Defying the Alpha

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Are any of you excited for Fifty Shades Darker? I AM!!! Sadly, I am not old enough to see the movie without an adult so guess who is going to be stalking the internet to hopefully find it for free and stream it!




Also, who is loving Zayn and Taylor’s new song ‘I don’t wanna live forever’ which is featuring in FSD!



The plan was simple, easy, straight to the point. Jane had it drilled into her head, I knew that I could count on her and her team. I, had it drilled as well. My team would be distracting Codine, Jane’s would be the bombing.

The problem was escaping Atlas’s house. The amount of guards have increased, making it more difficult than ever to escape. Escaping this house would be hard, just not impossible.

“Are you ready?” I asked, whispering to Jane while looking over my shoulder.

“Never been more ready.” She whispered back, smiling.

I walk with the girls behind me. Every corner I peer over to make sure no guards are looking. The night was growing closer, it was becoming darker. I had to hurry.

We made it out without getting caught by any guards. The outside was tricky but with blending into the trees and such, we made it.

We run through the woods in our human forms. The cold air nipped at us but it only motivated us to run faster. We weave through the trees, hurdle over fall branches, rocks. The time is running out, we have to get there before Atlas and Adrian find out, unless they have already.

“I see it!” Cambria exclaimed, pointing to Codine’s pack house.

I stay within the trees as I get closer and closer. I could see guards in front of the gate that is the entrance to the house. They were high ranked guards, definitely wouldn’t be able to attack them, nor sneak past them.

“We can’t sneak past them.” I murmured to the girls, who were huddled behind me, peering over my shoulder.

Jane moves to my side to get a better look. “We need to distract those guards.” She whispered.

“How?” I asked, watching the guards intently. They stood straight like statues.

Jane doesn’t say anything for a moment, she just stares at them. We all look at her in anticipation.

“Jane?” I whispered, trying to subtly tell her to her hurry.

She shakes her head and looks at me. “We have to send someone in, someone has to run through the open area to distract them.

“No, we can’t send any of these girls out.. I will.” I said.

Jane shakes her head immediately. “No, we need you and can’t risk you.”

I hold my hand up and shake it dismissively. “I have to, I can’t risk any of these girls. I trust you and them, please let me do this.”

Cambria grabs my shoulder. “I can lead the girls for the distraction, I know what to do.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Positive.” Cambria assured.

I turn to Jane who’s rubbing her temples. “You better be careful.” She demanded.

“I will,” I turn to look at all the girls. “Please be safe, we will meet here after everything is done.” I said.

The girls nod in understanding. I turn away from them and look to the open area. I have to run to the opposite side of the woods, and then I have to trail them away. The best thing for me to do is to run in my human form, although I would run faster in wolf form, the guards might not recognize me.

I step out from the shadows and allow myself to be seen. None of the guards look my way, which is good since the girls are right behind me.

I slowly make my way more and more out into the open. I feel like a deer in a meadow, a deer that is cautious for the gun that is hiding in the shadows. I am prey, not a predator, not this time.

I begin to jog, then it turns to a run. The guards spot me as I zoom past them.

“It’s her! Go!” One guard shouted, running away from his post. The other guards follow him blindly, completely leaving the gate unguarded. My feet thunder on the ground as I sprint into the opposite side of the forest. I don’t bother looking back to see if the girls are going, I trust them and I trust the MoonGoddess. The guard’s feet pound like a storm on the forest floor. Birds squawk above me as I fly aimlessly through the woods.

“Give it up! You’ll never be able to outrun us!” One of the guards shouted, they were getting closer.

I push myself even faster. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or how much longer I could run.

“Patience is key, especially in war. The time is soon coming to an end, the war will be over, but the aftermath is always worse. Be warned, after this, you still have one more enemy to defeat, remember. This war is almost over.” The voice whispered ghostly.

I didn’t understand most of it, I knew the enemy part was directed to Adrian, but war? This is hardly a war.

It feels like I’ve been running for days. The guards aren’t giving up, they are only gaining on me.

Suddenly, a loud ‘boom’ is heard. The birds in trees flee, the guards cease their movements as I do. I turn around and look up to the sky, the air is smoky.

They did it, they bombed Codine.

To defy is to love (52)

“Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man. You made my heartbreak but you made me who I am.”

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