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Full Moon Killers

By Raven-Alexa Shaw All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Luna Blackwood is a seventeen year old girl whose life is turned upside down when she returns to her home in Louisiana after visiting her father in New York. On a quest for retribution she comes into contact with monsters in the dark. She later finds out that Vampires, Werewolves, and Shapeshifters aren’t just real; they are terrible and formidable foes. Along the way she meets new friends, many of them magical beings. Besides the monsters she learns to hate, she is opened up to a brand new world of possibilities. While trying to seek revenge on those who have wronged her, she unlocks secrets of her past, and of her future. Luna Blackwood gets sucked into something much more sinister than she originally believed could ever be possible. In Full Moon Killers, she takes the journey that will change not only her life, but the lives of everyone around her.

The Beginning

Have you ever read something that seems so outrageously crazy, amazingly shocking, and just down right impossible, that you find yourself wishing it was real? Because, if it was real, then you can go to the place that is magic, and light, and stunning beauty. And you find yourself wishing that you could meet the people that are out of this world. And you can fall in love with your favorite character, even if he belongs to someone in the story.

It doesn’t make sense how hard you wish that you could escape into those pages covered in words, describing the most incredible places and people that you have ever known. You know them, and for some reason it feels like they know you. It’s incredible.

I find myself wanting to escape into books more and more often lately. The first time was when I was a lot younger, and my mother got remarried. It’s not that I don’t like John, he’s fine really, I just don’t like sharing my mother with anyone. The next time it happened was when my little sister was born, I love her more than I love anything but when she was brought home I just realized I’d have to share my mother with another person. Then my baby brother was born, it was less strong then because I love my siblings and I was older when Bobby was born.

But it’s back today. And it’s the strongest I’ve ever felt it. I just want to open the pages to my favorite novel and jump inside, taking over the life of my favorite character. This is how I always feel before going to see my father.

I love him, but it’s hard to think of him as anything but a rich man I’m forced to go see everyone once in a while. He lives in New York as a toilet paper king. This time is even harder than it normally is since his blushing new bride, who just married him for his money, is pregnant. Although there is no possible way the baby can be his.

My father doesn’t like children much. He never wanted my mother to keep me, so she divorced his ass and moved to Louisiana. To prevent the travesty of conceiving another child, my father got a vasectomy. I know there are cases of men having children after a vasectomy but probably not after almost eighteen years and when the man is very well up in years.

He’s not the brightest man, my father. And it’s not really because he’s not smart, because he is, I mean he created a toilet paper that feels like velvet and almost always gets everything cleaned with one strip, never leaving anything behind, it’s simply because he’s rich. And he thinks everyone will love and respect him because he can offer them as much money as they want.

I think he has a net worth of a trillion dollars. At least. So he lives in a mansion in New York, with a wife that is thirty years too young for him, a baby on the way that he will raise as his own but will not actually be his, and a nanny he pays way too much to take care of me when I’m there. But she doesn’t even show up for work anymore because I’m almost an adult and she isn’t needed. So whatever is going to happen with that baby is going to be a mystery to us all.

Then there’s Jerry, the man who I see more than my actual father. I used to think Jerry was my father. He’s Dad’s advisor, and the man who is supposed to make sure I wasn’t ever in a bratty mood so my real father wouldn’t have to deal with that. Oh well. It’s three days this time. I think I’ll survive. And I probably won’t even see Dad. Or Brittany. Which is always a plus.

“Luna! Are you getting ready to see your father?” My mom, Melania, asks as she rushes up the stairs. I close my journal with a snap and put it back under my bed, where I will forget to get it out again until I’m twenty-five.

“Ya, Mom. I’m getting ready to go see George.” I say with distaste.

“How many times have I told you?” she asks opening my door, “Call him Dad.” She leans against my doorway. My mom is a small woman, in all senses of the term. She’s five foot exactly, and skinny as a twig, hugging her is like hugging bone. She has bright blue eyes, like the ocean by Australia. She always dresses like she’s gonna have a prince drop by. Pretty skirts all the time. She tries to buy me some but they sit in my closet next to all my black leather jackets, black skinny jeans and black shirts, as well as by my black leather boots that go up to my knees. I don’t always wear just black though, I wear some red if the occasion calls for it. My mom also has to keep her nails painted, always. She’s beautiful though, with such grace as she walks, and the way she carries herself, no one can keep their eyes off of her. Even after giving birth three times.

