In Dreaming Reality

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Seeking Solidation

So I must admit I wasn’t too keen on creeping around school in the dark at night, all alone, especially since a-- I hated the dark, and b-- because of what happened to me the last time I went out at night. Tumbling down hills wasn’t my thing, neither was running from something I didn’t really understand in the freaking cold snow and I really didn’t want to do either of those things again. Nevertheless I found myself dressed in dark colors and waiting until my family was asleep before creeping out of my room and grabbing my pink bike from the garage; no motorbike for me, and then pedaling off into the night. It felt good to be on my bike again, I hadn’t ridden it since before I had gone to the treatment centre in England.

It took me more time to get to Acroft High then I had thought, my hour walk turned into a thirty five minute bike ride-- and I’d forgotten my gate pass which may or may not work after school hours but seeing that I didn’t want anyone to know I was there anyways it was probably a good thing. I stashed my bike in the bushes and looked for a way to climb over the wall. Thick ivy covered the majority of the wall that surrounded the school and it just took a few minutes for me to find a suitable way over-- it was the climbing part that I struggled with. Ivy isn’t easy to climb despite all the movies that show it being otherwise.

As I dropped to my feet on the other side I stood still for a moment, my palms scratched and itching and a few gashes on my lower forearms. My first instinct was to hit the ground running and head for the darkened school buildings but there was a growling sound coming from one of the bushes, and when I heard it I froze memories of the growling I had heard the day before still fresh in my mind. It was then I heard the clinking of metal and saw approaching me from a few hundred yards a huge massive dog-- or was it a dog? It looked more like a wolf. My feet unglued and I scampered up the closest tree as fast as I could while the wolf dog lunged the last few meters at me. It growled, sniffing the spot where I had been standing.

Then I heard a voice. His voice. “Down Tristan, down!”

Vincent and a group leather clad of boys walked into the semi lit area where the wolf dog was still sitting. Vincent yanked on the chain and hissed, the wolf growled once at the tree I was in then ran over the Vincent and sat obediently at his feet.

“Good werewolf.” He muttered and patted his head. “Now go play with Alice.” He said the wolf wagged its tail and disappeared into the dark, its chain rattling as it moved.

One of the boys looked at Vincent as the wolf ran off.

“I’m glad you finally found a way to keep the werewolves so obedient, but at the same time, I am equally surprised to see you here tonight.”

Vincent looked away. “Oh, and why is that?”

There was muttering in the group for a moment.

“Flimheart may not look on humanity and immortality the same way that we do but he is no idiot-- and word travels fast around here… even the humans students know something happened today that should never have happened. We all saw you-- or in the theory we did. I had photos sent to my phone of you at Gusto's with your hand locked in some weird embrace...with a human. A human that is still alive, I mean if you believe in what the gossip is saying.”

“And do you believe everything you hear?” Vincent calmly replied though I could hear a bite to his tone which spoke volumes.

“”Look Vince-- we just need to know, is the girls still alive?”

“And why does that matter so much to you?”

“Vincent-- you know the Pureblood law-- we don’t mix with the scumbag humans. I know you were raised like me. The law says that their life is forfeit, they are nothing more than a meal-- our means to an end. If you don’t end her then you are saying you don’t agree with the Law, meaning your life is forfeit instead of just hers.”

“Yeah-- Word is that your Father is thinking of hunting you if you don’t make her your next meal. He may have cut your sister from your family when she married that half breed, human loving scum bag, but at least he is still a Vampire.”

Another one of the boys spoke up.

“Yeah man what you trying to pull? Playing with your food? We have a status to uphold as Purebloods, you most of all, you’re HIS son. You have to live up or he will disinherit you and make your cousin his heir, unless your grandfather comes back and sees fit to pardon you. Not that we’re all not related…” The group of them laughed. “I might even have a shot if your family keeps this up. Your family might be the oldest-- family we have left, but that doesn’t mean they are the smartest Lord Vincent; don’t be stupid, oh Prince of Darkness.” The boy said mockingly.

I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck, my pulse was pounding. I suddenly realized this was probably a bad thing. Couldn’t vampires track heartbeats, and smell blood? I looked straight at Vincent-- he looked annoyed, almost like he might smack the boy who mocked him, or start a fight with the whole group but he paused to recollect himself and that’s when I saw his eyes narrow. He looked right at me. Crap. I was in big trouble.

