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The Story of Astronus

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it's a story that revolves around a world created by the horoscope and the Chinese zodiacs colliding.

Fantasy / Scifi
Scotty Luman
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Chapter 1

A long time ago in a far distant universe, there were these two great big space rocks with this odd circle turning separately from the rest of the rock. There was a comet of Astrologite and a meteor for Astronomium. And one day these two great rocks collided on the amazingly astronomically impossible chance...circle to circle. That colliding of the great circles caused a spark of life to happen and this spark turned the collision into a great world of adventure called Astronus. This world was filled with many odd creatures as a result of the 24 great beasts called the zodiacs colliding. The zodiacs were divided in half and were named after the two great rocks. They were the Astrologites and the Astronomiums. The circle on the meteor of Astronomium contained the great beasts of Astronomy. There was the mighty ox Brutus, the cunning rat Jerald, the fierce tiger Bengale who just goes by Benny, the wise dragon Drakun, the speedy rabbit Anima, the sly snake Serpentus, the horse Hippus, the blessed sheep Yewlia who loved knitting sweaters out of her infinite wool, the proud rooster James, the goofy little monkey Nofun who had 3 brothers Hearno Ebil, Seeno Ebil, and Speekno Ebil and their troublesome cousins Hearno Gud, Seeno Gud, and Speekno Gud, the pig who always knew where to find the best of the best edibles named Glutus, and the best friend any hunter could want the dog Blutzen. And that great comet of Astrologite’s circle contained the beasts of Astrology. They are Aries the ram, Libra the Librarian who was rather scaly like a reptilian, Taurus the bull-headed minotaur, the two headed Jimenai, the leader who ruled with Drakun the mighty lion Leo, there was the beautiful Vergo, the feared and fierce scorpion Scorpius, the satyr named Capry Kornus, the lords of the seas Pis and his brother Cecil and their father Aquarian and their servant the very snappy crab-man named Canny, and there’s the greatest hunter in all of Astronus by the name of Sagit. The collision of the circles is how the planets calendar was created. There is a great volcano at the very equator of the planet that once a year, every 4th of Aquarian; the volcano has a great explosion of smoke that forms an animal of astronomy to tell the population of Astronus what the year shall be. The volcano doesn’t always do the basic 12 animals it could also be something similar. Like instead of a tiger it could be a leopard or cheetah. The calendar has 12 months named after the Astrologites, Aries, Libra Taurus, Jimenai, Leo, Vergo, Scorpius, Capry Kornus, Pisces (the brothers), Aquarian, Canny, and Sagit. In the Earth calendar March 21 to April 18 would be the month of Aries, April 20 to May 20 is the month of Taurus, May 21 to June 20 is the month of Jimenai, June 21 to July 22 is the month of Canny which...much to his dislike....is started with a crawfish broil (an idea of the brothers Pis and Cecil), July 23 to September 22 is the month of Vergo, September 23 to October 22 is the month of Libra, October 23 to November 21 is the month of Scorpius, November 22 to December 21 is the month of Sagit which is the best time to do any hunting even if it’s hunting berries, December 22 to January 19 is the month of Capry Kornus, January 20 to February 18 is the month of Aquarian, and February 19 to March 20 is the month of Pisces. The month of Pisces always starts off with a worldwide celebration called the feast of brothers. This is a time where every feud is solved or at least discussed. All solved problems whether it is during the feast or not, the Astrons, population of Astronus, write down the entirety of the problem from both sides and bury it along with a handmade hatchet made by the feuders. Today is Aquarian 9th, in the year of the great rooster.