“He’s not my dad though.” I say.

“You need a Dad. And since you refuse to call John Dad you have to go with the original.” She says, walking over to me and helping me fold my clothes.

“I don’t refuse, and I don’t need a Dad. I have you.” I say. She walks over to my closet and pulls out a red summer dress she bought me a couple years back and sticks it into my suitcase.

“But you need more than me.” She sits down at the foot of the bed.

“Mom, I don’t though. Seventeen years it’s been just us.” I say, taking the dress out of my suitcase and putting it back into the closet.

“Luna, I married John when you were five, then we had Justice when you were ten, and now we have a new baby. We were only us for five years.” She sighs.

“Mom, we have been just us for a lot longer than that. You know that. I help with the kids and I eat dinner with the family, but you know it’s been you and me for the longest time.” I say.

“I know hunny. Get through this weekend and you won’t have to go your dad’s house this summer.” She says. My head shoots up and I look at her with a big smile on my face.

“Fine. I’ll go to New York for three days.” I sigh.

“Good, come on, we’ve got a long drive ahead of us.” She claps and I get my suitcase, lugging it out of the door.

“Wait!” I hear. I turn around and see Justice running toward me as fast as a little seven year old can run. She jumps into my arms and I spin her around.

“I wasn’t gonna leave without saying goodbye to you Ice!” I yell.

“I was worried.” She giggles as I lower her to the ground.

“I would never leave without saying bye to my little Ice.” I poke her in the nose. “I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry. Three days.” I say. She nods and hugs my mom too. I put my bag in the car and walk back into my house to say bye to my baby brother.

In my tiny town in Louisiana, population eight hundred, we are kind of the lepers. We live on the outside of town with a specially built house on a lot of land. We’re kind of rich. Bobby is crying when we get inside and I rush into his room. I pick him up and throw him into the air before catching him and bouncing all around the room. He giggles and I blow raspberries on his tummy. He laughs and I kiss his cheek before setting him back down in his crib.

“Be good little man. See you in three days. Wish me luck.” I say to him. He reaches for me again and starts sniffing. “Ah ah ah.” I say, wagging my finger in his little face. “No crying. You know I can’t resist a crying baby.” I say, tickling his tummy. He laughs again and I lean down to kiss him. “Be good Bobby.” I whisper before giving him a small kiss on the forehead. He looks at me as I get up and I wave as I shut his door.

“Ready?” My mom asks. I nod and we walk to the car. My friend Aiden runs up to me and I hug him. He leans over me and my five feet five inches. His six feet make me stand on my tiptoes just to hug him.

“Be careful.” He says to me.

“You too. And help my mom take care of the kids. Please.” I whisper to him. He nods and we break apart. “Be safe.” I say as I climb into the car with my mom.

“You too!” He yells. Justice comes over and hugs him. He wraps his arms around her front, bending over quite a lot, and I wave to them both. We start driving and don’t say anything. We don’t have to. We meet my dad’s private jet at a specified place and I look at my mom.

“Don’t say a word Luna.” She holds up her finger.

“How much you want to bet he’s not even here?” I ask, opening my door and getting out of the car.

“I’m sure he’s here sweetie.” Mom says, even though I know she doesn’t believe it. I snort in disbelief as my dad’s assistant, Jerry, walks down the stairs of the plane. I point to him and smirk at my mom.

“Is that him?” I ask her, still smirking.

“Not another word Luna.” She says sternly. I put my hands up in surrender and chuckle miserably.

“Hey Jerry. Will I be spending my entire vacation with you again? Or are Dad and his whore going to be there this time around?” I yell to Jerry. He smiles at me, clearly irritated, and walks back into the plane.

“Luna! What did I tell you?” Mom shouts at me.

“I love you Mommy!” I shout walking up the stairs to the plane.

