Defying the Alpha

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Part Fifty Four

Adrian’s jaw drops, his eyes are wide like a deer in headlights. “What crack are you on?”

I glared slightly at him. This is so not going how I planned. “Well, thanks.”

Adrian sighs, then runs a hand down his face. “Why are you saying this now? The most random moment?”

I shrug. “I don’t know. I think we need to work out the kinks in our relationship.”

“What relationship? It’s based of arguments and your defiance.” Adrian pointed out in a strident tone.

“Hey, if it weren’t for your dominance I wouldn’t be defiance.” I argued.

Adrian eyes me carefully for a few moments. It’s as if he’s trying to read my mind, he wants to see what I’m hiding, he knows something is up.

“Keep the monster at bay or else you’ll pay.” The voice whispered. I jolt slightly in shock at the voice. It never has threatened me or wished any harm. What could it mean? ‘I’ll pay’, pay for what?

“Please just trust me. Nixon pack needs a luna, you need a luna. It’s going to happen sooner or later, Adrian.” I said, staring at him directly.

“Fine, tonight we will do it. But, you should know your thirst is going to increase, tonight you have to feed.” Adrian pointed out.

I almost forgot! I have to feed. I told Adrian about what my mother explained to me, but I no longer needed to control it, it was like my vampire side didn’t surface. I was going to use it as an asset to hurt Codine but plans changed. Now that Adrian and I are going to complete the mate process, I can possibly go back to Silvene and see if she can do her spell to make the vampire side of me vanish, at least I hope.

Hours go by and my hunger is raging. I need to sink my teeth into human flesh, the desire is becoming too much. I’ve been locked in a dark room with no windows and a steel door which I can’t break down, and of course it’s locked. I sit on the ground rocking back in forth with my head in my knees. My gums are throbbing, my head is pounding and my stomach is screaming at me. My entire body is on fire, sweat is dripping down my forehead. It’s too much, all of this. Adrian knows a vampire who is a doctor and is having her come and check me, but it’s taking forever.

A few hours pass and suddenly the door opens. I’m too weak to go and try and escape. The lights stay off but I can see the woman perfectly. She has long fiery red hair, striking green eyes, and pale skin (of course).

“My name is Monique, I am a vampire healer.” She said, her voice soft and feathery.

“Help me.” I plead hoarsely.

Monique sits beside me and touches my forehead. “Oh my.”

“What?” I asked groggily.

“You’re in heat.” She said, watching me closely.

“How am I in heat?” I asked.

“Well there is only two explanations. It could be your wolf side trying to dominate the vampire side, so therefore it’s pushing for you to mate.” Monique said, not telling me the second one.

“Or?” I whispered, wiping beads of sweat off.

“You accepted your mate.”

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