Defying the Alpha

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Part Fifty

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A sudden shake erupts the darkness that cocoons me. I peel open my eyes with difficulty. My eyes scream in protest when the harsh sun hits my face. I squint slightly, trying to get used to the harsh light. My vision, slightly blurry from tears, land on a familiar blob that is my mother.

“Mom?” I choked out. My voice felt raspy, harsh. It was like someone dumped a bucket of sand down my throat.

“I’m here, I’m here.” My mother repeated. Something warm touches my hand causing me to flinch. My mother doesn’t take her hand away, instead she tightens her grip. “Are you alright?” My mother asked, genuinely concerned.

“Yeah.” I whispered, still feeling the harsh, raspiness.

My mother jumps out of her seat, and walks a little ways to a door. She walks in, a few second layers I hear water running, then she walks out again and over to my side where she hands me the glass of water she got.

I chug the entire thing, feeling bliss. The cold water breaks through the sandiness and makes it much better. “Thank you.” I said, handing back the cup to her.

My mother nods and places the cup on the ground. “Tell me that you are alright, that this monster didn’t harm you.”

I sigh deeply, knowing that as badly as I wanted to contain the surge of emotions I feel, I just couldn’t.

“Yes, he did hurt me. Not so much physical, but mental.” I admitted softly. Why? Why am I telling her this! She doesn’t deserve to see my emotions. It was like my mouth had a mind of its own. I wanted to tell her to just let it be.

“Mom, I need your help.” My voice came out ghostly.

“Angel, what do you need?” My mother asked, looking at me with widened eyes.

“How do I take control of my hybrid side? How do I use it as an advantage.” The words just keep spilling out of my mouth. I can’t control it at all.

“I will do what I have to-to make sure that this plan is sought out through the end.” The eerie voice whispered.

“Angel, I am not the one to talk to about that.” My mother admitted, shaking her head slightly.

“Please mom, I need your help. I know you know something about it.” I said. I grunt in the back of my head. This is ridiculous. Why can’t I control my own mouth.

My mother looks around warily, she averts her attention back to me and sighs deeply. “It’s simple, you feed.”

I raise an eyebrow at her. “It is not that simple.”

“It truly is. You feed on someone, or drink blood belonging to a human. Then, you wait. Your humanity will be shut off, it’s the vampire side dominating. Then, you will have Adrian sink his teeth into your wrist, injecting his werewolf venom. It is powerful enough to control half of your vampire side, It isn’t going to last very long though, maybe two hours at the most.” My mother explained cautiously.

“Thank you, mom.” I said, smiling slightly at her.

“Why do you need to know so urgently, Angel?” My mother questioned.

I unintentionally smirk. “I’m going to destroy Codine and his mangy pack.”

Mom’s eyes widen. Her head shakes frantically. “No!”

I sighed agitatedly. “Don’t, I know what I am doing.”

“Angel, this is far more dangerous than you know.” My mother warned.

“Oh, trust me I know.” I said with a dark vibe coursing through me.

My mother has left. The two of us left things off on good terms. She told me she trusted me. I know she doesn’t trust me just as much as I don’t trust her, which is why I told her nothing. She suspects that I am going to try and stop Adrian by using my hybrid side. She was right in a sense, I am stopping an enemy, an alpha, just an entirely different one.

I stand in front of all the girls, including a few ones from the hospital, who have been informed on the plan, They all are seated on Jane’s bed watching me intently.

“Now, we need a plan. I was thinking Jane would lead the bomb party and I would lead the distraction party. Jane, you will be taking Marese, the twins. I will take Cam. Zoey, and Jalyn.”

“What about me?” June asked.

“You will be on watch duty, I need a look out for guards and such. My distraction will only hold off for so long.” I said.

“When do we leave?” Jane asked, sharp, determined eyes.


They Bombed Codine (51)

If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on.”

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