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The Howl of Claim | Daily update

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1 | Sorridere

I | F r e y a R u t h

Sorridere ( s m i l e )

"You should never change yourself for anyone, Alpha Ruth. You should value your morals and do what is best for your pack. You should own your position." My therapist tells me.

I sigh and gulp another sip of water. Why do I need a therapist again?

Because my Gamma thinks that people's words have affected me over the years about my title, because I have been hell-bent on proving them wrong and not caring about my mental health.

He says that I am still immature.

I mean, okay, I did not have enough time to be prepared for what was being thrown at me, and I did make some irrational decisions, but I did not need a therapist.

"I will see you in our next session," I say instead of giving him a proper closure and stand up after placing the glass back on the oak table and left.

I shut the door quietly behind me.

I was just troubled about the ball tonight - thus seeking my therapist. Every Alpha and Luna will be there with their second and third in command.

Not that I am scared or anything; however, something continues to nag my wolf and me, and it tells me that I should not go . . . But if I don't go, other Alphas will again raise their fingers at me.

And that sucks.

It's stupid when the Male Alphas raise their fingers at me for being the only Female Alpha.

It bruises my ego, but it must bruise their ego because a female has brought her pack to the second rank.

My pack, AshenWoods, is the second rank.

And maybe I have let it get to my head.

I reach my room and begin to get ready reluctantly. I cannot have people pointing fingers anymore at the pack I have worked so hard to raise to the second-best.

I cannot have them looking down at my pack.

But that is still not enough for those bastards. Still not enough.

I pull on the white, velvet dress which complimented my very long ginger hair and bright blue eyes. I pulled on some silver stilettoes and did my makeup.

Since I was a female Alpha - I am constantly judged - I had to always be on my best behavior, and best dressed whenever in someone's company from a different pack.

There had been very few Alphas that had taken me head-on like the Alpha I was - I was not sure about Alpha Alexander, though, who was on the first rank. He, without a doubt, tried to woo me every time he noticed me - and I additionally did not prefer to wait for the day when everyone realizes that This female has rightfully taken her title.

"I lacked something in myself due to which I never got to the top with my pack," I was told this by an elder when my pack climbed up, and I still remember it.

After an hour, I was ready.

"Beta and Gamma, report to the vehicle," I say through my mind link as I get nearer to the vehicle myself.

My Gamma and Beta are both mysterious, but that's what makes them more of a challenge to other packs. As far as I know, they have secret identities that only my father knew - the Alpha before me.

They both have supported me the most.

The cold air of the night nip at my skin, tightening my pores as I wait for the two men. Soon, my Beta and Gamma both seem to make an appearance from the gates.

"My, my Alpha Ruth, going to impress someone?" My Beta said with a sly smile, "Alpha Alexander, I presume." He was awarded a punch on his shoulder by my Gamma.

The benefits of having a Gamma that's so adamant, I don't have to punch anyone.

I am proud to have this guy as my Gamma.

"Can't you see she's fucking nervous?" Okay, I take it back.

"I am not nervous, gentlemen, truly let's go," I say, and we instantly sit in the vehicle, and we all leave for the avenue.

"I would rather have coffee around a fire with my pack, though," I say and sigh. Every Friday night, we had this meeting where all matured wolves would meet us and discuss things.

They were productive, and they also helped us to communicate with each other. I did not want my pack to find it hard to talk to me.

After twenty minutes of driving, we reach the avenue and get off. My Beta takes my right arm while my Gamma takes my left arm, and we three stroll towards the widespread gates, preserving the ball inside.

Who needs a man when you have two dashing second and third in command on either side of you.

"Alpha Ruth," I say when we reach the guard. He checks my name through the list, and when he locates it, he opens the gate with a slight bow.

What for does he even check the list? The ball is for all Alphas, and it would be foolish and stupid if he didn't know I was an Alpha.

Disregarding him, we all three walk in, and I sigh in content when the aroma of food reaches me. Food.

If I had a choice to choose between mate and food, I would always go with food.

"Smile." My Beta nudged me as someone took our picture, and I complied. Of course, I can't look like I am about to murder someone.

I am not nervous.

"You have to own it!" I recall my therapist's words.

"Now, don't smile so big. You look like a creep." I pinch my Gamma, but he doesn't give a reaction.

"Ah! Alpha Freya Ruth, I was waiting for when you will make an appearance." Alpha Alexander came towards me, and I pretend to smile.

Can this guy ever leave me alone?

"Would you mind?" Alpha Alexander pushed his hand forward for me to take, and I raised my eyebrow.

"Do you want to talk about something?" Alpha Alexander straight away retracted his hand. He was a dashing man, if I say so myself, but he has been after me since I climbed to the second rank.

He still hadn't found his mate. You connect the dots.

"Well actually, positive, however in private." I nod, and both my Gamma and Beta move away from us and walk somewhere else.

"Well, do you remember the day when I came to your pack wit-"

"A proposal, yes I do remember, and I clearly remember telling you that I don't desire to be your mate. You will find yours when the time is right." Alexander shakes his head,

"You don't understand. I don't want my mate. I want you."

"Only because I rank second? No, thank you." I start to walk away, but Alexander grabs my hand, and I snarl at him.

"You have ten seconds to let me go and never bother me again." Before I could even start counting, my Gamma and Beta had intruded.

"Let her go." They growled, and I smirked.

"You are making a scene, Alpha - don't take rejection to your heart." I smugly retort, but then again, he only scoffs.

"You are a nobody anyway." He drops my hand, and I am about to drag him by the hair when my Gamma stops me.

"He has been humiliated by facing rejection in front of Alphas with super hearing. End this here, don't create a scene, or more fingers will be pointed at you." I sigh. He was right.

I always have to suppress myself in front of others.

