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It cannot be undone

When we reached my parents house I dragged myself out of the car, and Vincent followed me slowly-- wishing for all the world that I was going to jump off a cliff or out of a plane rather than tell my parents who I couldn’t remember that I, a seventeen year old was getting married and moving out-- oh yes, and I was their daughter so that made it even more-- more something. Marissa had the good end of the stick--- she got to avoid the drama! She stayed safely stashed in the car, leaving it running... purring in the driveway as she watched us through her dark sunglasses as we approached the house. It was early morning, the sun was just starting to peek through the morning cloud cover and somehow I knew that my mom and dad would probably still both be home, even though I silently wished otherwise.

It was Vincent who popped the Disney Princess Key he found in my bag into the door and pulled it open, Vincent who then gave me a little push into the warm house as if he knew everything about it. I however walked slowly in-- feeling like an absolute stranger to this place. Vincent took my hand and led me into the house towards the noises coming from what turned out to be the kitchen; so it was that we entered the brightly lit kitchen hand in hand.

Mom was at the stove with a pot of coffee in her hand; dad was sitting at the table with the paper. I blinked a few times-- it was strange watching this scene because it felt like I had been here before watching the same scene play out-- but those memories as I had learned from Father Ezekiel were gone forever. I looked up at Vincent who cleared his throat. Mom put the coffee pot down and turned around and dad looked up from his paper. When they saw us their mouths dropped open-- I suppose Vincent was a little much in his leather clad attire... I tried to recall if I had ever introduced them to Vincent but since I had no memories beyond two days ago I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I stopped picking my brain.

“Hi mom, dad.” I said slowly. This felt really weird. “Look I can’t remember if I had officially introduced Vincent to you as my boyfriend or not but we’ve been dating for the past--” I paused how many months? I had no idea.

“We’ve been going out since December.”

“Oh?” Mom asked looking unimpressed. “Gen-- I don’t mean to be rude, but I sure hope this fellow isn’t the reason you broke up with that nice boy, Topher.”

Topher? Who was Topher again? I blinked.

“I assure you Mrs. Pradora-- Topher and Gen were already over long before we started dating.”

Neither of my parents looked like they believed us.

“See-- this is why I never told you about Vincent! As if you could believe that anyone was perfect enough for me!”

“So-- Vincent. What is your five year plan?”


“No, it’s okay Gen.” Vincent smiled at me. “Mr. Pradora-- I plan on marrying your daughter, going to university in the UK and eventually taking over my Father’s business. My Father owns several pockets of oil companies-- and has been grooming me since I was a child to be his replacement.”

I wasn’t sure how much of that was true-- but I hoped it would suffice.

“No offense Vincent-- but you don’t strike me as an individual who is looking to work in business and if you are-- then you have a lot to learn, including but not exclusive to business attire. As for marrying my daughter, come back and talk to me in say five years; once the punk rocker in you has been put to bed.”


“Honey. Please.”

I could feel Vincent’s patience wearing thin.

“Mom, dad-- I’m moving out.”

The kitchen went deathly silent.

“I’m moving in with Marissa. You like her-- remember? Well, guess what? Vincent is her brother and I am in love with him. More importantly-- we’re engaged.”

Mom gasped, dad went white as a sheet.

“Not under this roof you aren’t!”

“You’re not my real parents, remember?” I spat back.

That seemed to silence them. “Look. I love you.” At least I sounded convincing. “But I’m grown up. I’m done pretending that I’m okay living a lie. I need to make my own choices, my own mistakes… I need to live.”

“But Gen-- look at him!”

“I have.” Had I ever. I blushed.

“I know this seems sudden, even rash to you. I do not intend to apologize-- but can only hope that you see we are serious about this decision-- and that I can earn your blessing someday.”

Not that that any of this mattered of course-- we were already married, but he could have phrased it differently.

“Is this because you are pregnant?”

My jaw dropped. “NO! I am not!”

Mom sobbed and ran over to me pulling me in her arms, “Oh Gen, don’t leave me! You’re too young… still my baby girl!”

I blinked a few times, my eyes felt watery all the sudden.

Dad stood. “Listen to your mother.” He said softly. “Go out with Vincent if you want but why rush into anything more-- you are only seventeen Genevieve… for our sakes?”