“I love you too!” She shouts back. Jerry pushes a button on a remote and the door of the jet closes. I hear the roar of the engine and feel as the plane starts rushing forward and lifts off the ground. My mom waves to me from the ground and I feel my eyes fill with warm liquid. I blink the tears back and Jerry sits in front of me.

“Your father is on a business trip with his new wife. They will be back tomorrow evening. You will have the house to yourself. No parties.” He says in a flat tone.

“Aye, aye mon capitaine.” I say with a fake salute. He scoffs at me and I smile. “Jerry, you are

the light in my heart, the product of my fantasies. I would not be alive if not for your love for me.” I monotone to him. He looks at me and smiles, clearly unamused. I start to laugh and he snorts. “You believed me! Jerry you nasty! You’re forty five years old! I’m seventeen! Alas it cannot be!” I fall off of my chair and roll around the floor of the jet.

“You are an annoying child. And I’m married.” He says to me. I stop laughing and pop my head up right in front of him.

“But that’s why you want me. You don’t like your wife anymore, and she’s screwing the gardener anyway, and the garbage man, and everyone else. That’s why you want to kidnap me and keep me in your dark dungeon of grossness.” I whisper to him, putting my head on his knee and blinking up at him innocently.

“Get off of my knee.” He whispers back. I sigh and stand up.

“You’re my only entertainment and you failed me too. Now my life is miserable.” I say sitting back down.

“Luna, you don’t need me to be happy. Child.” He challenges.

“True. Why would I need a grumpy old man like you to be happy?” I ask giggling.

“Exactly. Now, I have arranged for one of your friends to be there when we arrive. Hopefully he decided to come.” Jerry says. I chuckle. If he’s talking about Aiden there’s no way he got on that plane.

“What was his name?” I ask.

“I believe it was Aiden.” He says.

“He didn’t get on the plane.” I say matter-o-factly.

“Why do you say that?” Jerry asks.

“I’ll call him.” I say. I get out my phone and dial his number. He answers and he’s breathing heavily. “Aid. What’s wrong?” I ask smiling.

“A plane. Tried to. Kidnap me.” He says in between breaths.

“Aiden. That was just a plane my dad sent. No one tried to kidnap you. Breathe Aiden. In. Out. In. Out.” I say to him. He calms his breathing and I can hear him sit down. “Where are you?” I ask. There’s a pause.

“Your house.” He says after a moment.

“I knew it! Anyway, that wasn’t someone trying to kidnap you that was my dad trying to bribe me with friendship. What he doesn’t realize is that I don’t need to see you to know you love me. So getting you to stay with me won’t make a difference.” I say.

“Well, now I feel like I should have let it kidnap me.” He chuckles.

“No dork. Don’t let anyone kidnap you. Plus you wouldn’t like it at my dad’s house, there’s hot maids, and strippers he keeps around, a pool, a sauna. You would be miserable.” I say.

“Oh. Ya. Completely miserable. But what you don’t realize is that I’m already in love with you so I don’t need strippers.” He jokes.

“Right Aid. Right.” Aiden isn’t the guy you would expect him to be. And what I mean by that is, he’s hot. And he knows it. He knows what his brown eyes that look like maple sliding down a tree in the fall do to girls and what his dark, short hair that looks like something you should fear but that you just want to run your hands through makes them say. He knows what his tall, lean but buff body does to attract attention. He’s strong. Like, very strong, he has a six pack and big arms. He looks like a model. He knows he drives people crazy. He knows but he just doesn’t care. He knows all the girls hate me because they know I’m one of the luckiest people alive because he’s my best friend. But they don’t realize I’m lucky `cause he’s hot, I’m lucky `cause he’ll love me without falter for as long as we will live. He’s the greatest best friend anyone can ask for. And sometimes I think he’s serious about loving me, then I see him flirt away his dignity and I forget that idea quick. I mean, gross.

“Gotta go. Bobby’s crying and Ice is attacking my feet.” He laughs.

“Take care of them. If anything happens to Ice I’ll kill you. And take care of yourself while you’re at it.” I say.

“What about Bobby?” He asks, and I can hear his eyebrows are raised just by the tone of his voice.

