Defying the Alpha

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Part Forty Five

I know everything may be sudden but I had it planned that way. Things don’t make sense but they will. Patience is the key. Also, sorry if I am not detailed enough, I’m not big on detailed gore and plus I have younger readers.

Also, I will be adding names to my chapters now instead of numbers. Once the story is completed I will go back and make all of them similar.


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A terrified scream escapes my lips as I stare in horror at the chained girls. Tears of terror stroll down my face as I am faced with the horror. The girls were crying as they looked at me. They looked awful. Blood dripping from their bare bodies, luckily they had undergarments on. There was more girls on each side of the walls instead of being chained to posts they were chained to the ground. Most of them were skin and bone besides Cambria who must’ve just arrived.

“No!” I shouted when Codine grabbed my arm roughly. He tugs me into the small room that reminded me of a cell. It reeked of blood and death. That’s when I see the dead bodies piled on top of each other. I scream loudly as I begin to thrash in Codine’s arms. “Let me go!” I screamed, I began to feel suffocated. The stench of death was consuming me.

“Shut up!” Codine sneered. He rips off my shirt and pants leaving me in my underwear and bra. I feel violated as his eyes rake my body. I am beyond terrified as he grabs a metal collar. He grabs my hair roughly and bends me over and slides the cold, collar on. I sob as he pushes me against the wall and chains my arms up and puts shackles on my ankles.

Once Codine finishes making sure I am secured to the post, he stands up and smiles sinisterly at me. “Now, onto the rules. I have three rules. One, no screaming. Two, you obey my every command. Lastly, never try to fight back or I will end you. Now, I do reward you if you’re good, and I do punish if you’re bad. So, be a good girl and all will be good.”

“Why am I here? Why are we all here?” I asked, completely helpless.

“Revenge.” With that, Codine waltz out of the cell, or dungeon, leaving us girls in silence.

“I can’t believe he actually caught you.” A soft, rough voice said. I turn my head to see Jane looking at me sadly.

“I can’t believe it either. How did you get here?” I asked, quietly.

“Atlas’s pack was attacked. He took me and a few other girls who all have died. It’s awful here, you shouldn’t be here.” Jane said, sadness in her voice.

“None of us should.” I said, taking a good look at the girls. Nobody was interested in Jane and I’s conversation. They all had their heads down, that is beside Cambria who was on my right while Jane was on my left. “Cambria what happened? Why are you here?” I asked.

Cambria shakes her head and whimpers softly. “The car was attacked by a bunch of wolves, the driver was killed and they took me.”

“My god.” I murmured.

What does Codine want? Why kidnap a bunch of girls? Then, it dawns on me.

“What packs are everyone from?” I asked, head raised high, eagerly looking at everyone.

“Everyone is from Atlas’s pack or BloodHaze, you and Cambria are the only from Nixon’s.” An unfamiliar voice said.

I strain my head to peer over Jane, the girl standing next to her must be Zoey. “So, you’re here by force.”

“No, at first I came willingly. I didn’t want to be Atlas’s mate. Then, it was like someone turned a switch inside Codine, he grew enraged. Then he tied me down here and little by little girls were brought in here.” Zoey explained, voice raspy.

“Everyone has ties to either Adrian or Atlas.” I mumbled to myself. Cambria heard me and it was as if a lightbulb lit up in her.

“We are revenge on the alpha’s.”

Clever Codine, Clever (46)

“Love me with all or don’t love me at all.”

Sorta rushed, sorry. Not a lot of details, sorry. But here’s an update! Yes, it was sudden, trust me, I know. It was that way for a reason. :)


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