The Alliance of the Serpios and Scorpents

Since the beginning of Astronus many of the Astrons have been warring over territory. Many of the Astrons are what they call the “collision offspring of the great ones”. Among these offspring, the least liked and least trusted are the Serpios and the Scorpents, the children of Scorpius and Serpentus. Serpios are Astrons who have the head and upper body of snake the claws, legs and tail of a scorpion. Scorpents are belly crawlers like serpents and they have venomous fangs and giant claws like scorpions. Over the many years, the Serpios, Scorpents, Serpents, and Scorpions have been working together to defend their great desert home, the Desert of Reptilia Arachnidae. This vast desert is home to more than just snakes and scorpions. It also houses many types of reptiles and arachnoids. For many centuries, the desert was split in half between the kingdom of Serpentus, and the den of Scorpius. Many generations of the descendants have been having many council meetings with the great ones to combine their territories as one and create an alliance between the reptilians and arachnoids. And on one such council meeting they came to an agreement. Heterometrus Mamba, a very large Serpio who had both claws and the arms of man. He was a two tailed Serpio with the head of a black mamba and the body of an emperor scorpion. He is the current leader of the Serpios. Heterometrus raised his great claw and brought it down on the stone table with a hiss. In his booming hiss like voice, he said “My brothers and sisters, and my lords Serpentus and Scorpius, we all have been hunted and exiled from society since the beginning. Why should we exile ourselves from each other?” The council members muttered, hissed and chatted to one another for a minute at that question. Empress Empereldussa, a very beautiful creature for being the mix of Scorpius and Serpentus, had emerald scales, fifty snakes for hair, and two great big claws and very feminine but strong arms like humans. She was born with the gift to re-grow her fangs like scorpions do their stingers. She is the current queen of the Scorpents, raised a claw and hissed, “He is right, we have been exiled and un-trusted for so long. Why, my lords, can’t we join together in an alliance of the desert? We already work so well together.” The great lords looked at each other and Serpentus hissed in approval. Scorpius clicked his claws and in his booming raspy voice said to the council, “We have heard your questions and comments. And we have come to the agreement with all of you. As of this day forward, As of Aquarian 10th, in the year of the great rooster, The Desert of Reptilia Arachnidae shall be not two territories, but one great country. We, the exiled ones, shall be one great people. Yes, we have our differences. But we are one now. We stand together in our exile or we fall to our death.” A great hiss and loud shout of approval and cheer rose through the room. Serpentus suddenly had a wide-eyed look on his face, and with a great hiss he raised his head. In his deep hiss of a voice, he said “Assssss eeeeryonnnne knowwsssss, to make thissss official, it musssst be taken before Leo and Drakun. And that alone issss no eassssy tassssk. You must crosssss great foresssstsss and fieldssss. And their thrones are in a castle near the basssse of the great volcano. Arrrrre you up to it, kiiiiing of the Sssserpiosss and Queeeenn of the Ssssscorpentssss??” Heterometrus Mamba and Empereldussa looked to each other with shock and said with immense confidence in themselves and each other, “Yes Lord Serpentus, we will do it. We, for the good of the alliance, shall not fail you Lord Serpentus and Lord Scorpius.” Scorpius smiled at them and said “It is not just us you shall be failing if this is not approved. It is your brothers and sisters and all of the Desert of Reptilia Arachnidae. First you must cross the forest of Taur, the home of the centaurs and Minotaurs, the domain of Taurus and Brutus. Then at the Eastern edge of the forest head south at Demonus’ cross roads. Take the southern road to the bay and convince Davey Azrael to give you passage on his ship across the sea of Pis. Make port at Captain Jack Crow’s lagoon. And head east to through the greater forest that is the hunting grounds of Sagit and Blutzen. Cross James and Glutus’ farm and wade across Cecil’s fishing river. Finally take the Northern path at Anima’s field and that will take you to Leo and Drakun’s castle guarded by Benny’s sister who everyone knows has a stone pillow she loves to smack intruders with. Get past her and you’ll get to Leo and Drakun’s throne room in the Northern wing.”