I slowly detached myself from mom. “I’m sorry.” I whispered and I found I truly was. “But I have made up my mind.”

Mom went running to dad sobbing.

Vincent pulled me back to his side, and whispered in my ear. “We’ve done what we set out to do; they’ve said what they wanted to say-- we should go.”

I nodded and let him lead me from the kitchen-- I couldn’t believe that I was almost in tears-- what was this feeling? I could hear my mom sobbing as we walked quietly out the front door, a part of me whispered I could still hear her sobbing outside, but then that was the emotional side of me. We slid back into the purring car and headed back to Vincent’s. Marissa put the car in park down the alleyway beside his building.

“This is where you get out.” Marissa said eying Vincent in her rear view mirror over the rims of her glasses.

Vincent hesitated for a moment and looked at me; he looked like he was going to say something then thought better of it instead he pulled me into a big hug, and kissed the top of my head, then popped out of the car and disappeared into the back door of his building. The car sat for a moment purring lithely, Marissa patted the front seat and glanced back at me. I bit my lip and nodded, and slid out the still open back door and into the front passenger seat of the car. The car hummed to life as we left the alley; I stared out the front window blinking not sure how I felt. I had gone from confused the day before, to elation at my marriage to Vincent and then back down again to a confused feeling of sadness at my mother’s reaction to the news that I would not only be moving out but getting married to someone she didn’t even know…

Marissa kept glancing at me with concern. “So we’ll swing by my place, get changed and then head to school. You cool with that?”

I nodded. We both sat in silence as Marissa drove. I didn’t pay attention to where we were I just blankly stared at whatever passed my window. Eventually the car slowed and we turned into an underground garage, Marissa swiped a card at the door and the barred gate lifted and we entered the lot. Once Marissa had parked the car we sat for a moment, then Marissa pulled the glasses from her face and turned me to look at her.

“I know Vincent didn’t ask, but-- are you really ok? You’re being so quiet and withdrawn.” Her eyes searched my face.

“I think,” I muttered clearing my throat. “I will be ok.” I told her-- it was sincere and the truth and when she saw that she nodded.

“I am afraid there are a few more changes right down the road for you and I want you to be prepared. Starting with the fact that you have to hide the marks on your arm right away-- If any Vamp in the area sees those markings they’ll target you, they’ll see you as a curiosity and threat-- because to them you are food; and their logic would be that whoever married you-- well that Vamp has serious issues.”

My brain filed the info somewhere but I was so sleepy that nothing she was saying was making sense.

She opened her car door. “Lucky for you I have a ton of clothes that are your size and you can wear to hide your tattoo-- until necessary.”

I opened my door and followed her. Marissa locked the car as we walked through a white cement doorway and she pushed the button for the elevator.

“I promise you’ll be safe here though Gen.”

The elevator doors silently slid open and we stepped on. I noticed she had to swipe a security card to push the elevator button for her floor before the elevator would even move. I knew she meant it when she said I would be safe, there seemed to be a ton of security here. On her floor which was the last before the penthouse suite she scanned her card to get into her apartment. If Vincent’s apartment was old but classy; Marissa’s was new and modern. And it was uber clean- there wasn’t an article of clothing on the floor, or anything out of place.

“Let me show you around.” She said tossing her keys and security cards on a key ring at the door. “This is obviously the entrance to the great room.” She motioned with her hands. “Everything is designer-- I have excellent home décor skills.”

I followed her.

“I used a taupe and green color scale since well-- I tried red before but it made me hungry ALL the time… and trust me when you wake up in the middle of the night and see a flash of red it’s not a good thing.”

I chuckled; she was attempting to humor me. We walked into a large room she must be referencing as the great room. This room seemed to be the most utilized room in the apartment; there was a huge entertainment system, leather couches, a very clean modern kitchen with dark stained cherry wood cabinets. It was like looking into the complete opposite of Vincent’s place, but I found that I liked both just as equally as if they were the same style.

Then she showed me the bathroom which had an enormous soaker tub in it and then led me down a narrowed hallway that had a door on either side, she opened one--

“This is where you can sleep. It’s our spare bedroom, glad we finally got a bigger place.” Then she turned to the other door and pushed it open. “And this--” She muttered.

