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Bad Wolf

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A discovery of supernatural, a school where all kinds of creatures lurk. A love story between two natural enemies and a journey to know ones self.

Fantasy / Romance
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The place

The road had tired me more than I had initially thought. Mrs. Doyle kept talking, no matter how attentive I tried to be, all I could hear was "hush hush hush and then hush hush". I tried to urge her to leave, but she had sat comfortably on my bed and was talking to me while I pretended to unpack. I had begun to tell myself that if I have been more vigilant, I could have found someone else to show me where the room was.

But what was I saying, I was broken, I didn't think it was possible to be on my feet anymore.

"And honestly by the time I get to the city I get bored, good thing this place is always full. And the guy who brings the dairy is a sweety. If you want me to introduce you to him, let me know."

I had given up trying to listen to her or get her to leave already and Miss Doyle would have continued if the front door hadn't been slammed shut. A storm had raged in the room. A girl about the same age as mine gives the guest a cold look.

"Miss Doyle, you are called to the reception!" she said, waving her hand as a sign of 'Goodbye!'. Mrs. Doyle haughtily rose from the bed, set down her navy suit and waved a warm goodbye, I could only give her a smile in return. Immediately, the girl who had so quickly dismissed the uninvited guest extended her hand to me:

"Rogue Arwin!"

"Chloe Raymond", I answered shaking her hand.

"Doyle is a real broken mill and you can only get rid of her by sending her off, although it is good to have her on your side." She spoke as if he had known that lady for a long time, maybe she was 2nd year, whatever was possible.
"I suppose you don't have it!"

Rogue smiled guiltily.

"I arrived yesterday, I looked for someone to help me but there was only her, after two hours of " iada iada" I left the room closing the door behind me. I plead guilty!"

I tried not to make an immediate first impression of my roommate, but it was impossible. She wasn't paying attention, she was playing the cards; maybe it was out of negligence or maybe she had nothing to hide. Anyway, I knew for sure that if there was something that would bother her about me, she would tell me. I just hoped not in a horrible way.

"If she does that every time, it means that no one can stand her, right?"

It was logical indeed, if she didn't like those who wouldn't let her talk as long as she could, and no one could do it, so she wouldn't swallow anyone.

"Mmm I did 'research', the Carson's are their favorite."

"Carson...but yesterday?" I was starting to stutter. She sure knew a lot of things. And it was certainly not difficult for her to find out. She was really beautiful and I was sure she already knew how to use that asset.

"Everyone knows them. Their father is the deputy director and a history teacher, so I can't escape her here either", she adds, scrunching up her nose. "Anyway, there are two boys and a girl, all brothers and a protégé, you know, but they say that the big brother and the protégé are together!" She said those last words as if it were a funny secret. "And how was the flight?"

"Terrible." I had limited myself to just one word because if I let go of my mouth, I would only finish in half an hour. Seeing that I was too tired to talk among the girls, she went to the closet and got a towel.

"I'm going to take a bath!"

So that would be my roommate, Rogue. She was definitely one of those people who wants to know everything about everyone and doesn't miss anything. The short, curly and blond hair with those big blue eyes detonated the personality from afar. In high school with such a personality she could easily become a cheerleader or be in the school magazine. But I had plenty of time to hear her stories about the precious high school. Suddenly I felt Reilly tired. I went to the mirror between the two beds. Under my brown eyes I already had signs that I didn't sleep very well on the plane, and strands were coming out of my yellow headband. The brown hair no longer looked combed at all. The nice clothes that my mother had insisted I wear were wrinkled, and I certainly didn't smell of perfume or deodorant. But at that time I didn't care anymore. I took off my headband and took the elastic from my wrist, tying it into a sloppy bun. I sat in bed without bothering to wrap myself and everything went black.

No dreams, no nightmares, no thoughts...tart writing here…

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