Defying the Alpha

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Part Forty Seven

Sorry for short, late update. I’ve been busy and have no inspiration to write.

The words flew ring through my head like a bell. It alerts me. “Run!” I yell through the mind-link. The terrified whines from the wolves makes me become even more nervous. Their lives lay in my hand, they’re my responsibility.

The wolves and I all run through the forest, the pound of footsteps from the hunters are becoming louder and louder, they’re gaining on us. Suddenly, as if my problems weren’t always bad, Codine’s pack finds us, along with Codine.

I make my way to the front so I can lead them. If the plan I have works, I can lead the females to safety and the hunters will go after Codine, giving us enough time to escape. I race with the wolves on my heels, I need to protect them. This wolves are depending on me, I got them in this mess, now I plan to get them out.

We run for what seems like hours until finally I realize nobody is following us any longer. We lost them. I halt immediately and the wolves come to a crashing halt as well.

“We lost them.” I said, through mind-link.

I shifted into my human form, the coldness nipping at my naked skin. The only girls shift to and begin shivering.

“What are we going to do now?” Cassie asked.

“I’m not sure, we need to find Adrian.” I said urgently. My thoughts drift to him. Is he worried about me? Has he tried finding me?

“I think I know how to get to Atlas’s, from there he can contact Adrian.” Jane said.

“Alright, lead the way.” I said, looking around at all the girls. They were tired, they didn’t have much energy in them yet they didn’t complain. They were true warriors.

It takes what seems like hours until we reach Atlas’s place. I am shocked to see how many guards are out and about. They must’ve taken this seriously.

“Lincoln!” Jane exclaimed, running over to a guard. The guard engulfs Jane tightly, a smile on his face.

“Where have you been?” He asked. Now, you’re probably wondering why it isn’t weird that we are stark naked? It has always been this way.

“I’ll explain later, I need to see Alpha Atlas.” Jane said, looking back at the girls.

Lincoln nods and takes us into the house. “Alpha!” Lincoln shouted, standing in the middle of the hall.

A few moments later Atlas comes walking out of a room. When his eyes land on us they are wide. “What the he*ll.” He exclaimed, running over to us.

“Thank God, you guys okay?” He asked, looking everyone over head to toe.

“We will be, we need to speak to you and Adrian.” I said urgently.

“Angel!” A familiar voice shouted. I peer over Atlas’s shoulder to see Adrian speed walking towards us. He stops in front of me and sighs deeply. “Where have you been?”

“We have a problem, a major one.” I said, staring into Adrian’s eyes.

“What?” He asked, raising a brow.

“Codine took us, all of us.” I said, sighing softly.

“Why?” Adrian asked coldly.

“We don’t know, but we have a theory that it’s because you two knew each other, and that we are revenge on the alpha’s meaning you and Atlas.” I explained.

“What do you mean revenge? You’re making no sense.” Atlas barked,

“Oh my God.” Zoey murmured. We all turned to her, she stands in the back and starts breathing heavily.

“Zoey?” Atlas asked, almost like he saw a ghost.

“Atlas.” She whispered.

“What is it?” Jane asked, dismissing the odd exchange between the two long lost mates. I look to Atlas who is staring at Zoey coldly. She hurt him, I don’t blame the coldness, I just hope he doesn’t try anything.

“Hunters, revenge on the two most powerful alpha’s? It isn’t a coincidence.” Zoey said, thinking out loud.

I suck in my breath as it sinks in.

“Can someone spit out what is going on!” Adrian exclaimed, growing angry.

“This is the beginning of a war.”

Game Of War(48) REWRITE

“We are worlds apart, but together in my heart.”

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