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Action / Fantasy


The power of the elements, and our soul guardians: two gifts that every one of the 6 royal bloodlines was given when they turned 8 years of age. For each bloodline, the elemental ability was different. For the Van Halen bloodline, the power of fire was granted. Fire was extremely powerful, but its drawback was that it was consuming. They say the power was tied to your will, the second you decided to use it for evil purposes it turned on you. A black curse mark would appear first on the back of your neck, and then grow until it spiraled around your eye. Once your eye turned red you were gone. No longer yourself, people had claimed.

Next was the Castshire bloodline, given the power of electricity. Electricity was fast and once a person was struck with it, they likely were never to recover. The drawback here was electricity’s instability. Release too much of its power at once and the electric shock could kill you. Any who were lucky enough to survive the drawback, well they lost the ability to walk, and were doomed to spend the rest of their lives wheelchair bound.

After this there was the Terrador bloodline, given the power of earth. No other element took so much strength to master. Earth was called up using the power of one’s soul to connect with the earth and grant the user enough strength to wield the ability. The drawback here was the physical exertion. After wielding too much of this element at once, the user usually fainted or lost consciousness. They always ended up bed ridden for days at a time, but once they woke up and their strength was built back they were fine.

The next royal family was the Nightchase bloodline, endowed with the power of darkness. This element was dangerous, the more it was used, the closer you came to losing your humanity. Unlike most elemental drawbacks, this one took its toll daily. It’s said if one is born a Nightchase they are plagued by nightmares and evil spirits. It’s also rumored that the first Nightchase had made a deal with a darkling that he’d continue his bloodline in exchange for more power. Sure darkness was the most potent of elements but with more power came more responsibility. The Nightchase family was shunned by the other 5 bloodlines, and because of this most of their family had become recluses, hardly ever leaving the castle. To see a Nightchase out and about, without the cover of the night, was a rare case indeed. They were doomed to a life of fear and many had lost their mind thanks to the evil spirits that followed them.

Granted to the Caldier bloodline was the power of Wind. It doesn’t sound that powerful but it is. The Caldier bloodline not only controlled the air but also controlled the weather, able to make storms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and sandstorms. The drawback here was that if you lose control of the element, disaster would be the result. From drought, to famine, to a full blow ice age, any catastrophe like this and the Caldier’s were the ones to blame. See the Caldier’s element was unstable like the Castshire’s was, but if one released too much of this element at once and for too long a time, that’s when they were in trouble.

Lastly was the Rivvalen bloodline, granted the power of Water. These included the power of ice and the power of healing. They however could not make storms, rain or blizzards like the Caldier bloodline could. The drawback here is that they feel everything magnified. Sadness can turn to depression, anger to fury, jealousy to spite, fear to terror, and anxiety to full blown panic. Along with negative emotions others are heightened as well. Protectiveness to Over-protectiveness, Love to crazy about, and loneliness to feeling abandoned.

Because of all the drawbacks, a soul guardian is given to each member of their bloodline when they are 8 as well. These guardians are created with a bond towards their master that almost nothing can break. Their thoughts influence the child, and they are created for the purpose of guiding the child and helping them keep their powers under control. In most cases the child has more power over their guardian, but in some instances the guardian’s will becomes stronger and they become in control. When this happens the guardian can take control of the child’s actions and use their power for their own purposes. Though it’s rare it has happened before. The soul guardians other duties include protecting the child and keeping them stable. In some cases this means if the child’s power gets out of control the soul guardian has the ability to cancel out their power. Likewise if the child is struggling to wield their power the soul guardian can awaken it. If the power is wielded but is not powerful enough to really do anything the soul guardian can charge it and make it more powerful. Without these guardians most children would lose control, some might never awaken their elements, and they would also be in danger without their guardian’s protection. Because of the great bond that each guardian is created with, when the guardian dies so does its master. Likewise if the child dies, the guardian does as well.

A bloodline’s 8th birthday is usually a large event, with people from each great kingdom coming to celebrate. People from the villages of each kingdom also are invited to celebrate, and usually the parties last for 3 whole days. Everyone awaits not only the awakening of the child’s dormant power but also the arrival of their guardian or rather the arrival of the hidden hero known as Calyx.

Originally from a peasant family in Wolf Hollow, Calyx was lost one day. He had become mysteriously ill and the healers could find nothing wrong with him. They tried every remedy they knew and still the boy’s health failed. One day upon coming to try another treatment the healers were baffled to see him gone from his bed. There was no way he could have left in his condition; the boy had been so weak for so long the healers deemed it impossible for him to walk. His parents searched everywhere and could not find their son and after 6 months they gave up. No one could find him, search parties were sent out looking for him from the villages but none prevailed.

After a few years a boy had gone into the Wolf Hollow woods and had found now 18 year old Calyx drinking from a stream. He was in perfect health. The boy had been his best friend and had recognized Calyx instantly. He returned to Calyx’s parents to tell them the news and they were shocked when they heard that their son, who had been gone now for 10 years, was alive. They told the villagers and none believed them claiming it would be impossible for a boy who had been so close to death to have survived this long.

They went out into the woods on their own to find their son, and discovered him living near the stream in an abandoned wolf’s den. They had many questions for their son, but despite their persistent questions he would not tell them anything. Not how he was in perfect health, or how he had survived in these woods alone for so many years. But one thing he did show them would alter the royal bloodlines for ever. He showed him the power he now had. The power of conjuring.

He sat them down and showed them as he molded a turtle from the dirt and how a moment later it had come to life in his palm. They were completely shocked. They had only ever heard of powers from the 6 bloodlines, no peasant had ever been born with gifts. He refused to tell them how he had gained the gift but told them that he was yearning to see the baron, and how it was vital. The family knew that no person, especially a simple peasant was allowed to meet with the baron unless they had special invitation from him. Calyx’s family lived in the Van Halen kingdom’s territory and so they knew that he was the baron they were loyal to and hence needed to meet with.

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