“If anything happens to Bobby my mom will be the one to kill you.” He laughs and hangs up the phone, leaving me alone with Jerry until we arrive in New York however many hours later.

“Luna.” Jerry shakes me and I open my eyes, taking my headphones out of my ears. “We’re here.” He says. I nod and stand up, stretching. “Were you sleeping?” Jerry asks.

“No Jerry. You pervert. I was not sleeping.” I chuckle.

“I only ask because you were snoring.” He snaps.

“I don’t snore. Ever. If you want to lie come up with a better one than that.” I say getting my suitcase from its corner. He shakes his head and pushes the button on the remote that opens the door. I walk out and descend the stairs. Jerry follows me and leads me into my dad’s house.

“Hell burning hell.” I mumble, walking up the stairs to the room I have had since I was five. I open the door and discover it as it was when I left last summer. I hadn’t unpacked anything and slept on the floor the entire time so the blankets are still there.

“Hello miss.” A voice sounds from the doorway. I jump back and look at the person it came from.

“Whoa. Creepy.” I say to the man standing in front of me. He looks pale and smiles at me. There’s a strange way he is standing and he looks as though he’s hungry. Very skinny and tall. His face looks strange. It looks smooth. To smooth. He’s wearing a suit and has a way he holds himself that makes him look like he thinks he’s better than everyone. His teeth are perfectly white and his eyes look like a dark brown, almost black. He smiles at me widely and a shiver runs down my spine.

“Full moon tonight. You might want to lock your doors. People can be crazy.” He says nonchalantly.

“That’s true. And I think there’s a crazy person in front of me now, so if you don’t mind…” I shove him out the door and slam it in his face. He knocks on it gently and I lock the door.

“I’m trying to warn you, stupid girl. There will be death tonight. Lock your doors or it might be you.” He pounds on my door once before walking away. I hear him descend the stairs and slam the front door and I open my door.

“Jerry!” I shout running down the hallway to his room.

“What?” He asks. It even sounds like he’s worried.

“Who the hell lets the people into this house?” I shout.

“What are you talking about?”

“I just got threatened Jerry. In my father’s home. Not that I like my dad and not like I care but I think you need to fire someone around here Jerry.” I say calming down.

“Who threatened you?” Jerry asks.

“I have no idea!”

“Okay. What did he say?”

“He said that it’s a full moon tonight and that I should lock my doors because there are crazy people. Then I slammed the door in his face, after calling him crazy, and he said there will be death tonight and he’s just trying to warn me about it.” I say. Jerry looks at me and shakes his head.

“How is it that danger travels around with you even though you’re many states away?” He asks getting annoyed.

“I don’t know Jerry. Because I live to make you miserable.” I say walking away from him.

“Wait! Okay. I’m sorry. Let’s go look and see whose out by the door.” He says. I nod and start to descend the stairs. He comes up behind me and grabs my arm, turning me to face him. “Let me go first.” He says. I snort and rip my arm from his grasp. As I start to descend the stairs again he grabs me and forces me behind him. I hit him on his shoulder and he just sighs.

“Shut up Jerry.” I grumble. He shakes his head and we walk down to the door. He opens it and I scream immediately. Jerry slams the door shut and locks it before I can do anything else.

“They’re back.” He whispers.

“Who’s back Jerry?” I shout at him. “Why is there a dead man in my dad’s front yard?”

“He was killed.” Jerry says without pause, walking over to a desk drawer and shuffling through it, looking for something.

“Really? I never would have guessed that. Your powers of observation are unmatched.” I say sarcastically.

“How is it that you manage to be sarcastic even when faced with murder?” He asks me, stopping his rummaging to look at me.

“How is it, when we discover our doorman dead at our front door, you can still manage to be a pompous arse?” I ask, raising my eyebrow at him and tapping my foot on the ground impatiently.

“You surprise me Luna. I thought you’d be quicker than this.” He smirks.

“What are you talking about?” I snap at him.

“Vampires my dear. That’s what killed our dear doorman.” He pushes past me and goes to the front door, locking three more dead bolts I didn’t see at first.

“Like the weird sparkly kind that love to love?” I ask.