“Let’s get to class.” He muttered and turned away from the wall and the tree.

“What-- no retaliation, your highness?”

Vincent snarled. “Let it go, idiot-- we’re going to be late, and you know how the Doctor feels about people showing up late to class.” Vincent smacked a few of the guys around him on the back and grinned, trying to usher them away from the tree where I was hidden.

One of the other boys in the group stared into the darkness.

“I think I hear something.” He muttered his pupils widening and narrowing.

“It’s just a cat.” Vincent called over his shoulder, but he looked concerned, at least I hoped he was concerned for my well being.

The group boys turned to follow him but one kept insisting it was something bigger than a cat, until one of his friends reminded him that there was a werewolf on the property and werewolves had heart beats, which made the guy sound very stupid indeed.

Once they were far enough away I slipped from my tree and followed them, at a distance. The werewolf didn’t attack me again, he seemed too busy playing with another huge scary looking wolf who must have been ‘Alice.’ I was glad, because that meant I could get closer to the school building and hopefully figure out what was going on. They entered the school building that was usually all locked up, and instead of following them I made my way around the outside and climbed up the lattice which had ivy on the side until I was looking in the classroom window, one of the few that were lit in this wing. I peeked in.

There was a redhead, and I seriously mean she had bright vibrant red hair; at the front of the room, I’d never seen her before, she was wearing a white blouse and grey pencil skirt, and sat cross legged on top of the front desk watching students file in. I assumed she was the Doctor, though she didn’t really look old enough to have earned the title of Doctor…. She was sitting in front of all the other students in the room-- all of the most normal looking students I had seen here at Acroft. Weird.

Vincent and his friends filed into the room just then and caught not only my eye, but the Doctor’s as well. The Doctor got up and walked over to Vincent, ignoring his friends. I could see from her swagger she had the hots for him, well apparently he was a big deal. I rolled my eyes, and then watched what he would do. I wished I could hear what was going on, but the window was thick so there was no chance of that happening.

Vincent passed the Doctor a piece of paper, shrugged, and then he waved at his friends and left the room. I sighed and climbed back down the lattice; well if Vincent wasn’t staying then I didn’t want to watch the night class, the whole reason I was here right this second was to learn more about him and whatever secrets he was hiding. Suddenly without warning cold hands closed around my waist and lifted me the rest of the way down, I turned ready to scream bloody murder if I had to but instead found myself looking into Vincent’s face.

“Spying are we?”

I swallowed my almost scream and instead slapped him.

“”Ouch.” He rolled his eyes as if I could hurt him-- my hand really hurt. He was hard.

“Well-- serves you right. You snuck up on me-- what if you have been one of those werewolves? I could have been killed and you didn’t answer my questions.”

He laughed a hollow laugh. “Wait-- you’re upset that you might have died without me answering your questions? Wow-- you do have spirit.”

I rolled my eyes. I didn’t have ‘spirit,’ that described the people I was friends with-- the people who were bold enough to do what I wasn’t… maybe I was finally picking some of that up from my friends.

Vincent sighed. “Well now you know I guess.”

Yes, now I thought quietly, I did know. I tossed my hair out of the way, and partially undid my hoodie pulling it off one shoulder, leaving my neck free.

“I endangered your life, here take mine.”

Where was this sadistic side of me coming from? Did I really care so little about my life or did I think that he wouldn’t take me up on my offer? I closed my eyes and leaned my head to one side, waiting. Anna had said it felt like you were on top of the world-- I guess a part of me wanted to experience that high; and I guess a part of me wanted to dare him-- see if he really was a dangerous as everyone said he was.

“So.” Came his voice in the dark. “You would offer yourself to me freely, unafraid and without remorse?”

I opened my mouth and whispered; “Yes.”

I mean if he was what I knew he was there wasn’t a chance in hell I could get away anyhow-- and a part of me thought perhaps that this would help me never have to deal with the Fairlands or Hell again… I waited for a moment, still nothing; then a cold hand was on my face, and I opened my eyes.

“Why?” He asked looking down at me. “You don’t know me, I might be a horrible person, and you think I saved you back there? And in the diner? I could just as easily have killed you then and there. I am not a good person.”

“Yes, you could have killed me.” I whispered staring into his eyes. “But you didn’t have my permission to kill me before.”

