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When Dominic loses his best friend, he sees no way out of his life and is on the verge of suicide. Then a mysterious man approaches Dom with an offer and his life changes forever. However, 5 years later he is unprepared for the consequences.

Fantasy / Action
Hayden Griggs
Age Rating:


“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.”

Robert Frost

Man this motherfucker is cruel. I swear on everything I have ever loved and believed in, He is a cruel motherfucker. He claims he is all knowing, omnipotent, and most kind. HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS WORK THEN?!?!?!? Man this old fuck got me riled up. Let me stop, before God kills me. Alright okay so its day… man…. fuck I don't even know anymore. Time here isn’t the same as it was back home and I’m not even sure if a single day has passed back home but here I mean it feels like 100 years have passed. I don’t know, I don’t sleep, I don’t eat and I don’t exist. Well not in the same way as the rest of you. I don’t even know if this little shitty diary Lucifer gave me has enough pages to tell this story to you. Fuck why did he give me a diary? Oh right it was cause I told him I wanted to write my story down for the Death who comes after, should there be one. To my friend, the one who might replace me, this story is for you. Just in case God and Lucifer decide that I am not doing the job in the way that they approve, just watch your back. Here is where I will start, 100 years ago, at least I think it has been 100 years. I’m not too sure.

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