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The Inheritance

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A Vampire boy unknowingly has the inheritance of the most powerful vampire to ever live, The Vampire God, how will he deal with being the king of an entire continent, and most importantly, how will he deal with the people who don’t agree with him being the king?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

“Alex, Alex, wake up!” I hear a voice from my right, I groan in response, fluttering my eyes open just to see a pair of orange ones staring right back at me, “What do you want Ben?” I ask, already annoyed by his pointless screams. “Don’t you remember, todays the day they check everyone's aptitude and their abilities!” He shouts again, ignoring my annoyed expression, I honestly completely forgot about the ceremony, it’s not like I’ll be chosen to be a warrior or a mage anyways, I’d be lucky if I even got a chosen job, unchosen aren’t too rare, taking up at least half of our population, most unchosen have to fight to be able to get a job that can pay well enough for them to be considered middle class, almost all unchosen are at least low to the middle class. I wouldn’t be too surprised if I end up becoming a low-class store tender, making around 50,000 Ylsar a year. “Alright, I’m coming, can you please get out of my room?” I ask my good friend impatiently. “Sure, just make sure you’re ready in 5 minutes, the festival starts in 20!” He screams again, I grimace at him and shoo him away.

I throw on my suit, breathable, and snazzy, it doesn’t inhibit my movement either, kind of like something the great God of Vampires, Alexander the first, would wear, my name is unique, noone else in all of Vraulodura has the same name as me, it’s because it’s the name the Vampire God had, I have no idea who my parents were, and neither does anybody else, the people of Adrax, the city I currently inhabit, and the capital of Vraulodura, usually just leave me be, considering me a freak, I don’t blame them, I have red eyes just like the Vampire God did, and white hair, also just like the Vampire God, it is considered the greatest sin to name your child after the God of Vampires and is punishable by death, to look like him is a blessing, atleast according to the church, I’m the only one who looks like him to, I don’t quite understand why I’m ignored when I look like someone so magnificent and powerful, he sealed all of his power, and his essence, into an ancient artifact, only those with his bloodline and that are worthy enough to wield these things can open it, a festival is held every year, to test if any one will be able to become the next Vampire God, there is only one who can be the next after all, and finding the one out of 5 billion, the population only growing every year, who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Vampire God “Heh” I laugh quietly at myself, a stupid idea, and an ambitious one. Not even the king of all of Vraulodura could access the artifact, if he’s not worthy of gaining the complete bloodline, abilities, and essence of the Vampire God, then nobody is. Perhaps the Vampire God wanted to show all that he is almighty, and made it so no one could gain his power. “Come on!” Ben exclaims, I rush towards him, instantly appearing at his side, “You’re pretty freaky, you know that? Everyone else can run fast and has superhuman strength and all of the other abilities we Vampires have, but you’re an anomaly, you’re at least as strong as generals, and as fast as spies, you’re definitely going to be a strong warrior.” Ben says, not shouting this time, I shrug at him and gesture to the door, signifying I want to leave, he looks at me and nods excitedly, the smile growing on his face again.

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