My throat was dry. WHAT was I doing? My brain was screaming at me that this was a horrible idea-- but my heart screamed back he was better than Topher-- at least my skin wasn’t on fire when he touched me; and so far no sign of hell or black wings… Perhaps I was destined to die; not that I wanted to-- but first Topher and Vincent? They both caused people to part and run away, they both were ‘dangerous’ according to a few different people. I didn’t know what to think anymore.

He tilted my head, and brought his face down to my neck and kissed it, I waited for the sting that supposedly comes from being bitten, well so the movies and stories say. But he didn’t bite me. I opened my eyes to find him looking curiously down at me. Now I was the one asking, why? But I didn’t voice it out loud; I kept my thoughts to myself.

“Oh my little bird.” He muttered pulling me close. I found myself calmed by those words-- as if he wasn’t actually dangerous, they were so normal words, like my father telling me I was the prettiest thing he ever did see. Vincent scooped me up into his arms and whispered. “Let’s fly you home.”

With me in his arms; Vincent ran, and not like before -- when we were in the hallway. Vincent took off and it was like we were flying, the world was fading away, becoming a blur of shapes and bright streams of color. I could feel my heart pounding against my rib cage like the thumping of a little bird. There was no weight to my body, I was floating in the cage of Vincent’s arms. When it stopped I was amazed at the sheer exhaustion of my senses; Vincent slowly released me, gently plopping me on the ground, holding my arms as my jellowy legs learned again that they were solid and I could actually stand on my own strength. I blinked a few times to stop my eyes from seeing streams of color but firm concrete shapes. We were standing in front of my house and I swear a minute or so ago we were standing at Acroft High in the quad. I glanced up at Vincent in amazement, he grinned down at me looking somewhat amused. I looked from him to the door, and back.

“I don’t want you to leave.”

Seriously. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know more about how he and Marissa were related, what happened between them to make them not get along, and--and… If I didn’t ask now I probably would never get any answers.

He chuckled. “Well you should.”

I rolled my eyes. Really? This guy was dangerous? So far I’d seen nothing but dry humour and large teeth. He’d have to do more than that to convince me he was actually dangerous.

“Bite me.”

He wrapped his arms around me and tipped my chin up. My heart thudded frantically.

“Maybe I will.” He purred.

I threw an elbow in his stomach and he released me rubbing the spot where I had hit him with his fingers.

“Ouch.” He said sarcastically. “Fine you want me to stay, go on up to your room-- I’ll meet you there.” I threw him a questioning look. “You invited me in, remember?”

I blushed then hurried up the front porch and let myself inside.

I stood still for a moment, making sure no one had heard me come in. I glanced at my IPhone, it flashed two--am at me. I ran up the stairs and let myself into my room. The light was already on and Vincent lay sprawled out over my bed.

I stood for a moment and didn’t move a muscle; he did make such a stunning picture of gorgeous. Then I walked over to my wardrobe and tugged the door open, looking for something a little less morbid looking to wear. Vincent was instantly at my side; he easily slid me out of the way and began rifling through my clothes.

He shook his head.

“Tisk Tisk.” He muttered. “You have some great starting pieces but the rest is blah.”

Moving away from him I flopped onto my bed and watched Vincent pull pieces out the he thought were blah.

“What you really mean is that not enough skin is showing for your liking.” I retorted; picking up on a trend I had seen in Marissa, Kiera, Mina and Lexi, plus most of the girls at school. “Why is it that Vampires like exposing so much skin?” I wondered out loud.

Vincent had finished throwing things out of my wardrobe; only a few clothes were left hanging on the hangers. He looked at the pile of discarded clothes and then at me, and grinned, his canine teeth growing and curving.

“Too hard to find a clean place to bite with all this fabric.” He motioned at the clothes on the ground.

His teeth slowly retracted, until I couldn’t tell they had ever been there except his teeth were exceptionally sharp looking in general.

“So if you’re going through my stuff wanting me to wear more skimpy things then obviously you intend to bite me…” My voice trailed off as I looked at Vincent. How did I feel about this? I wasn’t sure. A part of me was terrified, the other half of me wanted to know what it was like.

He shrugged. “I’ll get new clothes for you, but these have to go.”

I stood and went to examine the pile he had by his feet.

“Can I at least keep some blah pieces until you replace it so I will have clothes to wear until then?”

He laughed. “I will have the new stuff here by tomorrow morning.”

I raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment. He lifted me from my feet and placed me on my bed.

