Defying the Alpha

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Part Seven

Adrian carries me into the warm house that instantly swallows my body and swarms to me like a bee to a flower. The abode is quite and calm which informs me that everyone is asleep.

“You’re sleeping in my room, with me.” Adrian commands coldly.

“No, I will not. I will not sleep in the same room as a monster, it is bad enough I have to live under the same roof as you.” I hiss in anger. My voice is weak and that lousy sentence has me panting for air.

“Yes, you are. Don’t argue with me, Angel.” Adrian said bitterly. “Also, I am taking you to the hospital wing.” Adrian said curtly.

I don’t say anything, I just rest my head on his chest as he carries me through the dimly light corridor. A few pack members are loitering about with one another and that causes gossip to erupt when they see Adrian and I.

“Who’s that girl?”

“She’s probably just the alpha’s new toy for tonight.”

“No, that’s the girl who was chained up to the shed for like months.”

All these sentences fly aimlessly out of people. Most are females who are jealous that I am in the arms of their beloved alpha, yet little do they know how I wish more than they do to switch places.

“Ignore them, their words are nothing but a reminder that you live and breathe.” Adrian said softly.

I nearly scoff at him. Does he really think that what his people say or think about me bother me even the slightest? He is surely wrong, their words and assumptions don’t phase me.

Adrian walks a little longer before he stops. I look up from his chest to see us standing before white double doors.

“Uh, are we going to go in?” I asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I would love to but it seems that I have a weak little pup in my arms who can’t do anything right, therefore I can’t open the door.” Adrian snapped. It hurt me to hear him say those words, weak, weak. I am weak, so he says. Yet, I was chained to a shed for seven months as opposed to him who was all warm.

“Weak, that is not me my dear alpha for that is you.” I said softly.

Adrian snorts and shifts me slightly in his arms. “Weak? How am I weak? You were chained to a shed because you don’t know how to control that mouth of yours. Now you’re weak.”

“Ah, but you see, you are the one who chained me to that shed, therefore making you weak.” I said with a small smile.

Adrian looks down at me and smiles brightly, his smile screams diabolical. “No, little wolf. I am not weak, because I had the power to chain you to that shed.”

I feel my eyes brim with tears. I thought he was guilty about chaining me up, but now it’s as if he is proud, like he’s won a prize, like my weakness is his prize.

“Alpha?” A hesitant voice asked.

“What Molly?” Adrian snapped in irritation.

“Does she need the emergency room?” The girl named Molly asked softly.

“Yeah.” His voice comes out cold and harsh.

I take a good look at Molly, her skin is like mocha, her eyes are black, she has medium length black hair. The girl screams innocent.

“Alright, follow me.” Molly said as she turns around and leads us through the white doors.

“We need a room stat!” Molly shouted to random people.

Adrian huffs in annoyance but continues to follow Molly.

After a few twists and turns later we arrive at an empty hospital room.

After Molly gets me hooked up to an IV she excuses herself to go and get something.

I feel myself drift off but not before Adrian says something. “You’re too weak for me, yet too powerful.”

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