Defying the Alpha

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Part Six

It’s been days since I have been chained to this God awful shed. I’ve done my best to try and escape but I’m too weak, far too weak. My bones are rapidly weakening, my neck is loosing fur and becoming very raw. It’s painful to sleep because the retched collar keeps me up. I haven’t been fed, given water, nothing. I can feel the male watching me every now and then, Adrian thinks that this will break me, this is nothing. This won’t destroy my defiance, nothing will. I was born to defy, and apart of me thinks I was born to defy this alpha.

As I lay on the cold, hard ground I think of my mother. She always had my siblings back but never mine, I never understood why. I know I wasn’t her favorite, by far. She used to tell me when I was younger that she named me Angel because I was her little Angel, but I guess I turned into her little devil, you really jinxed yourself there mom.

My brother, Amsterdam never failed to please my mother, he always did everything right, he is the perfect child. Alia used to be close with my mother until her scene phase hit her and she basically destroyed her life by constantly partying, getting high, doing illegal things. It’s funny because all of my siblings were born with powerful and unique gifts, yet only Amsterdam has seemed to master his. Amsterdam is gifted with water, the enemy to mine; fire. Alia’s gift is air and Andrew is wind. Avalon has nature. It’s not uncommon for alpha bloodlines to be gifted with the elements, many other pack children are too. But, my family is the only whose children all have the four elements. My gift is quite simple in most eyes, I concentrate on my anger and my power is fueled.

I am brought out of my thoughts as a freezing gust of wind hits. I shiver vigorously. I cover my nose with my tail and let out a desperate whimper.

This is torture, I can’t believe my mate would do this to me. I have never loathed someone in all eighteen years but this male has exceeded that.

I find myself slowly drifting off into sleep only to be jerked awake by someone nudging me with their shoe. I slowly look up and see Adrian with a water dish in his hand and a bowl of food. My stomach screams in excitement but I can’t find it in me to be excited, I am so weak that my emotions can’t be expressed because of how emotionally drained I am.

“Here.” Adrian said as he places it on the ground in front of me.

‘When do I get unchained?’ I asked through our mind-link seeing how I can’t speak.

‘When you apologize and start to show a change in attitude.’ Adrian’s voice is bitter which angers me. What does he have to be upset about? I am the one being chained to a freaking shed! Not him.

You disgust me, chaining your mate like I am some animal.’ I seethed.

‘You are an animal, and I will continue to treat you as one as long as you act like one. This is your choice, Angel, you deal the cards, you choose the game, this is all your choices.’ With that Adrian drops the dishes and walks away from me once again.

It’s been months since I have been chained to the shed. I no longer have the ability to stand up, I sometimes can’t even open my eyes. Things that were once a daily routine faltered because of my weakness. Adrian feeds me regularly but never says anything. I know that he is aware of how much this is killing me, how I am slowly dying. Yet, he couldn’t have a care in the world.

Today, something is different. I can feel the male watching me more closely. I can feel his penetrating stare on me which creates unwanted feelings to surface.

It isn’t until a few hours later that Adrian emerges from the house. He walks over to me and grabs my snout and forces me to look into his eyes. I see guilt swirling through his dark eyes. This is his fault, he did this to me.

“My God.” He murmurs. “Seven months, you’ve been chained out here seven months. It’s over, your no longer going to be chained, you win.” Adrian said in a soft voice. I couldn’t help but feel relaxed at his voice.

Most of all I feel proud, proud that I defeated him.

Adrian takes off the collar swiftly and stands up and backs away from me. “Shift.” He commanded in his alpha tone, a tone that is so fierce that even if you were able to defy it you wouldn’t want to.

My bones crack and my body sears with pain. A scream bubbles out of my throat and floats through the nights air. My screams grow louder with each bone that snaps and cracks. The pain is like no other, it has me panting and gasping for air.

Minutes later I lay on the ground completely naked. I’m shaking vigorously by now, my body is so weak that I feel as if one move I would shatter.

“Please don’t make me walk.” My voice comes out as a plead.

Adrian sighs deeply but none-the-less walks over to me and scoops me into his arms.

As he walks away from the place I was chained I silently watch it disappear from my sight.

Seven months, seven months.

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