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The Forgotten Wolf

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Everly Peters is an ordinary girl, or so she thinks. After the death of her father she learns that she is a werewolf, but the only one in her family. She turned into her wolf, Storm, at a young age. Everly has kept it a secret from everyone, including her mother and brotherEverly Peters is an ordinary girl, or so she thinks. After the death of her father she learns that she is a werewolf, but the only one in her family. She turned into her wolf, Storm, at a young age. Everly has kept it a secret from everyone, including her mother and brother James. Just being twelve and a loner in her school, until a new girl starts school. Kayla, who has her own secret, befriends Everly and they become inseparable. After the first week of school comes to an end, Everly decides to shift into Storm and goes for a run while everyone was out. Storm gets trapped and was helped by another werewolf. Everly was shocked. Everly ran home, but ended up at Kayla's house who knew who she was. Secrets come out, not only what Kayla is, but also finding out that she is the last of her family's kind and needs to be protected, but also her family who were her family knew about it all. A pack moves close to the human town, and is searching for the wolf that the alpha's son saved. Will Everly find out the truth of what happened and why she was left behind? ****NOT EDITED***** ***FIRST DRAFT***

Fantasy / Children
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“Keep going, keep going,” I muttered, running through the forest.

I looked down at the little bundle in my arms. The blanket was wrapped around her tightly, keeping her warm.

I knew I needed to get her away from there. If they knew about her, they would kill her.

I kept running, but I knew someone was following me, but they were further away.

I moved my eyes from the bundle and looked forward. I needed to make sure no one found her. The forest clearing became focused, and I knew we were closer to the human town.

The road came into focus as I stepped out. I needed to find somewhere safe. The human town was only a few feet away.

I slowed my running, bringing myself to a walk.

I walked into town and held the bundle tighter to me. Looking around the whole town, my eyes land on a church.

I looked around but noticed two men walking into town. You could tell they weren’t human just by how they looked. They were bigger than most of the humans I walked past.

I turned toward the church and walked over.

I climbed the few steps to the church and pulled open the door with the other hand.

I walked in, and the door closed behind me, hitting the back of my legs hard.

I looked around, but no one was around, not even the priest.

I started to walk down the aisle and scan the church. It was old but small flowers on each windowsill and statues of random representations of something. I could figure them out, but I have more important things to worry about, like the little bundle in my arms.

I got to the front of the church and stopped—a stand with candles placed around it stood in the corner. A few candles were lit; I walked over and stood before them.

A tear slides down my cheek as all the emotions of today flood through me.

I glanced down at the bundle, who was sucking on her fingers.

I smiled as her eyes were beginning to open. “You’re safe,” I whispered, bringing her closer to my lips. I place a small kiss on her tiny nose.

I move her down and cradle her into me. I stared at the candles, watching the flames flicker.

I could hear movement, but I didn’t acknowledge him. He was human, and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

“You can light one if you want,” he said.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

I knew I had to do it; I needed her safe.

I opened my eyes and turned around slowly. There in front of me was a small man, a priest.

The man smiled. “I’m Father Paul,” he said. “Is there something I can help you with?”

I could feel another tear slide down my face, but I cleared my throat. “I need your help,” I said in a strangled voice. “I need you to take my baby and keep her safe.”

The man’s smile fades as he glances at the child in my arms. “Why would you...” he said, but I cut him off. “I am in big trouble, and there’s a man after me. He wants to hurt my child,” I said, lying through my teeth. “She’s not his child.”

The priest looks at me and sighs. “You’re not human,” he said, which startled me. I looked at him with wide eyes. “How do you know…” I said.

The priest puts his hand up to stop me from talking. “You are not the first wolf we have seen here,” he said. “I think you need to leave.”

“Please,” I begged. “There are hunters out to kill me and want my child. They think...” I started to say, but I had to stop myself. If anyone knows who I am, they will use her against me.

I sighed. “She’s special,” I said. “I need someone who can look after her, someone who knows about my kind and who is willing help me.”

The priest looks at me and frowns. “There is no one in...” he says but stops abruptly. He looked at me and glanced at the door. “Go into that door there,” he said, pointing behind me.

I didn’t think anything of it and turned around and walked to the door.

I walked in but closed it quickly. I leaned on the door but glanced down at the bundle.

I couldn’t help but smile at the sight before me. She was asleep.

I heard a door open, and there were voices.

I listened to what was being said, but I recognized the voice. He was after me.

“Has a woman come in here with a child,” the man bellowed. He must have been by the door that you come into.

“No one has been in here tonight,” said the priest.

“You sure old man?” Yelled the man.

“I’m sure I might be old, but I always know when someone comes in here,” he said.

My heart was beating hard in my chest.

“Well, if a woman comes here, please let us know,” the man shouted.

I waited a few moments, and the big door that opened to the church slammed shut. I heard footsteps coming towards the door, and I moved away quickly.

The priest walks in and looks at me. “We don’t have long,” he said. “I know someone who can help you. They have been trying for another baby but have had no luck conceiving.”