“No. That is merely a cover for the true monsters of the night. The ones with no conscious, the ones who feel no love, and the ones who’s hunger is unmatched by every and all beings.” He says dramatically. I look at him for a moment before busting up with laughter.

“You almost had me Jerry!” I shout at him.

“Stupid child!” He shouts, grabbing me by the arm and shoving me down onto the couch before pacing back and forth in front of me.

“Okay Jerry, you’re scaring me now. Have you lost your mind?” I ask him. He looks at me before sitting next to me on the couch.

“Child, all of the things you know about Vampires is wrong.” He turns toward me and I can see a glint of fear in his eyes, along with doubt, almost as if he doesn’t want to tell me this. “There are no such things as the ones you have come to recognize, the ones that exist are evil beings without conscious. They kill for fun and destroy towns just for the heck of it. They don’t get turned by other Vampires. It’s genetics. Vampirism runs through families and pops up at random times, in random children. But it’s always the men who are Vampires, there have been no such things as female Vampires. I don’t think it’s possible.

“The boys are humans and they are not immortal but they are still very difficult to kill, when they reach the age seventeen they turn. But they don’t realize they are Vampires until they have turned the first time. After that they seek out the nearest clan leader as possible and join with them. All the Vampires feel is hunger and a bond so strong to their kind no one has ever broken it. They turn with the moon Luna. Every full moon they turn into the monster that eats away at their souls and kill towns to quench the thirst they have gnawing away at them for the rest of their life. They have the fangs all the time and they can suck blood at all times as well. But every full moon they get so consumed with the thirst that they can’t control it.” Jerry stops and looks at me. I nod for him to keep going and he nods back.

“There are people who fight the Vampires. They go by Blood Killers. This is also a group passed down through genetics as well as the Vampires but these are females. They also have the ability to do things most people would find impossible. They have magic Luna. Mostly one power though. The mom has to get impregnated by a human male and give the baby to the leaders so that when they turn seventeen they can start their training. Have you felt any different since your last birthday?” Jerry asks suddenly. I look at him and shake my head.

“I don’t think so.” I say.

“Have you felt more powerful? Like you could take on an alligator if you needed to?” He asks again.

“I mean I guess. Sort of.” I say shyly.


“But my mom isn’t even a Blood Killer or whatever they are. She is human, like me, like Ice, like Bobby.” I say. Jerry looks at me and my smugness wavers. “She is human right?” I ask. He shakes his head and I nod mine slightly.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

“Don’t be. She has a lot to explain when I get home.” I chuckle. “Anyway, keep going.”

“Okay, well, the Killers and Vampires have been at war for centuries. There is a special Vampire that rules over all the other Vampires and he is immortal.”

“But you said…” I interrupt him.

“He is not a normal Vampire. He is the leader. The ultimate. His power is unmatched and very coveted. And only he has the ability to grant immortality to those he wishes. One day, back millennia ago, he met a woman by the name of Lily. Lily Blackwood.” I gasp and he nods. “Lily was beautiful, she had jet black hair that ran down to her feet, bright blue eyes that pierced through souls, and she had such grace that I’m sure she could walk on lily pads if she truly tried.

“The first Vampire, his name was Barabbas, saw Lily and knew that she would produce an excellent heir to his throne. He wooed her and she fell in love with him and his charm, she entered the relationship knowing he was a type of monster that ate blood, but she did not know the extent of it. Not being able to feel love himself, Barabbas wanted to kill Lily as soon as she had the baby. Lily heard of his plan from her friend who worked for Barabbas. Lily was crushed, she cried all day and all night until she knew that her baby could not turn into what he was. She was a Witch you see, Lily was the first and last pure Witch ever to be born of this world and she cast a spell over her unborn child, making sure that it came out a girl.

“Then, while he slept, she cursed Barabbas and all his children to come to be males and to be as evil as he was if they were truly like Barabbas himself. She did not think that babies could carry so much evil that they would get to be like Barabbas so she thought she solved the problem. But alas she was wrong. Babies are a blank page. If the mother carrying it, or the father who helped has enough goodness, then the goodness is imprinted on it, but if either the mother or father has darkness in their hearts, the baby gets imprinted with that.