Her jaw fell to the floor. I peeked around her and saw pile after pile of jeans and tops-- guys clothes. “I swear I’m going to strangle him for this.” She hissed.

“Speak of the devil.” Came a voice from the inside of the room.

I peeked further into the room and saw what I had missed at first glance; a tall muscular teen with bright blue spiky hair was standing in front of a large window in the room and was watching us with a slight bit of amusement. I found that he looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place his name in my mind.

“I guess this is the part where I jump up and down and say-- Hunny I’m home.” He did a mock jump and waved his arms in the air… I couldn’t help it I giggled. He looked too funny jumping like that-- his blue spiky hair flapping all over the place. Marissa gave me a look over her shoulder that said shut up and I instantly stopped laughing and tried to look serious for her, tried being the correct phrase. Then she launched herself into the room and pounced on him. She knocked him over and began pounding his shoulder.


At first I was seriously frightened for the blue haired guy, Sebastian. Marissa was putting out some serious punches; but Sebastian just laughed and picked her up off him like she were a fly and held her at arm’s length while she still tried to punch him and kept squirming. Sebastian’s eyes glazed over, as he stared at her-- it was pure passion in his gaze-- I blinked a few times not sure if I should leave.

“And how many times do I have to tell you, you’ll never be stronger than me?” He said it so intensely I had to look away-- I felt like I was invading on a private moment, so I shut their door and made my way back into the room Marissa had said was mine.

I walked about the room; it had a nice feel to it. This room was slightly more traditional than the rest of the apartment. There was a computer desk, wardrobe closet, a dresser, a vanity and full mirror and two side tables on either side of the bed. All the furniture had that dark cherry color to the wood, it made me think of chocolate or wine or something sweet. I threw my bags onto the bed and pouted. I had a feeling I shouldn’t be craving sweet things but couldn’t for the life of me remember why.

“A mug of tea would be nice right about now.” I announced to the empty room. Was that me or was that a fragment of the old me? … So would a hug or two from Vincent, I thought. That made me frown, and I wondered if Vincent had ever been to Marissa’s place for some reason I doubted that-- which meant he couldn’t even come get me if he wanted to. Bravo, I thought to myself, Marissa had really played that one well-- she wanted to plan our human wedding really badly I guess.

“She’s just trying to keep us both safe from--” I shivered “The not so friendly Vampires.”

Gosh I was going to have to stop talking to myself out loud-- isn’t that how people end up in white suits in the loony bin? I shivered. Trying to take my mind off things I walked over to my bags and pulled them open and began putting my clothes into the empty drawers and into the wardrobe closet. That didn’t take too long considering I didn’t have much to pull out of the two bags; and once I had finished I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. My hair was loose in long ringlets that needed to be brushed, my skin looked white, my eyes empty and the dress I was still wearing-- that red thing; which was now extremely dirty. I made a face.

“CHEER UP.” I said and putting one hand on my hip and the other shaking at my reflection I gave myself a pep talk. “You were the one who wanted to marry Vincent because you wanted to run away from the bad guys and be with him forever-- you were even the one who went and got Father Ezekiel! You agreed to the vows and drank the strange golden ale-- and YOU were the one to tell your parents you were getting married and moving out. So stop feeling sorry for yourself already! You made those choices!” I bit my lip; I still didn’t feel better.

I let my legs collapse beneath me and stared at my seated form before the mirror. At least my reflection wasn’t talking back to me or moving when I wasn’t. I looked down at my fingers remembering how I had made a ball of light with my mind.

“And you have powers.” I felt something tingling in my palm; a sensation which continued down my spine right to the tips of my toes. “Plus, I’m a Fae, I’m a real Princess, I married the man--er-- Vampire I love, I am going to graduate and hopefully I will become a Vampire myself.” I looked back in the mirror, my eyes still looked half vacant-- well I was missing memories, but there was a spark of life back in them. I pushed myself up off the ground and smiled--not a fake ‘I’ll be ok’ smile, but a real to honest goodness smile. I flounced over to my wardrobe and threw it open. I pulled out a pair of dark blue skinnies and converse shoes, and then selected a long sleeved purple top- it was made from some sort of spandexy material-- that should be good. After I was changed I felt better. I dumped my red dirty dress into a metal garbage can in the bathroom and worked on my hair. It was a slow painful process but after it was brushed I managed to pull off a new phenomenal hair style.