We spend another hour meeting every Alpha and consuming food, and I was tired by now. Eating is exhausting.

Being an Alpha was never easy. Being an Alpha Female at that.

My parents died in a fight against the hunters three years ago, and since I had no male sibling - or any sibling for that matter, I was supposed to take the position. I was only seventeen then.

My pack welcomed me with open arms, but other packs deemed me weak and a couple of times, even attempted an attack, but of course, we won.

My father had taught me enough to know what to do.

Communicate was what he always said - I have been bad at it, though. I cannot communicate with people whenever I am angry or stressed. That's one of the reasons why we do pack meetings every Friday.

I brought our pack to the second-best, and everyone in my pack is happy by the way I do things.

But what I am concerned about is finding a mate. If I find a mate, I will have to go with him and give up everything I worked for and, to be honest, I didn't want to.

I am a dominant female, A strong female, and an independent female.

I don't want my mate to come and ruin all of that for me.

I am an Alpha, and I have to own it. I cannot let a male just stroll in my life and mark me his. No way in hell would I allow that.

And I am hell-bent on that.

But there was still a chance that I find a mate with a lower rank, so he would have to move in with me. My fate could be suitable for all I know.

I was standing near a massive window with my Beta and Gamma when progressively, the most delicious smell invaded my nostrils. I could not describe it.

It was unique, mouth-watering, and senses-shattering—my sense shattering.

I nearly coughed at how overbearing it was to me.

Everyone in the room turned towards the entrance to see three men. Largely built, probably 6 feet and 3 inches, or I don't know.

They were Lycans, that much I could tell by the surprising silence and the vast power radiating off of them in waves.

Talk about fashionably late.

In the middle stood the Lycan king - I was sure by his built, glare and air of secrecy around him - and the moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was my mate.

My fate has been sealed.

My wolf jumped happily in my head and pushed me towards him, but I held my ground and looked for the closest exit.

Right now, my face had an expression resembling a burdened infant about to cry. The thing I feared came strolling in my life, literally.

This could not happen. At least not now. Not when I am still growing my pack.

While everyone cowers and bows down, I try to find an exit quickly.

I looked at him again, and this time he was looking at me, and my eyes widen. No!

But one aspect I was most mesmerized was by his eyes, Golden.

I have to admit; he was good-looking. His beautiful eyes and tousled hair were swoon-worthy, and man, the physique that was hugged by his suit was exceptional!

No No No! Lose those thoughts this instant! Think about your pack first - pack always comes first.

I soon came back to my senses when the Lycan king slightly growled, and everyone around him cowered away even more.

I only step back.


Alphas pulled their Luna's behind them and their Beta's and Gamma's standing in front of them protectively.

Why were Lycans even invited if these Alphas were so scared of them?

He looked at me once again.

He raised his face to howl, probably since Lycan do that to tell fellow people that they have found their mate or should I say, erasthai.

They generally howl when they win a fight, find their mate, mark their mate or find that she is pregnant.

I did not want a part in any of this. I mean it.

Before he could howl, I leaped out of the window that was next to me, landing on my feet, after a bit of turbulence, and started running away.

I didn't hear the howl. My mate didn't howl! Him not howling means he hasn't openly declared that he found his erasthai, And if he even did, there will be no going back for me.

So thank God, and way to go me!

In an instant, my Beta and Gamma jump down from the window and come running towards me.

"What the fuck!" My Gamma exclaimed from behind me, but I did not stop until I reached the vehicle.

I could not speak.

We all quietly but quickly sit in the vehicle and make our way back home. I know they want to ask me what happened, so I told them.

"I saw my mate."

My Beta looks at me through the mirror and raises a brow, "So why did you run?"

"I don't want him." Both men sigh, and we quietly make our way home. At least they didn't ask who he was.

"You know that's not true." My Gamma states, and I sigh. Maybe. A small part of my heart already yearns for him, but I cannot let him come between my pack and me.

"I don't want him," I state as a matter of fact.

"You know he is going to come after you." My Beta says again.

"No man leaves his woman in the world just like that." My Gamma claimed, and I scoffed.

"Well, he didn't come alright." Was this the part that saddens me?

"Oh, trust me, Alpha, you don't know what goes on in a man's mind." My Gamma said while staring at my Beta and nodding.

"Guess what the Gamma is thinking right now." My Beta suddenly said, and I shook my head. What the fuck are they trying to reach?

"What the fuck do you mean -" I stop for a while and then say, "- Sex?" Both men burst into laughter.

I mean, is it not sex? Then what?

"Why do you females think that all guys think about is sex!?" My Gamma exclaim.

"You guys don't?"

"He is thinking about cheese Alpha." My Beta says, and I facepalm.

"Fuck off," I mutter to both of them and lay back on my seat. Trying to think through what I just experienced. Could they be right? That he will come after me?

I doubt that, though.

But what still nagged me was that why he didn't come after me?!

I mean, Lycans value their erasthai's more than their lives. They are more possessive, dominant, and protective over their other halves than the wolves.

Maybe I am mistaken. Perhaps he isn't my mate.

Maybe . . . I hope.

I was deep in my thoughts, and the guys were chattering to themselves with their ugly laughs about how they both - when they were young - tricked a girl into thinking they were angels.

My Beta and Gamma are brothers. They both are enough for each other and probably won't need mates. Oh, God.

But they make me feel normal.

When we reach my pack house, without delay, I rush to my room. I need to get rid of the clothes that still carried my mate's scent.

It was that contagious.

I just want to know why he didn't follow me or tried to stop me.

My wolf howled in annoyance.

Was I not up to his standards? That hurt a bit but then again, he was about to howl when I jumped out of a fucking window.

A damn window to save me from a man!

I guess it was for the best, and it's better if it stays that way.

I hope I never see him again.

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