“So if you bite me what will happen?” I asked hesitantly.

He shrugged. “Normally people are unconscious or dead when I feed on them, so I can’t really tell you. Perhaps I’ll start a new trend with you.” His eyes grazed up and down my figure.

I shivered.

“I told you I was dangerous.” He said unblinking.

“I still don’t care.”

What I really wanted very much is to wrap myself around him and make his lips find mine. GOD-- Sebastian must be rubbing off on me.

“You really don’t know very much about Vampires do you?” He said as he watched me. “I thought your entire generation was obsessed about us, all these new vampire movies and books and TV shows.” He waited for me to say something.

“Actually, I was more into fairy-tales than anything else.” I said sleepily.

I didn’t want to fall asleep. I wanted to stay awake and ask him more questions, but my eyes were closing; it was so late, there was no way I would be able to get up for school tomorrow. I could hear movement in my room, probably Vincent; the window opened and shut, was Vincent leaving? My body felt heavy; so sleepy.

Someone was shaking me. I was really annoyed. “Anna I swear if that’s you.”

There was a chuckle, my eyes flew open as a voice I now recognized said; “Now poppet.”

Was that Nanny? My eyes flew open and I sat up.

“Nanny?” I tried not to moan, why did she always have a habit of showing up at the worst times. I sighed.

Nanny’s face beamed at me. I looked around myself; everything seemed slightly more solid than the last time I was here in my dream, which was bad because it meant that while some of what I was seeing when I was here was part dream the rest of it was real.

I swallowed and pushed myself out of bed. I ran in my white nightgown to the window and pushed it open. Below my window a party was being set up. There were tables and flowers and ribbons and lace and silk-- I backed away from the window and bumped into Nanny.

“Nanny, what is going on?” I whispered looking up at her.

“It is the preparations for wedding feast poppet, which will follow Prince Charles and your marriage vows.”

I felt my knees grow weak. “No Nanny, we have been through this before.”

Nanny sighed. “You are young poppet and afraid, but he will be a good match for you, and with this kingdom and his kingdom united then there should be little possibility of the darkness taking possession of the land, this time.” She said solemnly.

“So this darkness.” I swallowed thinking of Vincent and my friends. “Is back?”

Nanny nodded. “The evil witches have come out of their hidey holes, and once again joined forces with the evil demons.” She frowned, and picking me up as she seemed to like to do; must be a thing about not carrying me around as a baby, placed me before the mirror, and pulled the nightgown from me, and lowered my corset over my head.

My heart was in my throat, how was I supposed to get away if this wasn’t a dream? Outside I could hear people walking around and talking, and there was a clanking noise which must have been the knights tromping about in their armour. Nanny put a pure white gown over my head, its train was long and it was lacy. It was how I had always imagined a perfect fairy-tale wedding dress would look like. A part of me, as Nanny worked on my hair loved being pampered like this.

Here no one would say my clothes didn’t expose enough skin, or that I was too thin or too fat. They would all wait on me hand and foot and spoil me; and here I could horse ride for hours. The girl in the mirror, well me, looked quite happy with herself. I blinked a few times; Nanny had woven my hair into a masterpiece. A silver tiara with a veil was placed on my head and Nanny took one of my hands and began to lead me down the hall and then the stairs.

My insides were screaming, I could barely breath, that and I was afraid I wouldn’t get away. I didn’t want to marry Charles, as much as this place was wonderful, he looked too much like Topher for comfort and Topher hadn’t understood what it was to love me, only to protect me-- and haunt me with nightmares and I didn’t want a protector or a creepy demonic angel being who would watch me die... I wanted a man to love me so intensely that I was his whole world!

We excited the Castle and moved into the courtyard. At the entrance to the courtyard a platform had been built, a white arch was in the centre covered by flowers. And there standing beneath the white arch waiting for me was the gorgeous Prince Charles. Whom I didn’t love even as adorable as I found him. Behind Charles was the Priest all in black robes with a bald head and cross hanging from his neck.

I swallowed. Nanny handed me off to the King who walked with my hand tucked in his arm the rest of the way up the aisle. On either side of me courtiers and farmers alike all sat, each in their best dressed, beaming at me. After what seemed an eternity we reached the front.

The Priest began the marriage vows in a nasally voice. I wanted to scream! This could not be happening to me. Charles smiled at me and my face paled. I turned my face away from him. The Priest was talking to Prince Charles now, asking him if I was indeed the woman for him, if he would love me and cherish me--

“Yes Father.” Charles voice intoned.