I went into the kitchen and searched for food, but was unsuccessful. Too bad I wasn’t looking to get wasted-- Marissa was stocked up on alcohol and bagged blood. At last I settled on tea because I found a cabinet full of teas and instant coffee. While the kettle was boiling and I was waiting for my tea; I switched on the TV and watched the news, nothing too interesting-- a few more teens had gone missing, probably more Vampire attacks, the Vampires were looking for me, but at least they wouldn’t find me if was careful to hide the mark on my arm and stayed away from Vincent and did what Marissa told me to. I looked at the clock on the wall-- if we left for school right now I would be on time. I really hated being late; or at least I thought I did. I poured my mug of tea and left it to cool on the counter then taking a deep breath I walked down the hall and pounded on Marissa and Sebastian’s door.

“Marissa! Sebastian!” I shouted and banged on the door. “If you two aren’t out here in five minutes or less then I am taking the Mercedes and going to school by myself!”

I heard something growling from behind the door and then the door shook as if a shoe or something had been thrown at it. I rolled my eyes and went back to my tea, muttering-- “Stupid hormone crazy Vampire couple.”

Yet I guess they knew or thought that I would make my threat a reality so they were out of their room-- fully clothed; or at least clothed I don’t know if you can call a Vampire girl fully clothed ever-- they never seem to wear more then well-- the least they can get away with and still call it clothes. I suppose that’s because Vampires never get cold but still the boys never dressed like that and they never got cold either. I cleared my throat and looked over at Sebastian-- he couldn’t keep his eyes off Marissa. I laughed-- loud, and Sebastian blinked and looked over at me. I coughed and looked away-- he smirked.

“Someday once you are really one of us-- then you’ll maybe understand why--” He paused and stole another look at Marissa. “Why--”

Marissa giggled. “Stop trying to explain why Vampire men are well-- men; Seb darling.” She rolled her eyes. “Come on-- or Gen’s going to be late to school.” She grabbed my arm and yanked me out the door as Sebastian took my tea from my other hand and left the mug on the kitchen counter.

It wasn’t until I was once again seated in the green car and we were almost at school when I looked down at my hand and realized that though I had covered the mark on my arm with the purple top-- the ones on my hand were still exposed.

“Um Marissa?” I muttered as she swiped her key card at the school gate.

“Yeah, Gen. What’s up?” The car slid into the parking lot.

“Do you have a glove or something?”

Marissa looked at me through the rear view mirror as she parked the car. It took her a moment understand why I needed the glove, I almost wagged my hand around in front of her face, but once she did clue in-- mainly because Sebastian had snorted. ‘Newlywed.’ Under his breath. She tossed me a pair of ultra fine gloves from the glove compartment. I stared at them.

“Put them on.” Marissa said as she adjusted her bangs so they weren’t falling across her face. “They are made of a special material-- can’t for the life of me remember what. Anyways what the gloves do is once you put them on they adjust to your skin tone and body heat, no one will even know you’re wearing gloves, you might even forget you’re wearing them.”

I shoved my fingers into the gloves, they were incredibly soft and she was right- once on they were invisible-- or they looked like my hands.

“Well, off to class!” Marissa chided as she opened her door.

I sighed and Sebastian winked at me over his shoulder so I rolled my eyes and slid out of the car and ran into the school-- I was probably already late. Once again I let my feet take me where they wanted to go-- and once again they led me down the dark empty hall and to the small classroom. The professor was just putting down his bags as I slid into a stool closest to the door.

There were four boys in the back row staring at me incredulously, and then there was two girls seated side by side who were smiling at me-- they both looked so familiar but their names escaped me. I waved at them, and they waved back. The professor turned around.

“Nice for you to finally join us-- Ms .Pradora; where is your cling on boyfriend Vincent?” He asked me his green marble eyes staring unblinkingly at me.

Something in me screamed lie! You have to lie to him!!! So I followed my instincts.

