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The Secret Dreams of Newborn Wings

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When the rural village of Fellstowne Virginia takes on a new Lieutenant Detective by the name of Jhonnie Adams, things aren't quite what they seem. Three mental patients have purportedly escaped by the most improbable of means from the local Insane Asylum, leaving the staff and Lieutenant Detective Adams baffled and scrambling for clues. When a young girl, Charlie May Byrd, encounters an odd homeless man who appears to be making a living doing kind works that are entirely unnoticed by others, magic begins to unfold in a totally unexpected way. But, something sinister lurks in the old forest behind the Towne Hall Square. A malignant evil long since buried within a ring of fossilized white aspen trees begins to rear its ugly head, settling its baleful gaze upon the unsuspecting townsfolk. Will love and forgiveness be enough to overcome all odds?

Fantasy / Mystery
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The gun metal grey of the sloped Virginian skyline matched the bleakness of the new Lieutenant Detective's mood almost perfectly.

"I'm telling you Mister Johnnie, sir–" began the wide eyed and pale faced Security Guard, Officer Strickland, only to be interrupted.

"Detective Adams. If you please." Lieutenant Jhonnie cut in, frowning. Something about the people in this town… He couldn't put his finger on it exactly, but there was definitely something odd about the way everyone treated him.

More odd than the typical brand of mostly subtle racism he encountered in the workforce that is. Being the only black man in the Fellstowne Police Department definitely had its drawbacks. Like being the one most likely to be sent out for the coffee and donuts for example.

Still, there was something more than just discrimination going on here behind the strained smiles and averted eyes he saw when passing on the street. Something secretive. Murky.

It gave him the creeps.

Raindrops petered gusting against the taut fabric of the Lieutenant Detective's umbrella as he leveled his disparaging gaze once again at the shivering Security Officer before him.

The man appeared to be staring directly through him, the faded blue ring of his irises flickering as if he were reading some invisible script.

Delayed shock response to a trauma. Reliving something terrible evidently.

"Officer Strickland." He said the older man's name firmly and the man blinked, breaking free of his reverie.

"Yes, sir. Detective sir." The SecurityOfficer nodded and swiped at the rain dribbling down his chin, "I meant exactly what I said. That young man done sprouted beetle wings and buzzed clear off the roof of our facility.'

'Took two other mental patients with him as it goes. In the midst of a real bona fide hurricane. I mean a real tropical fiesta, Johnnie sir. Frightfully turgid. Almost bodacious, really. I know how ludicrous it sounds but I swear by my own peepers I witnessed some kind of abnormality of existence manifest itself between the time of one thirty-seven and two AM on the dot, Johnnie, er, Mister Detective Adams sir."

Lieutenant Detective Adams simply stared at the other man blankly for a moment. Processing. Then he rubbed his creased forehead and sighed. Made a little shooing motion with his fingers.

This had been the third witness to have claimed the same exact story. All specifically between the stated time slot as well.

What in the world was he supposed to make of this horseshit?

"Thanks for your help, Officer Strickland." He said drily, "I'll let you know if we need anything more, okay? Go on inside and dry off."

The man nodded and slouched off towards the shabby faced multilevel reddish brick building to their left. Lieutenant Jhonnie followed the departing Security Officer with his eyes, taking in the prickly looking rows of black iron bars that encased every window. He could just barely hear the din of burning chatter and mindless screaming from inside.

The Fellstowne Mental Reformatory for the Insane and Disordered. Of all the places to be during the coldest hours before dawn on a rainy night such as this. The recently hired Detective shivered.

He took one last long look at the grimy, ivy swathed front of the old, derelict building and sighed, shaking his head.

"The boys back at HQ will never believe this one." He muttered grimly to himself as he took off, ambling slowly back to his Police Cruiser, "Might as well tell them that Santa Claus broke into Fort Knox."

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