Defying the Alpha

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Part Nine

I wait for what seems like hours until I make my move. I had to be lethal and sneaky, if I were to get caught I would face the wrath of Adrian. I peek out of my slightly ajar door to the halls. The halls were empty, not a single wolf in sight. I knew that if I made one wrong move I would be doomed so I decided to move slow. Time is my enemy in this battle as opposed to being an asset. It was dark out, not full fledged night time but slowly creeping towards it. The wolves were most likely on patrol.

‘Gosh, I don’t recall this being to difficult.’ I thought to myself.

I remember being young and sneaking out all the time, it was far easier because I knew the pack inside and out.

After convincing myself that it’s now or never I took a tentative step out of the door, out of my safe-zone. I leave the door open and look down the corridor both ways. I see nothing alarming so I begin to walk to my right. I stayed against the wall and made sure to be alert. My biggest fear was the old wooden floor, for I was apprehensive that it would groan under me as I walk, thankfully it didn’t.

I kept against the wall as I turned left and continued to walk down the dimly lit corridor. The house smelt of Adrian, very masculine and pleasing. I learned to loath the smell but I couldn’t help but love it as well. The corridor was coming to an end and that meant a staircase would be my only escape. My fear for the house to groan only grew. I knew full well that many stairs in old houses groan and that the groan will echo throughout the house most definitely alerting someone.

I reached the end of the hallway and nearly scream when a hand covers my mouth. Panic hits me as I began to think of the worst.

Then I heard the person’s voice and relaxed slightly. “What are you doing?” Molly whispered as she spun me around.

I looked into her clinical eyes. “Leaving.”

Molly’s eyes widened and she began to shake her head frantically. “No, you can’t do that! If Adrian were to find you he would surely end your life!”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “I appreciate your concern but this isn’t up for discussion. Either way my life will be ended. I can’t stay here anymore.”

Molly shook her head at me. “Listen to me, Adrian is very smart. He will know that you will go through the woods since it’s a basic wolf’s nature to go into the depths of the woods. I will take you to town and drop you off somewhere and from there on you’re on your own.”

I looked into Molly’s eyes. They were filled with anxiousness, I knew she didn’t want to do this. She was risking not only my life but hers as well. I found myself feeling much affection for this young she-wolf. “Thank you, Molly.” I thanked her with a small ghosting on my lips.

Molly nodded and said nothing but quickly advanced down the stairs. To my surprise it didn’t groan, squeak or make any noise. I followed closely behind her as she lead me to the front door. She swings it open and ushered me out before gently closing it behind her.

The blistering wind hit me harshly. I thankfully was used to the cold weather. Molly grabbed my arm and sprinted through the grass to a small Volkswagen. It was cute and suited Molly.

Molly shoved me into the passenger seat and made her way over to the drivers seat. The engine roared and we drove out of my personal he*ll.

The ride to town was dreadful. Molly warned me over and over again about being seen by any pack members. She told me that she would call me which made me roll my eyes because I didn’t grab my phone.

“Molly, I don’t even have a phone.” I said in annoyance.

“Shoot! I’ll take you to the store and buy you one.” Molly said as she began to turn into the right lane.

“Molly, I don’t have money.” I pointed out.

Molly giggled and slapped my arm playfully. “Silly, I will buy you one.”

I shook my head instantly. “I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“You’re not asking, I am demanding.” Molly said in a stern voice.

I never really thought that Molly would be someone so thrilling, someone willing to do something so reckless and dangerous but I guess you really shouldn’t judge people on how they look or sometimes act.

Molly pulled into an empty parking space and instructed me to stay in the car in case any werewolves were in town. It was dark out so I am surprised that the store was even open.

A half an hour later Molly exited the store and returned to the car with a bag in her hands. “I got you the Iphone Seven, I hope that is alright.”

I wanted to decline the kind gift but I knew that Molly wouldn’t take no for an answer and that I needed the phone to keep in touch. I felt awful but Molly assured me that it was alright and that she wanted me to have the phone.

I took the box out of the bag and lifted up the lid to the box. I gently took the phone out of the box and examined it closely. It was black and very similar to my IPhone six, but it did have its differences.

Molly drove away from the store to a hotel that looked fairly decent.

“Why are we here?” I asked Molly curiously.

“You will be staying here for the night. I will pay for it and everything and before you try to decline I will not take no for an answer.” Molly said sternly.

I sighed at the young girl but reluctantly got out of her car and walked next to her to the entrance of the hotel.

“Now, I will be bringing you some clothes tomorrow so make sure to have your phone charged. Also, don’t answer any unknown calls, my number is already programmed in there.” Molly explained as she and I walk to the front desk to the receptionist.

“Hello, welcome to Irea’s hotel, how may I help you?” The woman asked politely.

“Hi, I need a room for one.” Molly said as she grabbed her credit card from her back pocket.

“Of course, here is your card, your room is two-seventeen.” The receptionist said as she handed Molly the card as Molly handed the lady her credit card. The lady swiped it and handed it back to Molly.

Molly lead me to my room and opened the door for me. “Please be careful and don’t try and do anything reckless.”

I nodded and hugged Molly gently before she was on her way.

I was once again alone, with the darkness as my only source of company.

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