Defying the Alpha

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Part Forty Six

The three girls look at me in confusion. They probably think I am insane. Yet, if they thought hard enough they would put the pieces together. Why would Codine take just Nixon and Atlas’s pack members? They have issues.

“How often does Codine come down here?” I asked, looking at the girls.

“Codine comes down four times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and twice at night.” Jane answered.

“What times?” I asked, having a plan initiate in my head.

“Early morning, right after the sun rises. Late afternoon when the sun is starting to set, and then the last two are around the time the moon shines its brightest.” Zoey said, a deep sigh escaping her lips. “Don’t bother trying to escape. It doesn’t work, and if Codine catches you-you’ll end up like those girls.” Zoey’s gaze was on the stack of dead girls. I cringe at the sight and immediately look away.

“Have any of you tried to escape?” I asked, looking to Zoey, who’s been here longer then Cambria, Jane and I.

“Numerous times. None get me very far. Codine won’t kill me, but he does give me a beating. Other times I fail or give up.” Zoey sighed softly, shaking her head.

“Quite! He’s coming.” Jane whispered, with frantic eyes. I flinch in fear of what is to come, what is to be expected. Did he hear us?

Loud footsteps advance until we can see Codine wearing a devilish smile on his face. “Hello girls, I hope you didn’t miss me too much.” It takes everything within me not to scoff but my facial expression doesn’t fool Codine. “Why such hateful eyes, Angel?”

I flinch slightly, yet remain calm. “Sorry, sir.” I said, respectfully.

Codine seems impressed. “Well, you sure learn quickly. I am sure your fellow peers have explained to you what will happen if you disobey my commands. Now, what did I tell everyone about warning newbies of the punishment. Gosh, you take the fun out of it all.”

I scrunch my face up in disgust. How can he possibly find this fun? He kills for fun, he tortures for fun. This game is for fun.

“What do you have against Adrian and Atlas?” I asked, fierce eyes trained on him.

Codine is surprised by my question. A scowl replaces that devilish smile that I was beginning to loathe. “Don’t ask questions, especially ones like those.” He demanded coldly.

I raise an eyebrow. “Why not? That wasn’t one of your rules.” I pointed out, the cockiness just rolling off my tongue without any control.

“Angel!” Cambria exclaimed, her eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights.

Codine chuckles humorlessly. “Very true, but that doesn’t concern you anyways. Enjoy your stay and don’t ask question, new rules made.”

I huff in annoyance at him. I need to get out of here before my brain explodes. I will go insane in this wretched place.

“Well, I just wanted to check up on you guys, especially Angel. Now, I will be back soon.” Codine said, advancing towards the door. Before he exits he tilts his head enough to look at me. “Don’t miss me too much.”

As if that is possible.

“I need to leave this place.” I said, anger bubbling within me.

“That was bold of you, but you can’t speak to him like that. You’re lucky you didn’t get beat.” Zoey said, envious of the fact that I didn’t get beat and she would’ve.

“Luck isn’t apart of it. I’m just a piece to this game that he’s playing and I am betting I have to be in pristine condition for when the final battle comes.” I said, with narrowed eyes. I didn’t want to say that. I don’t know why it came out in riddles. It was as if my voice had a mind of its own.

“No time for riddles.” Cambria said, a deep sigh following.

“Your courage is stronger than his. Your love is stronger than his hate. Your knowledge is stronger than his rules. Your power is stronger than those chains. Escape and run, lead them to freedom.” The voice said, calmly. Zemren

The words hit me individually like bullets. Each leaving its own mark in me. Outsmart him, his rules, and beat him at his own game.

I take a good look around at each of the girls. They all are so small but one stands out. Her head is small, her wrist are small, so are her ankles. She’s young, maybe ten. I can’t see her face, she’s bowing her head.

“Who is that?” I asked Jane, nodding towards the little girl. The collar hurts as I rub against it. Luckily it isn’t too painful yet.

“That’s Cassie. She’s from this pack. Was one of the first girls so I believe.” Jane answered, sadness woven in her voice.

“Does she speak english?” I asked, curiously looking at her.

“Yes.” Jane mumbled.

“Cassie.” I called, watching the girl intently as she raises her bowed head to meet my eyes. I am surprised at how unharmed the girl is. Her face has little dirt smeared, little blood. Her eyes are a dull blue color. “Do you want to get out of here?” I asked, eagerness in my voice.

Cassie eyes widen at my question. Yet, a small head nod comes from her. “Good. You’re the tiniest. Try sliding your wrist out of the cuffs.”

Cassie does as I say but cringes in pain. Little whimpers escaped her lips but she doesn’t stop. Finally after what seems like hours when in reality it’s been only minutes, she gets one hand freed. A small smile is on her face. By now, everyone’s attention is focused on her. Cassie does it to the other hand until she is free. She then grabs the chain around her neck and pulls it off. Cassie unshackles herself and smiles at me. “I’ll help you next.” She whispered as she took small steps towards me.

She does the same to me but has more struggle until finally I am released. We do the same to the other girls until all of us are freed. Why on Earth haven’t they thought of it sooner?

“They’re not leaders, you are.” The voice whispered, ghostly.

“What now?” Jane asked, looking at me.

“We run.” I said, as I stare at the door. How do we get past Codine is the real question. This was far too easy to escape, he surely knew I would’ve tried. So, what obstacle is next?

“We must hurry!” Zoey exclaimed, looking out the small window.

Ah, the next obstacle would be time.

Clever Codine, clever.

“Stay together.” I whispered as we advance down a dimly lit hallway. After a few moments of calming everyone down I convinced them to follow me. I remember where we are, we aren’t too far from exiting the house. There is no noise, it’s as if nobody lives here. No signs of Codine, nothing.

It’s suspicious, why isn’t he here? Where could he be?

The girls and I all tiptoe down the hallway and make a sharp right. There is plain sight is the front door. The door that leads us to our freedom.

We walk down to the door and just as I’m about to open it I hear footsteps. Alarm races through me and without thinking I pull open the door, with the girls on my feet we go flying out that front door.

I hear an enraged growl come from behind us. The only thing I can think of is to shift. “Everyone shift!” I said, shifting into mid air. I can hear the bones snapping of other wolves and by now everyone is in their wolf besides Cassie.

I panic and stop suddenly. I can see Codine’s wolf charging toward us. “Go!” I yell sharply through the wolf link.

The wolves are hesitant but they obey and begin running. I bend down to allow Cassie to hop on my back. She does so swiftly. I go off running with Codine closely behind me. The wind flows through my fur causing the adrenaline to spiral out of control. It feels as if my legs are on jet fuel. I am speeding so fast, out of the corner of my eye I can see that Codine is falling behind.

It doesn’t take me long to reach the others. Cassie grips my fur tightly as we all make a sharp turn. We weave through the woods in sync and easily whilst Codine has a harder time. After running for a few moments I take a look at the girls in front of me, I can tell they’re becoming weaker and weaker. They won’t be able to go on much longer. My mind races with thoughts on what we should do. We can’t fight Codine, not all together. Not even with me being a hybrid. I don’t know how to control myself yet, I don’t know what I am capable of.

Suddenly, I hear a horn. The horn is like no other I’ve ever heard. It’s loud and sends dark vibes.

Suddenly I hear a terrified scream enter my mind. “Hunters!”

Beginning Of War (47)

“You loved me and i froze in time. Hungry for that flesh of mine.”

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