I felt faint. I stared at the Priest’s black robes. Suddenly I saw a flicker of movement in the air beside the Priest-- but that shouldn’t be possible. I leaned my head closer, Charles frowned. The Priest turned to me, and began asking me the questions; as he finished the first question there was a gasp behind me. I looked from the Priest’s face to where I had seen the strange movement in the air, now there was an arm reaching through what seemed like from nowhere.

I recognized the tattoo around the wrist, I reached out and grabbed the arm throwing myself at it and hanging on. Around me the light dimmed and suddenly I was no longer in the Fairlands, I was back in my own room, my arms around Vincent.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

He stood very still; I looked up at him wondering why he appeared so blurry, when I realized I was still wearing the white wedding dress and veil. I let go of him and tried to pull the tiara from my head. Vincent stopped me, instead lifting the veil and looking down at me, extremely amused but also confused.

I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck and wove them through his wild hair that I couldn’t stop staring at, and kissed him like I had been wanting to do since the moment I had seen him in the parking lot all those months ago. He had been inked onto my brain-- and though I hadn’t been introduced to him until a day ago I felt like I had been being drawn to him for months-- and I wasn’t going to wait for him to decide he wasn’t going to kill me before I got the kiss I wanted.

I was surprised by Vincent’s response-- I hadn’t been sure if he would want to kiss me back-- but he scooped as much of me and the dress up as he could, and kissed me hard. Suddenly I couldn’t breath. I pulled away from Vincent.

“Stupid Corset.” I hissed. I had forgotten I was still wearing it. I looked into Vincent’s eyes. “I suppose I’ll have to eventually explain this.” I said of the wedding dress. “But I will wear whatever you want me to wear, you just saved me from getting married to this-- this guy…” I didn’t finish the thought or tell him to whom.

Vincent’s eyebrows rose. “And if I want that explanation now?” He murmured.

I fell back against my bed, but instead of feeling that secure soft feeling one normally would feel as they did the motion of falling back onto their beds, I felt like I was floating; because of all the material under me. I turned my head, my clock was flashing seven am on its digital face. My jaw dropped, had I really been out for four hours? Vincent pulled me into a sitting position.

“You can tell me at school then.” He frowned, and spun me around.

“What are you doing?”

I heard a ripping sound.

“Cutting you out of this dress.”

At first I was concerned that he literally meant he was cutting me out of the dress, but I soon saw what he meant; he cut the lace and ribbons that laced me into the dress and not the dress itself.

As the shoulders of the wedding dress slipped from my shoulders I was suddenly aware I was only wearing my corset and slip under the dress.

“Turn around.” I barked as I stepped out of the ballooning mass of white fabric.

Vincent snorted but did turn around; in fact he even tossed me a dress to wear to school, and a sweater, since it was still cold outside. As I stared at the dress trying to imagine myself in it, I realized that I was still tied into the corset. I sighed.

“Vincent.” I said slowly, “I need your help.”

Vincent slowly turned around. He laughed as I tugged on the stupid peach corset.

“Hmm, well maybe if it was in a different color it would be more appealing, but this one--well.” He made a face, and pulled me closer to him. Then hooking his fingers under the straps holding me in, he gently pulled upward, and the cords snapped as his fingers tugged on them.

It made me realize that he was exceptionally strong, and how weak I really was in comparison. Ignoring Vincent now and realizing he was still watching me-- my I slid into the turquoise dress, trying to ignore what a statement I would make coming to school on Vincent’s arm dressed like this.

I could hear early morning noises in my house-- Anna walking up and banging drawers around in the bathroom. Angela was somewhere downstairs, and Mike was probably down there already too.

“I’ll meet you outside.” Vincent said quietly then he jumped from my window in one bound.

I ran to the ledge and peeked out, but he was already out of sight. I took a deep breath to calm myself. I glanced in my mirror at the dress one last time and then pulled the black sweater on overtop and buttoned it all the way up. I looked at my clock, picked up the wedding dress and shoved it in my closet, then left my room making sure to shut the door behind me.

Downstairs I ran into the kitchen, like I had thought; Angel was cooking Mike breakfast, he was reading the morning paper. I grabbed an apple and bit into it, and opened the fridge pulling out the cheese. With my apple in my mouth, I sliced myself some cheese and then ate it as fast as I could.

