male which is shameful seeing how I have a mate out there.

“Well kitten, shall I show you your room?” Adrian asked with a smirk.

“Whatever.” I said in annoyed tone.

Adrian leaves Blondie in the room alone and leads me out of his room and down a lightly dimmed hallway that leads to a large flight of wooden stairs. I hold onto the banister tightly as he and I walk up the stairs.

Adrian leads me further down another hallway that is painted a gold color. It hits me quickly, this is his level. He sleeps up here and only him. Why is he taking me to a room on his level?

Adrian stops in front of a wooden door that has elegant swirls decorated on it. He grabs the door handle and before me is a beautiful room that looks like a queen would sleep in.

The room has a king sized bed with a gold duvet and gold pillows. A beautiful wooden desk that looks as if it was made from oak is placed to the right of the room against the white wall. A mac-book sits on the desk and a lamp as well. There’s three doors, one is the entrance into the room, another is a bathroom and the third is a closet I assume.

The scent..

The rain and honey smell saturated my nose. This is his room!

“Why am I in your room?” I asked.

“Because you’re staying with me, your mine.”

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