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By Kevin James Bell All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


A fairy once told me that if I believed hard enough, I would feed the magic mushroom in the enchanted forest, and all the dreams of Eden would come true.


The evil and greed of mankind caused a nuclear war. Blinding flashes of light were followed by colossal explosions. The tremendous force of the blasts sucked up gigantic clouds of ash and debris, that swelled and billowed like mountainous mushrooms.

The Lord looked down from Heaven, and showed his wrath. He brought his vengeance and retribution down on the very heart of man. Famine and plague struck the Earth. The ground rotted and cracked, and the land shook and heaved. Titanic fires raged from the cracks in the ground, and the piercing heat melted rocks and stones. Lands became as one, and rivers turned to blood.

Tornadoes and hurricanes tore the landscape. Thunder roared and lightning cracked, all over the darkened sky. Scorching deserts spread across the Earth. Volcanoes erupted, hurling up choking clouds of dense boiling ash, that flooded across the sky.

A tiny nine-year-old child magically survived the destruction. Her name, Eve.

Suddenly the Lord noticed her on her knees, trembling with fear, her hands clenched tightly in prayer. Grief and anguish tore his heart.

The Lord raised his hands to his face, and cried out, “O my child, what have I done! I have deserted you in your darkest hour.”

A single tear drop rolled down the Lord’s face, and fell through the sky. A gap appeared in the choking clouds of dense boiling ash, and the sun’s piercing rays cast through once more upon the Earth. A magical rainbow of glitter formed in the clearing in the clouds. Tiny stars of every colour gently glistened within the rainbow.

Eve looked up in amazement, her eyes transfixed on the glittering rainbow. The Lord’s magical tear drop descended splashing into her eye. She closed her eyes, to stop the intense burning from the magical tear. A calm warm feeling of peace and tranquillity came over her. She felt existence and nothingness.

Eve opened her eyes. A billion years had passed.

She looked around her. Then she clenched her hands tightly together, pleading and begging the Lord, “Release me from this Hell.”

The Earth was no more.

A new age was dawning, for this was the age of Eden.

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