“What’s the rush Gen?” Angela asked me looking slightly amused as I gobbled my food down.

“Have to get to school early.” I muttered, and swallowed my last mouthful of apple, flashed a smile then ran from the room.

“Glad you’re feeling better dear!” Angela called after me as I ran down the hallway.

Someone had replaced my flats with my thigh high boots. I smirked but pulled them on then let myself out of my house.

Vincent was waiting for me on the driveway sitting atop his motorbike. I climbed on behind him and wrapped my arms around his midsection. As soon as I was hanging on, he backed up his bike and we took off with a roar. I really hope Angela and Mike didn’t notice that. I bit my lip, but then was lost in the sensation that the bike made me feel like flying.

The morning air around us was cool and brisk. At the speed we were going I was so cold I felt like an icicle, but I liked the feeling. It seemed all too soon, we were pulling up to the school and Vincent was parking his bike. I slid off and waited for him, he stepped off, and we headed into the school. We were so early that there was no one here yet. Vincent led us to our classroom, where we went inside and sat down.

I twiddled my thumbs for a moment and then looked up into Vincent’s eyes; he was waiting for my explanation.

“So.” I said and cleared my throat. “You’re probably not going to believe me--”

Vincent chuckled. “Try me. I am after all a species that no one can prove with Human fact exists.”

I nodded. Well-- maybe he might believe me after all, one of the few who would.

“So it goes like this. In August I came home from England I’d been away for a while and the day I got home I met Topher-- by the way what is he? You called him a Guard? Is he a Vampire too?” I paused. “You can answer that once I am done telling you my story.” I murmured. “So in any case, Topher liked me--” Well, that was awkward to tell another guy. “And my sister Annabelle got angry, she left me by myself at a coffee shop with these random strangers, well that’s not the point. The point is at somehow after numerous things happened and Marissa and I had been at this party. I ended up running after my sister and then ran through this wall of--” I hesitated. “Shimmering air. In any case I ended up, when I woke up...” I was skipping all the details. “In a Castle with this woman called; Nanny, then they were telling me I was the daughter of this King and Queen, and everything from there gets sort of complicated. Since then I’ve been back to this Fairlands place, and this is going to sound really weird but-- the King and Queen of that place well-- I found out they are my real parents. Which would be all good and fine if not for the fact that they want me to marry this Prince Charles dude.”

Vincent frowned. “Wait a second, let me get this straight.” He stood from his chair and paced the aisle between the desks. “So your parents are from an alternate universe? What does that make you?”

I shrugged.

“Perhaps that makes you part Fae-- all Fae? Hmm..” He muttered his face a mask of thought.

I raised an eyebrow. Fae? That was ridiculous! The class door swung open and the Flagstone boys filed in muttering to themselves, but when they saw Vincent glaring at them they reverted back into the silent boys they always were. Vincent took his seat and the rest of the class filed in, including a very cocky Lexi, which seemed to not only surprise me but Vincent as well.

As Lexi walked past Vincent she made sure he would see the ring on her finger, his jaw muscles clenched as she giggled, and went and sat with Kiera who looked uncomfortable and Mina who was gushing at the ring on Lexi’s finger.

Flimheart called the class to attention, and we began our classes for the day but I kept getting distracted, I was warm in the classroom, and itchy, when I realized I was still wearing my black sweater.. I frowned and pushing the microscope at Vincent, well it was his turn to identify the slide anyways; I unbuttoned my sweater and pulled it off, and stuffed it into the desk beside my purse.

I looked up and saw Kiera staring at me with a shocked look on her face. I grinned at her, or smirked whichever fits. The air around me was cooler now that I had shed my black sweater. I rolled my shoulders a few times letting the stress flow out of me. Behind me one or more of the Flagstone boys was staring at my bare back. I could feel their eyes watching me like little pin pricks in my skin.

After what seemed an unusually long time Mr. Flimheart called a ten minute break. The Flagstone boys-- all four of them filed from the room. Vincent followed Mr. Flimheart and I walked over to Kiera to say hi. Lexi grabbed me and hugged me, I pulled away and looked at her curiously.

“Oh, I am so happy.” Lexi gushed, her bright pink hair in curls today bobbing as she moved. “First I was allowed to marry my gorgeous prince,” She giggled. “And now you are defying earth and sound by attaching yourself to Vincent.. I mean you are still alive after all,” She looked me over. “And you look amazing!”