“Barabbas admired her for trying to save her baby, for it was the type of loyalty he felt to his kind, and made her immortal. But as punishment he did not make her baby immortal. She wept for her child, knowing that someday, she would be left without her. When the time came for her baby to be born she went to her friend and had it in secret. When she held her baby in her arms for the first time she thought up a name. It was an iconic name for she had plans for this baby, she was going to make this baby the most powerful hunter in all the lands so her daughter would always be protected. She named her daughter Luna, to fight the dark Lunar monsters that would inevitably take her away from her mother.” Jerry stops talking and looks at me.

“So I’m named after some weird, Vampire hunter, miracle baby?” I ask, skeptically.

“Yup. Your mom was so hopeful for you not to be a part of the world she took you from she wanted to name you Justice. But the Blood Killers named you Luna. She couldn’t change it. It’s a spell that they do. If the name changes the baby dies. She hates the name Melania. Always has.” He says, looking off into the distance as if remembering something special.

“Maybe she was right. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a Killer.” I say getting up.

“No she wasn’t.” Jerry grabbed me. “You shoved a Vampire out the door without even being trained as a Killer.” He says.

“The Vampire didn’t even put up a fight. If you think it was hard to push him out of my room then you’re wrong. He let me. No special ability Jerry. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going back up to my room to try to decide if you’re nuts or not.” I get up before he says anything and run up the stairs, into my room and slam the door behind me. I push the dresser in front of the door just in case and sit down in my closet with the door shut. I get out my phone and the light gives me a small comfort. Dialing the number I have memorized, Aiden picks up almost immediately.

“What’s up Babycakes?” He answers cheerfully.

“Nothing. Just bored.” I lie. I don’t know why I called him but his voice is making me feel better so I guess I’m smart sometimes.

“How was the rest of the plane ride?” He asks.

“Boring. Everything here is boring. Dad’s strippers took a vacation with him and his whore so it’s just me and Jerry a…” I stop before I finish.

“And…who?” Aid asks, clearly confused.

“And the uh…the door man.” I manage to get out, even though my voice shakes.

“What happened to the door man Moon?” He asks me, getting worried.

“Why do you always call me that stupid nickname?” I ask trying to change the subject.

“Because your name is Luna dumbo. Now, what happened to the door man?” He asks again.

“Someone killed the door man Aid.” I whisper.

“Who killed the door man?” He whispers back.

“Jerry…uh…Jerry said…” I start babbling.

“Jerry killed the door man?” Aiden yells.

“No! Aiden no! Jerry said a Vampire killed the door man!” I shout back. There’s a pause at the other end then some chuckling.

“A what?” He asks.

“I know Aid. It’s nuts. Jerry’s gone nuts. But he told me this story and it makes a little sense and I’m freaking out because I’m actually starting to believe this whole thing and I don’t know what to do Aid. The door man was just lying there. Dead.” I start crying.

“Okay. Okay. Calm down. It’s okay.” Aiden calms me down.

“Aiden what if he isn’t crazy? What if the door man got killed by a Vampire?” I ask.

“I don’t think Vampires are real Moon. So how can something that’s not real kill the door man? Jerry is just off his rocker.” Aiden says slowly.

“Okay but you have to hear this story…” I tell him. He agrees and I spend the next half an hour telling him the story and debating whether or not Jerry is nuts.

“He’s crazy. Don’t you see that? He made that story up!” Aiden yells, getting irritated.

“He didn’t though! My mom told me the same story when I was a kid.” I say to him. He stops yelling and clears his throat.

“Did your mom tell your dad that story?” Aiden asks.

“No. She hated my dad. Why would she open up to him like that? And my dad hates my mom so why would he repeat it?” I ask.

“Are you actually believing this?” He asks me.

“Yes. I am. I think. I have to go look at the door man’s body.” I say standing up.

“What? No! Are you nuts?” Aiden yells at me.

