Defying the Alpha

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Part Fifty Three




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So, somebody asked me if they could translate my book AND a publishing company called Inkitt asked me if they could enter me in a contest, not sure what to say.


I watched “The Vampire Diaries” while writing this.

It’s been several days since the girls and I bombed Codine, several days since I figured out the last puzzle piece to the quest that the voice has given me.

“To defy is to love.”

Those five words imprinted my mind, never letting me forget them. They repeat in my mind day and night, haunting me. I didn’t understand, how am I supposed to know what that means? You can’t just make someone fall hopelessly in love with.

If I want to win this game of defiance, I have to win his heart as well. I never thought that would be a part of the package deal, but I guess it is.

Cambria, Adrian and I have gone home days ago. All I’ve done is stay in my room avoiding everyone who comes knocking on my door. I don’t eat, sleep, or shower. I have been wrapped up in a devious plan to win Adrian’s heart. So far, I got nothing. It’s difficult pushing my friends away, but I can’t be distracted. I need to hurry up and figure out a way to win Adrian’s heart and defy him. I have this odd feeling, it’s as if I have a time limit and if I don’t complete the task in time something disastrous will happen.

Adrian has tried coxing me out of my room quite a few times but most of the time he demands that I come out, which I never do. Jane, Cambria, even Luke has tried getting me to come out of my room. Yet, I don’t budge.

Each day I get one bit closer to figuring this whole entire mystery out. A little piece of an overall puzzle is being formed day by day, and soon enough I will have a final piece which will complete the puzzle, complete the game.

I sit at the brown wooden desk in the far left corner of my medium sized room. Papers upon papers surround me, all of them containing ideas. I sit at this desk, in this uncomfortable, wooden chair, staring at blank pieces of paper until I figure something out. A pen is placed in my right hand, I tap the pen in rhythm as I think of ways.

“A wolf’s way of showing it’s claim, or it’s love is a bite, don’t fright but tonight get the bite, one step closer to winning this fight. Don’t hide behind the light, show yourself at night, when the moon is highest, the males are hungriest, waiting for a mate to seal their fate.” The voice chanted in my head. After all this time I have come to conclusion that the voice is a female, it’s feathery, soft, ghostly, it’s a feeling I get that tells me it’s a female. It’s not my wolf, it’s someone else, someone who must know me.

As the words replay in my mind, something pops out at me. A bite. That could only mean one thing. A bite is something two mates do once they find each other. It’s a part of the mating ritual. Adrian would bite my neck, summoning my wolf, who then would bite him, then we would complete the process with intercourse. My stomach churns at the repugnant thought. This is the plan all along? To seal my fate by mating with the man I loathe most. Once I mate with him, I will be stuck with him for my entire life. I won’t be able to reject him, to find a new mate. Adrian Nixon, the alpha, the man who I despise most, is a game I wanted to win most. But, at what cost? The cost of my freedom, my self-respect?

Now that is a repelling thought.

An abrupt knock on my door liberates me from my thoughts. I stay completely silent, I don’t dare make a noise. The smell of Adrian attacks my nostrils.

“Angel, open the door.” Adrian harshly said. The harshness unsettles me, I don’t like it. Neither does my wolf, who’s pacing in the back of my mind. It’s the most emotion I’ve gotten out of her in a while.

“Damn it, could you just open the door?” Said Adrian in a irritated tone.

“No, leave me alone.” I called back stubbornly.

“So she speaks.” I could literally picture the smirk on Adrian’s face, or a smug smile.

“Yeah, I speak, idiot.” I snapped back.

I hear a low growl before a clearing of the throat. “Please just open the door.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Why do you think? You’re my mate. My wolf and I are literally going crazy without you.” Adrian admitted in a small, quiet voice. If it wasn’t for my enhanced hearing I wouldn’t have been able to hear that.

A small sigh escaped my lips. I knew I’d eventually have to exit my dark chambers, I just didn’t think it’d be so soon. I knew I had to complete the task the voice had given me. The question no longer was what, it was when.

“Now or never, you have the lever, pull it.” The voice whispered.

I get out of the chair which causes my entire body to stiffen. My muscles were tight, clammed up. I stretched my limbs for a moment or two, I then walked over to the door and opened it, revealing Adrian, looking as sexy as ever. His black t-shirt that is tightly fitted, revealing his abs to me. His sharp features, his penetrating eyes. All the wrong things about this man are alluring.

“You look like hell.” Adrian said, eyeing me up and down.

I glare at him then roll my eyes. “Thanks.”

“Go shower, get changed, then we can talk.” Adrian instructed. A part of me wanted to wickedly smirk at him, then tell him this dominance won’t last for long, I contain it, obviously.

I went down the hall to the bathroom. I closed the door and turned to look at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were sunken, my skin was, my eyes were swollen, bags decorate underneath. My hair was a rats nest. I did look like hell.

I undress myself, avoiding my reflection. I turn the water on hot, then I get in the shower. I let the warm water cocoon me, burn me, wash away the pain and sorrows I felt. The pain I felt from killing the innocent people in Codine’s pack. As my thoughts suffocate me more, my emotions break free, resulting in the pool of tears that streamed down my face, mixing with the hot water. After crying for minutes upon minutes, I get ahold of myself and begin washing my body, hair, and face.

Ten minutes later, I am all washed up, dried, and clothed. Somehow, fresh clothes were placed on the counter in the bathroom. I didn’t hear anyone come in but I was grateful someone did. I left the bathroom and walked around for a bit until I found Adrian in the kitchen.

I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder, causing him to spin around. “Glad you’re cleaned up. You look much better.”

“Yeah, feels good.” I admitted.

“Are you hungry?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I mumbled, looking down at the floor.

Adrian chuckled softly before walking away from the pack member he was talking to. I followed him to the island where I sat. Adrian rummaged in the fridge before handing me a plate of pizza.

“Eat up.” He ordered.

For once, I appreciate his order, and I obey. I stuff the pizza into my mouth and let the delicious flavor saturate my tongue. Adrian also placed a cup of milk in front of me, which I happily chugged. Sadly, I couldn’t eat much, but I ate and that is a step.

Once finished, I averted my attention to Adrian who was watching me the entire time. “Adrian, I need to tell you something.”

Adrian raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

I sucked in a deep breath then exhaled it. “Mark me.”

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