Defying the Alpha

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Part Forty Four



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My jaw nearly hits the floor. “I’m Codine, alpha of the BloodHaze pack.”

This is the guy Jane was telling me about! This is who has Zoey, Jane’s sister, Atlas’s mate, his luna.

“You.” I sneered venomously. My teeth are bared as I growl at him. Codine isn’t phased, in fact he looks rather amused. “I’m glad you find this funny you sick bas*tard.”

Codine shakes his head with a chuckle. “My, my, I understand why so many alpha’s are intrigued by you.” I stare at him in confusion?

“Did you not hear? Wow, you must really not get out much. Was that one of the first times Adrian let you out? How sad.” Codine said, a mocking smile on his face.

“Do you let Zoey out?” I fire back, narrowed eyes towards him.

Codine’s mocking smile vanishes and a frown is replaced. “How do you know about Zoey?”

“Well, well, well, looks like you don’t know everything.” I taunted.

Codine crosses his arms across his chest like a defiant child. “Tell me.”

I laugh at his childish expression. If he weren’t a crazy jerk I probably would’ve thought it was cute, but not in this case. I roll my eyes and stand up off the ground. I strain my neck to look at Codine, man is he tall.

“Whatever, follow me.” Codine said, a serious expression upon his face. Codine doesn’t wait for my reply and is already walking the opposite direction. I reluctantly follow him, fearing what would happen if I didn’t. We pass through a dining room that has a large table, a cabinet with antiques and china. A living room with a large black couch, a flat screen t.v mounted on the wall, a few pictures, a coffee table. Then we finally reach a door. This door isn’t like others, it gives off vibes, unwanted vibes.

“What is behind the door?” I asked, fear creeping its way up my spine.

“You’ll see.” Codine said, coldness laced in his voice.

Codine reaches into his back pocket and retrieves a gold key. He places it in the lock and turns it until a click is heard. Codine then turns the door handle and opens the door revealing the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

Girls my age, bruised, bloody, broken, destroyed.

All of them, chained up.

Along with Zoey, Jane, and to my horror Cambria.

They were chained to thick, wooden posts with their names engraved at the top.

The middle post was empty and to my horror it was my name that was engraved on it. I turn to Codine who is smiling at me wickedly.

“Welcome to your new nightmare.”

Tears Of Terror (45)

“Love will find away.”

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