“I’ll be right back. Stay on the line.” I put my phone on my bed and unlock my door, moving the dresser as quietly as I can. Walking out of the room, I descend the stairs slowly, making sure not to make any creak. When I reached the floor I gently pat across the floor to the door. I open it slowly and the door man is still lying there. I choke back a scream and kneel to the floor slowly in front of the man. I move his body so he’s on his back and jump back when I see face. He looks like he’s in a silent scream with his eyes wide in terror. I close my eyes and shut his before looking at his neck. I don’t see any marks immediately and sigh in relief, until I notice his shirt is pulled down past his neck to reveal his shoulder. I move the shirt out of the way and see two puncture marks on his shoulder right above his heart. It resembles a snake bite and I stand up slowly. I walk back into the house and shut the door quietly. Trying my best to be quiet, I run up the stairs and go into my room, locking it and putting back the dresser. Aiden is shouting on the other end of the phone and I pick it back up.

“Luna! Damn it pick up the freaking phone!” He shouts.

“Aiden?” I ask, my voice shaking.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think Jerry is crazy. He has puncture marks on him Aiden. Like he has been bitten.” I say calmly.

“Are you messing with me right now? Because if you’re messing with me right now Luna I will never forgive you.” He says seriously.

“I’m not messing with you Aiden. Do you want me to get a picture of the freaking wounds on this guy’s shoulder? Will that make you believe it?” I yell at him.

“No. Okay. Calm down. I’m sorry.” He says.

“How could you say that to me?” I shout.

“I know. It was stupid. But you have to admit it does seem a little like a joke.” He says. I shake my head even though he can’t see me.

“Right `cause I would joke about a man being killed. I’m not that much of an ass.” I say harshly.

“I never said you would…” Aiden starts.

“No. Bye Aiden. I’ll talk to you in three days. Hopefully no one else dies. Wouldn’t want you to think I’m messing with you.” I say. I hang up the phone before he can say anything and throw it on the bed. It rings again but I ignore it, putting it under my pillow and sitting down. I put my hands over my face and feel the tears start flowing. I sit up and look at the wall. Making a mental decision I punch the wall as hard as I can. Crying out in pain I do it again, and again, and again, until my knuckles are split open, blood dripping onto my pillow. I hold my shaking hand close to me and stand up. Pushing the dresser out of the way with my good hand, I fling open the door and stand in the doorway. I look to the left then I look to the right. I smirk and turn to the right. Letting my hand fall, I run over to Jerry’s room and kick in the door. He jumps out of the chair he’s in and stands up.

“What the heck?” He shouts.

“Shut up Jerry.” I stomp over to him. “I looked at the body of the door man.” I say slowly. I circle him like a shark, making him feel trapped and look at him with my best crazy face.

“And?” He asks quietly.

“And?” I shout at him. “And there were puncture wounds Jerry! And he was sucked dry by a Vampire!” I kick over a chair and rush toward him. He tries to back up and trips on something, falling on his butt.

“I told you.” He smirks.

“Is this really the time to be a jerk?” I ask him.

“No. But I did tell you.”

“Shut up. Now.” He nods and I sigh. “What the hell do we do now? They pretty much told me they’d be back.” I say.

“Now we prepare ourselves.” He stands and takes me to his closet where he opens up a room full of weapons.

“Um. Jerry. What the heck? Who are you?” I ask him. He looks at me and smirks.

“Just wait a second. You’ll be even more surprised.” He says. I raise my eyebrows in question and he reaches up to his face. He grips his nose and pulls, and to my horror, it comes off. He has a much smaller nose underneath it. He does the same to his forehead except instead of another nose there’s no more wrinkles. He pulls off his double chin and the circles under his eyes. I stand there staring at him and who I see in front of me is a much younger, kind of hot Jerry.

“What the hell?” I squeak out.

“I’m your mom’s best friend. She sent me to work for your dad so I could keep an eye on you.” He says.

“What?” I ask.

“Give it a moment to sink in.” He says, gently touching my shoulder.

“You’re not forty seven.” I say.

“No.” He chuckles.

“How old are you?”


“How do you know my mom? She’s thirty seven.”

“It’s complicated.”

“Okay.” I say sitting on the floor.

“Do you want to learn how to fight the Vampires?” He asks bending down to my level.

“Oh. Sure. Why not?” I say getting up.