My jaw dropped. “I didn’t-- I’m not…” I sputtered.

“Darling, you did and you are. If you weren’t his or with him, then you would be dead, we all know that.” She lightly pinched my cheek.

Kiera didn’t speak to me, but Mina’s eyes were flashing with excitement.

“So they LET you marry him?” She asked Lexi, who shrugged.

“We went to the council who saw that we really did want to belong together, that I didn’t care how or what or who he ate--” She paused as I went pale, and patted my hand. “Oops, sorry; I forgot we had a human in the room.”

Kiera growled at Lexi, who giggled. “Seriously Kiera? Like don’t think she doesn’t know who or what we are, especially if she’s with HIM.” She suddenly looked ecstatic. “Hey, if that means you are with Vincent, that makes you a real princess!” She squealed. “This could change everything… laws, feuds….”

She trailed off, and didn’t continue when Vincent re-entered the room with Mr. Flimheart just behind him.

I walked away from Lexi, Mina and Kiera and back to my desk. A part of me wished that Lexi was right, which was strange because I had only known Vincent for such a short time, but I knew differently, did I belong to him? Yes, he had told me so, but I wasn’t his girlfriend, he didn’t have feelings for me-- to him I was something to be used for eating-- not killing, but like a bag of blood he could play with, a toy, and I had unwittingly agreed to it.

I sighed, and was suddenly aware of something cold massaging my hand. I nearly gasped, his hand was so cold. I looked down to see Vincent’s hand toying with mine, and swallowed. Well he may not care about me, but I thought he was gorgeous, and I was slightly concerned that I might have begun to feel something for him after that kiss…

At lunch Kiera took off from the classroom like a bullet, she didn’t say anything as she passed me but she looked vaguely disquieted as she watched Vincent wrap an arm around me as we head out the door behind her. Vincent led me to a picnic bench outside. He sat atop the table, and pretended to bask in the sun, which I knew was just his attempt to look cool. As I pulled out my lunch and sat at the table in his shadow, I felt like asking him how come he could be in the sun. I almost didn’t but I was so curious.

“So Vincent, how is it that you can sit there looking cool as a cucumber in the sun when for centuries people have been told and have believed that Vampires will die if they are exposed to sunlight?”

From above me Vincent shrugged. “That was a Myth that was created long ago when humans got too interested in us and decided to wipe us out… See we love the night because free from the day we are stronger and more powerful, but since we were going out at night; for the most part, they started to notice us more. So we circulated a myth that we couldn’t go out in the day so that when we went out in sunlight-- though it made us weak and in some cases completely vulnerable, they took us off their suspect’s lists for being Vampires.”

I crunched down on my apple, and thought about this. “Then how old were you when you were turned?” I asked slowly, “How old are you?”

He laughed, and sat up and looked down at me seriously. “I wasn’t turned-- I was born, about eighteen years ago. Another Myth. Vampires can’t have children. It is like this. There are the Pureblood families which can trace their ancestry right back to the original Vampire, and then there are the mixed bloods, those who have married made Vampires and had children with them.” He shrugged.

“What are you?” I asked hesitantly.

“They call my family royalty.”

Greaaaat. I was so screwed.

“My grandfather has been the head of the council for years in France, we are the oldest Pureblood family left in North America, and I am the only son of my Father in the Steinheart line. My family rules this side of the continent -- with ambassadors from each bloodline sent to sit on the council.” He grinned down at me. “Which makes me a Prince.”

I rolled my eyes; knowing he had only thrown in that last little bit for my sake. I ignored him and ate the rest of my food.

“Let’s do something tonight.” He said suddenly, his eyes roving my dress and exposed white skin.

I swallowed.

“Let’s go to that over crowded club, what do they call it these days… Plumanara… I haven’t been in ages.”

I felt my blood pressure rise and spike. He laughed, and ran a finger along my cheek.

“I like watching you get nervous, it brings the blood behind your cheeks.

He grinned exposing his sharp teeth, sharp but not his fangs-- yet… I blushed more.

“Sure” I whispered, unable to meet his eyes.

The only things I knew to be true about Plumanara; one-- it was crowded you would never be able to see if someone was biting my neck, and two-- it was loud so no one would hear me scream. The boy was a genius, a gorgeous and probably extremely violent genius considering he was a Vampire who normally killed humans-- and used their blood as a food source…

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