The Trip through the Forest of Taur

Heterometrus Mamba and Empereldussa decided to meet the next day at the border between the Kingdom of Serpentus and the den of Scorpius. They went back to their own mansions in their separate domains to gather necessities for the trip and get some much needed rest. The next morning at dawn when the great phoenix of the sky rose to shine his light for the day, the king of the Serpios and queen of the Scorpents met at the cafe in the middle of no man’s land where they agreed to begin their journey. The trip to the Eastern edge of the desert was no easy trip, even for the exiled. The only water in the entire desert is the Lone Oasis which is a giant swamp home to Gustave II the giant crocodile. His swamp was no easy cross either. Never knowing when Gustave will pop up like a bridge troll. Lucky for the king and queen, Gustave is actually Empereldussa’s cousin from her mother’s side. So Gustave happily gave them passage and provided a way across for Heterometrus. At the edge of the forest they met the guard who was a very wise centaur. “I am Centus the Centurion Centaur Sentry. I have been guarding this forest from the exiles for a hundred years. What reason should I let you two exiles cross into our home?” Heterometrus and Empereldussa respectfully bowed their head and said ’We are seeking passage to go before the great kings Leo and Drakun. We have an alliance proposition for them. We want to form an alliance between the Serpios and the Scorpents.” Centus gasped at the thought of this alliance but decided to let them pass. “I doubt that the kings will allow this alliance but you may pass. Be warned, Taurus and Brutus see all that happens in this forest. It is a great trip across our home, but you may pass.” They graciously thanked him and continued into the forest. The great phoenix of the sky was beginning to descend and give way to the Empress of the night, Safirluna. “It’s getting late. We should stop and make camp.” Heterometrus said to Empereldussa. “Why don’t we just keep going? I’d rather not stop in this forest.” Empereldussa suggested. “You know the stories of Safirluna, don’t you?” He asked. She shook her head. “Safirluna is the best songstress in all of Astronus. And all night she sings lullabies from all over Astronus and beyond. And anyone who travels during the night must bow and compliment her singing. If you don’t there’s an excellent chance you will mysteriously die or disappear the next day.” Heterometrus said. “What do you mean mysteriously die?” Empereldussa asked. “One traveler was on an urgent mission and didn’t stop to bow and compliment her. The next day his heart exploded overheated. Another group of travelers were migrating out of the northern ice kingdom. Only one of them stopped to bow and compliment her singing. The next day everyone but that one man mysteriously disintegrated, turned to dust in the wind.” Heterometrus explained. Empereldussa’s eyes widened and she quickly said, “You’re right. I’ll go gather fire wood and stones to keep it contained while you dig a fire pit.” He nodded and knelt down to dig as she slithered off to gather campfire supplies. About 15 minutes later, Heterometrus heard a loud shriek in the distance and quickly went to see what happened, as it sounded like Empereldussa was in trouble. Heterometrus found her tied up surrounded by Minotaurs and centaurs armed with bows and spears. A thunderous hoof beat came their way off in the distance as Taurus and Brutus came to see what an exile was doing in their forest. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR FOREST?” Boomed Taurus. “We...are...on our way...to see...the great Lords.” Empereldussa hissed and struggled against her bonds. “What do the likes of you two want to see the Great ones for? Some sort of treachery I bet.” Heterometrus and Empereldussa hissed to themselves at the hatred. “We want to beseech the Great Lords for permission to form an alliance between the Serpios and the Scorpents, to make the Desert of Reptilia Arachnidae one territory instead of two harmonious countries.” Hissed Heterometrus. The taurs all gasped and scoffed at the thought of that alliance. All of Astronus wanted to keep the serpents, scorpions, Serpios, and Scorpents as separate entities, fearing that an alliance could cause more chaos than they already had by trying to over throw the Great Ones, as Scorpius and Serpentus did two hundred years ago. “WE WOULDN’T WANT THAT ALLIANCE!? Boomed Taurus. “It’s worth a shot...not that the Great Ones would ever allow it.“Brutus said with a chuckle. Bull headed as he was Taurus agreed to let them rest in the forest for the night. “You may rest here for the night. BUT BE OUT OF THIS FOREST BY NOON TOMORROW!? Boomed Taurus. “Untie this...thing.” Sneered Taurus. The centaur grunts untied Empereldussa and they all thundered off to their camps. “You ok, sister?’Heterometrus asked. “Yes, that flat hoofed yak of a bull saw me gathering stones and called to his men to tie me up.“Heterometrus chuckled and helped her gather up the stones and sticks they needed to make their camp fire. He placed a few of the more rough stones along the inside of the circle and struck his stinger on them causing a spark. “We’d better get some rest if we are going to make it out of here by noon.” Suggested Empereldussa. Heterometrus nodded and lowered himself onto his belly and went to sleep. And Empereldussa silently coiled and lowered her head to sleep. The next morning before she awoke, Heterometrus gathered a few robin’s eggs, cherries, and blackberries from the surrounding trees. For not wanting to wander too far off into the forest. And proceeded to cook the eggs and berries for breakfast for the both of them. Empereldussa awoke at the smell of the eggs and berries. “We have a long trip out of the woods, we need our strength.”Heterometrus smiled at Empereldussa and handed her a flat stone with eggs and berries on it. After their breakfast they both rose and proceeded east out of the forest. “Did you bring something precious beyond compare to trade Demonus for passage of the cross roads?“She smiled and pulled out this bright shining snake skin. “I brought the best and first emerald snake skin I shed when I was young. Did you?? He pulled out a huge blade that was sharper than anything Empereldussa had ever seen. “I brought a scimitar made from my stingers. And it still produces venom too.” He stabbed a bird on a branch with it and it fell to the ground as black as the night sky. He smiled with a light chuckle. “Remind me never to get on your bad side.“Empereldussa said with a fanged smile. They returned their precious gifts to their bags and continued east.

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