“Right, well, here you have a stake. But it’s not wooden like the lure, Vampires are human like I said, they can be killed by anything really, but you have to hit the heart.” He starts. I hold up my hand to stop him and he looks at me with a confused expression.

“How about we go about this like Vampires are a new concept to me. Don’t mention the lure or anything like that.” I say. He nods and looks back to the weapons then back to me. “By all means, continue.” I say.

“Okay, well Vampires have to be hit in the heart to be killed. But there doesn’t have to be anything special to do it. It can be wood, it can be silver, it can be metal, it can be anything, although silver works best. You just have to pierce the heart.” He stops to look at me and I nod for him to continue. “Over here we have the crossbow, which is helpful for long distance shots. Here we have the dart gun. Both of these are good for stealth and they are easy to aim.” He motions to the crossbow hanging on the wall then the dart gun next to it. “Over here,” He crosses the room to a gun on the wall, “We have the specially designed gun. It shoots silver darts through it.” And over here we just have your average stakes. There are also weapons to hunt Werewolves and Shapeshifters but I’ll just focus on Vampires for the time being.” He says moving to where silver stakes are hanging.

I look at him for a moment before putting my head in my hands. “Werewolves and Shapeshifters too. Great. Okay. One thing at a time. Vampires first.” I look back up at him and he nods.

“We have your assortments of holy water, which does actually work against the monsters, if they’re low enough on the food chain. And here we have a shooting range to practice.” He hits a button on a remote and the wall comes down to show a room full of targets.

“Whoa.” I say. “I have to go to the bathroom.” I blurt. He looks at me and nods his head. He points to a door and I go through it. I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize the girl in front of me. My blonde hair turning black underneath, the waves turning to a tangled mess, my bright blue eyes looking grayer with all the stress. I look at myself and touch the mirror. I shake my head and turn the water on. Waiting until it’s at a nice temperature, I fill my cupped hands with it and slam it against my face, trying to wash away the past few hours. I take my shirt off and reveal the undershirt I have on. I run my hands over my arm and notice a cut. I don’t know how I got it or when it happened but it looks fresh. I put my hands on either side of the sink and put my head down, letting my hair run over my face. I look back up at the mirror and study the girl in front of me sadly. Screaming as loud as I can I bash the mirror in with my hurt hand. I keep bashing it until all the glass is out of the mirror frame and on the floor and pooled in the sink. A knock sounds at the door and Jerry opens the door.

“What are you doing?” He asks sadly.

“I don’t know. This is just a lot to take in Jerry.” I admit.

“Come here.” He opens his arms for me and I rush into them, accepting the hug gratefully. I shut my eyes as tight as I can and he squeezes just hard enough to make me feel safe. I let the tears leak through my closed eyelids and bury my head in his shoulder. I’m standing on my tip toes and he is bending down slightly. He let’s go and I rub my eyes quickly, embarrassed to be caught crying.

“Thanks.” I say awkwardly.

“Anytime.” He smiles.

“Don’t get to used to it you pervert. You’re still too old for me.” I say jokingly, letting a smile run across my features.

“Right. Come on. Let’s practice your shooting.” He says leading me out of the bathroom.

“What about this?” I motion to the mess.

“I’ll have the maid clean that up.” He says.

“And what about this?” I hold up my hand to let him see.

“What the heck happened?” He asks in shock.

“I kind of punched the wall like ten times. Then the mirror.” I say quietly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He mumbles.

“I’m sorry. I had just learned Vampires were real, my mother has been lying to me for all my life, and my best friend thought I was lying to him about a guy that died. My bad for getting a little peeved.” I say throwing my hands in the air.

“Calm down drama queen. Let’s get this wrapped up.” He leads me to his bed and sits me down gently. Rummaging through his drawers, he finds medical tape and a wrap. He gently doctors my hand and then places it on my lap. I yawn and he smiles slightly.

“What are you smiling at?” I snap at him.

“You’re tired.” He says smiling wider.

“No shit Sherlock.”

“Go to sleep, we’ll continue this tomorrow.” He says moving me so I’m lying down on his bed. He covers me up before I can object and I feel sleep gripping me tighter and tighter. Jerry sits down next to me in a chair protectively and I finally let sleep take me.

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