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The child of the wizard

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A child who got ‘adopted’ by a wizard and his dragon hybrid companion.

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

Long ago, There was an orphanage that helped a very bright child named mágos. She was a curious and considerate child. She would even help the adults at the orphanage and the children. She was sixteen and had nice tan skin with soft short brunette hair. The most noticeable feature is her eyes; she has one blue and the other green with golden hues. Mágos was chilling with her friend Ashley. She and Ashley have been friends since they met at the orphanage. “Did you hear that a Wizard was seen near the woods?” said Ashley. “No, I haven't heard of it, what's so wrong with a wizard? they're pretty cool!” Mágos said with excitement but Ashley seemed surprised “You are not scared of them? But they're dangerous!” said Ashley. Before any of them could say something they heard the alarm. Ashley dragged them to one of the safe rooms “What's wrong Ashley? What's the alarm for?” whispered mágos “Shh there's a wizard here we need to be quiet!” whispered Ashley. After a while of being with Ashley went to take a nap while Mágos decided to go out and check if the wizard was still there and left the safe room and peeked out from the corner and saw him. He was around five foot six and had pale skin with hair that went to the middle of his shoulders. He was wearing brownish pants with a black ribbon on his leg. He was wearing a black shirt that looked like the top of a suit with a red tie and dark brownish that is cape-like and wearing black gloves. There was also someone else with him. He towered over the other guy. The other guy was seven nine with black hair that goes all the way to the middle of his back. It was tied up into a ponytail. He is wearing a tight black shirt that goes up to his neck. The shirt had a hole showing his shoulder and half of his chest. The sleeves are very wavy and white. He's wearing black pants that have a holster on the thigh. "Dang Ashley was right they look terrifying but cool at the same time" then I heard a noise behind me and went to go look. It was Ashley screaming. I went to do something when someone grabbed me, before they did I was able to push Ashley so she was hiding. I turned around to look at who grabbed me. It was the person with black hair! “Master, I have found a subject for you to use." I then saw the guy with white hair. He looked at me and smiled “Good job Ezra'' I guess that's his name Then the short guy came up to me and moved my hair out of my face. “Well, Well what specimen, who might you be?” ‘Who the heck does he think he is to call me that?’ I then looked at him and rolled my eyes at him “I’m Mágos” he then nodded “ Nice to meet you Mágos, I’m Ares and this is my lovely companion Ezra” he then winked at Ezra. As soon as he winked Ezra had a little bit of blush on his face though it wasn’t noticeable then Ares grabbed me roughly by the shirt and pulled me by my shirt. “You are coming home with me, you don’t get a choice if you want to or not ."

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