Defying the Alpha

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Part Forty Three

Special update because you guys mean the world to me! So, a huge plot twist coming your way!

Also, some of you aren’t liking the way the story is turning which is fine but I ask you not to give up on this story only because the things that are making you dislike the book have a high possibility of being fixed. So please, don’t overrule the book yet. You have to understand as a writer I can’t just suddenly throw something random in the story. I can’t have two people become friends/make peace without building up to it.


3:14 a.m


The wolves were a shock to say the least. None of us expected a rampage of wild, wolves to just openly attack. These wolves had issues with someone in our cohort and my bets are on Adrian.

“What do we do?” Cambria exclaimed, eyes as wide as an owl. We have to act quick, the wolves were coming through the woods by dozens.

“Run?” Luke suggested, terror in his eyes.

“No.” Adrian sneered, turning to look at his beta in disgust. “Are you insane? We don’t run from a fight, no matter what.” There he goes again, acting all brute.

“Adrian, now is not the time to let that pride of yours get in the way. We need to run now. We can’t stay and fight. There are too many of them.” I said, rushed.

Adrian looks to me and then back at the wolves who were nearing. “Run.” So we did, we all turned on our heels and ran back to the car which wasn’t too far. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky. Cambria trips and a wolf jumps on top of her. She screams in fear and thrashes underneath the large, brown wolf. The wolf snarls in her face and snaps fiercely.

I begin to run but get snatched back by Luke who shakes his head fiercely. “No, get in the car now.” He demands.

I shrug him off and run towards Cambria who is free from the wolf, thanks to Adrian. She’s shaking and has a cut that is bleeding deeply on her forehead. I help her to her feet and shove her towards Luke. “Get in the car and drive!” I shouted. Someone must’ve mind-linked our pack because the Nixon packs scent hits my nose and soon enough I see familiars rush towards the other wolves. Their anger is so strong that it’s almost contagious.

I look around for a moment before looking back to Luke and Cambria who are thankfully in the car. Luke looks at me once before shaking his head fiercely. He turns to his side and then jumps out of the car. I begin to shake my head but stop when I see one of our pack members getting in the car.

“Luke! What’re you doing?” I asked, well more like shouted.

Luke rolls his eyes. “Don’t ask ridiculous questions during a battle. I’m beta, there’s no way I will leave without a fight.”

I nod my head swiftly before shifting into my wolf form. I begin attacking enemies left and right. There battle skills are too predictable, too easy. I growl in rage when I see a younger pack member of Nixon’s being pinned down by two large, brute males. I run over and knock them down.

How pathetic, these two males attacking a young female who is practically a pup. I look to the pup who is growling angrily at the two males who are still on the ground.

Suddenly, out of the blue I am knocked to the ground. It takes the air out of me. Immense pain shoots through my chest and I suddenly find it nearly impossible to breathe. As the pain continues the loud noise slowly begins to drown out. The battle fades away as I do. My vision soon becomes dark and before I know it I’m knocked out cold.

I slowly open my eyes, it is dark where I am. I can remember everything up until being knocked out. I don’t know where I am, or what happened. I allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I can see everything clearly. I am in a room, a very cold and empty room. There’s a nightstand next to the bed I am on. The room had no windows. Two doors, one I am assuming is the exit and the other either a bathroom or a closet.

I begin to panic. Where am I? Where is Adrian? What happened to Cambria, Luke, the pack? My heart races like a wild buffalo. I need to get out of here. I jump out of the bed and nearly shriek at the cold floor. I contain myself and walk over to the first door which appears to be an exit. I twist it slowly and cringe when the door makes a loud noise signalling it’s opened. Wow, pretty dumb kidnappers if you ask me.

I peer out the door cautiously. I sigh in relief when I can’t smell, see or hear anyone. I tiptoe out of the door and stop as I look to my right and then to my left. Which way do I go?

I listen to my gut and go down the left hallway. The entire house is dead silent. Nothing is heard, absolutely nothing. It terrifies me to the core.

I come to my worst nightmare.. Stairs. I have no where else to turn unless I go down the right halls, but my gut is screaming at me not to. So, I take a leap of faith and cautiously walk down the flight of wooden stairs. I grip the banister tightly, I hold my breath each step I take. Then, I do the worst thing someone could possibly do.

I trip.

I tumble down the stairs and land with a loud ‘hmph’. “Jesus sweet cakes.” I muttered, I winced as I touched the back of my head which hit the last step.

Suddenly, the lights were turned on. My eyes blur and I clench them tightly. “Gosh!” I exclaimed as my eyes began to water fiercely. I rub my eyes hoping they’ll adjust. I have very sensitive eyes I’ll have you know.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” A deep, very masculine voice said. His tone was almost filled with amusement.

I look up to see a six foot hunk standing with his bare chest, exposing his six pack of delicious abs to me. I gawk at this handsome male before. His dark, tousled hair, light brown eyes, muscular form. This male was a packaged deal. Aside from the fact that he reeked of power, and I mean reeked.

I scrunch up my nose in disgust. Seriously, an alpha? Why am I kidnapped by an alpha? “Who are you?” I asked, narrowed eyes.

“I’m Codine, alpha of the BloodHaze pack.”

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