Defying the Alpha

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Part Five

I stare at Adrian with wide eyes. What on Earth is wrong with this male? Is he crazy! I am not his, never will be!

“This isn’t funny, take me to my room Adrian.” I growl in irritation.

Adrian’s cold eyes darken and he grips my chin with his fingers. He makes me look him in the eye which is extremely nerve wracking. “Never demand me again, child. Learn your place and learn to respect me. Also, you have no right to call me by my first name, it’s alpha to you.”

I cower away from his scary tone that sends chills down my spine. The things this male does to me confuses me. One minute I could lick his face and the next I could spit. He terrifies me yet intrigues me. I have no way of understanding these swarms of emotions I feel, but I do feel as if they’re suffocating me, drowning me.

“Let the girl go.” A sweet voice said suddenly. I peer over Adrian’s shoulders to see a small women who looks as if she’s in her late thirties.

“Nora, leave.” Adrian’s harsh voice commanded.

“Adrian James Nixon, you don’t get that tone with me. Let go of the girl now.” The woman whose name is Nora scolded. Nora is beautiful for someone her age. Her hair is a honey ash color that flows in curls down to her mid-waist. She has similar eyes to Adrian which make me believe they could be related. Nora stands at an average height and is on the heavier side but it could be because she is carrying a pup.

“Nora, this is my female.” Adrian said to the woman. Thankfully Adrian releases me which allows my breathing to return to normal.

I scoff and cross my arms over my chest. “I am not your female.”

Nora raises an eyebrow at me and then Adrian. “Nixon? Explain.”

“Later, I need to settle in my female before she has a fit.” Adrian said while plastering a fake smile on his face.

“I will not! You’re the one who is trying to tell me I am staying in your room! I don’t even know you, I am not your female, we are not mates.” I said defiantly.

Adrian rolls his eyes and grabs my arm harshly. I feel sparks ignite as our skin makes contact. I let out a startled gasp at the unfamiliar feeling. “No freaking way.” I muttered in disbelief. How did I not notice this before when his fingers were gripping my chin? How could I not feel something as magical as this? Did my fear for this male really block this amazing feeling out?

“You’re so dumb.” Adrian said as he flings my arm away from him as if it’s a disease. I feel a little bit of pain crashing into my heart at his statement. I have to say it’s the mate-bond, it’s the simple fact that I now don’t acknowledge this male as my alpha or my dominant, I acknowledge him as my mate, my lover, my protector.

“Adrian, be nice to her! If this is your female you should treat her like she is.” Nora said with an angry look upon her petite face.

“Nora butt out, I will be treating this female how she acts and as of right now she acts as a spoiled little brat, a child. There is a reason she was sent her, and it wasn’t because she is my mate.” Adrian’s apathetic tone hit a nerve within me that made me want to break down and cry. I could feel the tears begin to storm on it so I do my best to keep myself together. I can’t allow Adrian to know that he gets to me.

“Adrian, just remember who she is and who you are.” Nora said as she gives me a sympathetic look. The woman walks away from Adrian and I causing the silence to suffocate me once again.

“Listen to my, you are to do as I say without hesitation. I won’t acknowledge you as my mate until you act like one. You’re not to do anything without my permission. Last but not least do not disrespect me in any way shape or form, I will punish you severely .” Adrian’s admonishing tone causes my shy, cowardly side to want to bow my head and worship him. The stubborn side of me doesn’t allow me to do so, instead I open my big fat mouth.

“Whatever you say master? Should I call you that? Since you basically own me like I am a piece of property.” I snapped coldly.

It doesn’t process that I disobeyed one of his rules until he begins to growl louder and louder by the minute.

“You’re already disobeying me? I hope you get used to punishment little one.” His sadistic tone made my blood run cold. The air in me is knocked out when he grabs my ear and begins to drag me away from his room and back the way we just came from. His hold on my ear is tight and really hurts which results in me shaking and trying my best to escape his hold. I feel as if I am his prey that he is messing with until he is ready to pounce. I have never felt weak in my entire life. I have always felt strong and above everyone.

In this case, Adrian is the lion and I am the lamb.

Adrian continues to drag me to my doom. Adrian’s grip on my ear tightens as we go down the stairs, I can’t help the cry that escapes my lips from the excruciating pain that I experience. I have never been handled this way, my brother never did this, neither did my mother. The worst was doing pack chores which I never did anyways.

“Adrian let me go!” I seethe as I struggle on the last step. I hold onto the banister to use as a way to hold myself back from Adrian and his kingdom of pain that he is taking me to.

“No, you need to start learning respect.” Adrian growled as he releases my ear only to grab onto my hair. He grabs a fistful of hair and yanks me back. My scalp screams in pain which results in a cry that escapes my lips. Adrian doesn’t release my hair only tightens his grip as we walk through the pack house. The cold air latches onto me as if it’s a blanket. I feel so alone in this horrid place, I feel abandoned and ruined. My family sent me away to my new personal he*ll.

Adrian leads me through the front door and takes me to the backyard where Luke; Blondie, is.

“Luke grab the collar and the chain. Level ten.” Adrian demanded in a tone so devilish that it has my heart screaming at me in fear. My head feels out of control as it fears what is going to happen next. I know what being chained is, my mother and brother do it to the rebellious teens whose spirits need to be broken.

Luke goes into a little grey shack and appears within seconds. A metal collar that looks dangerous and a chain along with it dangle in his hands. That isn’t what catches my eye, it’s the fact that Luke has on gloves.

“What the he*ll is that?” I asked nervously. I begin to cower away but Adrian’s restrain on me causes me to only hurt myself more.

“That is a collar laced with wolfs-bane, and so is the chain.” Adrian’s sadistic tone rings through my ears. His words play on repeat in my head.

“You’re not serious about chaining me up right?” I cried out.

Adrian smirks at me. “Yes, I am completely serious. This is what you get for disobeying me.”

Adrian takes the collar from Luke’s hand. I can see the skin begin to redden up and burn. I begin to thrash in panic. This can’t be happening!

“Adrian, please!” I exclaim with tears rolling down my face.

“Maybe you should watch what you say.” Adrian said in a cold voice. He begins to put the collar on and the skin burns instantly. I scream in pain as the burning sensation spreads throughout my body.

“Shift.” Adrian harshly commanded.

I have no choice to oblige for he used his alpha command. My skin is replaced with white fur, my legs are replaced with four, my hands with paws. I blink a few times as dizziness hits me. I feel my body sway as the dizziness takes it toll on me. I whimper in pain as I watch my mate stare down at me with a diabolical smile on his face. Adrian attaches the chain to my collar and chains me up to the shed. I watch mortified as he simply walks away from me, not an ounce of sympathy drawn on his face.

Not an ounce of remorse. It then dawns on me.

He doesn’t care, he never will.

The thing is I don’t have to care either, I never will. I can do the same as he is.

Not care.

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