I stared at him. The priest searches my face but lets out a loud sigh. “I don’t usually help wolves, but that man is well known around here, and if he wants to harm the child like you say he does, then I will help. The child is innocent in all this.”

I nodded.

“I will contact the family and see if they will come to the church now,” he said.

The priest walks over to his desk and picks up the phone. He talks to someone, but it is all in whispers. After a few moments, the priest puts the phone down and looks at me. “They will be here soon.”

I didn’t say anything, only nodded.

“I have some soup in the kitchen,” he said. “Would you like some?”

All I could do was nod.

The priest motions his hand for me to follow him, and I do. We head straight to the kitchen; as soon as you walk in through the door, you are hit with the strong smell of tomatoes. My stomach growls loud, which makes the priest laugh.

“I will get you a bowl,” he said. “It’s tomato soup.”

I walked over to the table and sat down.

The priest dishes a few spoonsful of soup into a small bowl and walks over to me. He places the bowl in front of me and hands me a spoon.

I move the baby in my arms, but he frowns. “Let me hold her,” he said.

I nodded, and he took her out of my arms.

I start to eat, but I keep my eyes trained on the priest.

“She is an adorable little thing,” he said. “What’s her name?”

I was about to tell him, but the door to the kitchen opened. There stood a man and a woman. The man was holding a small boy in his arms and looked no older than three.

They stared at the priest and then at me.

“Ah, you made it,” said the priest.

The priest got up and walked over to the woman, who had her eyes on the baby in his arms.

My heart aches as she shows love toward her, but looking at the baby would melt anyone’s heart. She was a cute baby.

The priest smiled at them, but he turned to look at me. “These are the Peter’s,” he said.

All of the family looked at me, and I nodded.

I couldn’t open my mouth to speak.

“This young lady needs someone to take in her child,” he said, his eyes never leaving mine. “I will state that she is a werewolf.”

I looked at the woman, whose eyes were still on the baby.

But I could feel the man stare. “Is the baby a...” he said, but I cut him off. “She is a werewolf, but she won’t have her wolf till she’s about twelve.”

He nodded.

“I can give you a crash course on everything you need to know,” I said. “But I need you to do one thing for me, and it’s important.”

The man stares at me, but it is the woman who speaks next. “What do you want us to do?” She asked.

I looked at the priest and then at the family. “I will agree to let you take her, but you have to promise me that you will leave this town and go far away,” I said. “There are people after her and me; if they get wind that she is here, this town will be swarmed with wolves, and they won’t stop till they get her.”

The man stared at me.

After a few long seconds, the man nodded. “Ok, we will leave,” he said. “But what about you?”

I looked at him, feeling slightly conflicted.

“I will head in a different direction; I have family in the north that will help me,” I said with a small smile. “I can’t let them know about her either.”

“Why is that?” Asked the priest as he handed the baby over to the woman.

“I can’t say, but if they find out about her, they will use her too,” I said. “Can I have a piece of paper, please?”

The priest nodded. He left the kitchen and came back moments later with a piece of paper and pen.

He handed them to me, and I began to write.

After half hour, I looked up and folded the papers in half. I wrote instructions down for the parents, but I also wrote a letter to her; she needed to know I did this to protect her.

The family was now gathered around the table. My eyes landed on the baby, who was smiling.

A tear slid down my face at the sight of her.

I looked over and caught the woman staring at me; she placed a small smile on her lips. She got up and walked over to me.

I watched as the woman knelt before me, wiping away the tear. “She will be safe with us,” she said. “We will protect her; all of us will.”

I nodded as her finger touched my cheek. I couldn’t help but lean into her touch. I haven’t had someone be so loving toward me.

“I have to ask this, but what about the child’s father,” asked the man. I turned to look at him.

My heart beats faster as an image of him floods my mind. My wolf whimpers at his mere mention, even if his name wasn’t mentioned.

“Her father won’t come for her,” I said. “We were never meant to be; the family I was on about that I’m going to are his family. They are powerful, but they are no match for the hunters. They are not only hunting my kind, but they are using others to do their bidding.”

The man nodded.

I looked at the woman and handed her the folded papers. “I have written everything you need to know about my kind, and I have also written a letter to her. Please give this to her when she is sixteen,” I asked her.

The woman nodded and took the papers out of my hands.

I sighed and got out of the chair.

I stared at the baby, but after a few seconds, I turned around and walked toward the back entrance. “You don’t have to...” said the priest. But I stopped in my tracks. “You lied to those men about me, and I will go out the back way.”

I looked toward the family and smiled. “Make sure you leave,” I said to them, and they all nodded.

I was about to walk out when the woman called out. “You never mentioned what her name is,” she said.

I stood rooted to the spot, and I had a name.

I looked over my shoulder, and a tear slipped my eye.

“Everly,” I said. “Her name is Everly.”

I walked out of the church and shifted into my wolf.

My wolf was a mess, but we needed to leave. We needed to be away from her, and she needed to be protected and safe.

There will be a time when she will need me to be back in her life, but I know I have made the right decision about this.

Her father agreed with me. We didn’t trust his family, and there were a lot of lies within them.

Everly needed to be protected.

And this was our only way to ensure she was.

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