“We broke up.” I whispered quietly as everyone leaned in. My face went red.

There was a moment of silence then the man at the front cleared his throat.

“Well that would makes everything so much clearer-- I was wondering why he switched back to the night class. Finally going back to where he belongs.”

I felt something in me snap. I should have been expecting he would do that well to switch classes that was; to keep both of us safe but still it meant I probably wouldn’t see him at all... if he was coming to school at night. At the lunch bell I ran from the room and hurried to the cafeteria. The two girls from class were running after me-- but I ignored them; I couldn’t deal with talking to anyone right now. As I pushed the doors open to the cafeteria I searched the room for Marissa and Sebastian, and when I found their table I saw there was another guy sitting there with them.

He looked very very familiar, those brown eyes and that blond hair. I swallowed, should I go sit or should I turn and leave even though it would mean I would have to be sociable with the girls from class?

I took a deep breath and took a step forward. Behind me the girls had just entered the cafeteria-- they were about to stop me from walking further when they hissed at something or the sight of someone in the room and turned and ran. I tried not to be uneasy about their behaviour-- but it was harder than I thought. I hurried over to the table where Marissa and Sebastian were sitting. Before I had even sat down I knew something was wrong; Sebastian was glaring at the blond boy, and Marissa looked extremely anxious. When I got within hearing range she muttered;

“So Christopher what brought you back to Acroft High so close to graduation?”

I resisted the urge to turn and walk away. I had no memory of this person except that his face was extremely familiar but if Marissa looked worried and Sebastian was glaring there had to be something wrong with him. The boy; Christopher, looked up at me and grinned. I tried not to shiver.

“I have my reasons.” He said silkily as I sat down.

Marissa cleared her throat and picked up her mug of tea; she glanced over at me and said quietly.

“I’m sorry Gen that your ex had to sit with us.”

It was almost a whisper and I don’t think the boy noticed it-- but I was shocked by her statement. So I had gone out with this boy-- I looked him up and down-- he was good looking but not attractive to me maybe that was because I was married to Vincent no one else would even look half as good to me. Ha, well I remembered nothing of this man-- his loss. But I knew I had to play along.

Turning towards Sebastian and away from Christopher and Marissa, I said to Sebastian-- “It looks like it’s going to rain later.”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “I think it’s raining now” He growled.

I tried not to laugh. “I think it’s more like a tornado or some type of storm.”

Sebastian’s frown faded as he laughed grabbing his sides. “Tornado? That’s a good one- what about thunder and hail!”

I giggled. I heard a harrumph. And when I peeked over my shoulder Christopher looked furious that I was completely ignoring him and Marissa looked intrigued but confused.

“Tut tut--” I said waving my hand around. “Looks like rain.”

A hand clamped down over my raised wrist, I spun around furious-- Christopher’s hand which was big had closed tightly around my arm.

“You will not ignore me--” He hissed.

I raised my free hand and slapped him across his face. “And you will not touch me ever again.” I growled. “Leave now-- I never want to see you again.”

Sebastian poked Christopher in the side with one of his closed fists. “You heard the lady To-to, get lost.”

Christopher’s face was dark; he looked like a storm cloud right now-- he really did. I tried to remember what I had seen in his face that had made me go out with him-- but I was thankful this time that I didn’t remember. He stood and glaring at us all, he spun and fled the room.

Once he was gone I looked at Marissa and Sebastian; “I can’t remember him at all.” I said slowly.

Sebastian growled. “Good.”

As Marissa muttered. “We have to find out how to reverse this memory block.”

I wanted to tell Marissa it wasn’t a memory block, but actually that the awakening of the Fae in me had reset my memory-- but I remembered Father Ezekiel’s warning to not tell people about my powers so instead I went and bought myself some food- my stomach was growling, and as I ate; I reminded Marissa that if she didn’t want me turning into an alcoholic or dying etc etc she would need to buy some human food for me. Marissa nodded and then reminded me that she had bought some food but it was at Vincent’s so she would pick it up later today. I didn’t mention that I knew Vincent had switched back to the night class, I didn’t even say his name-- I was trying to make it seem like I was completely single-- or at least over him-- if anyone was watching me.

After I ate I hurried back to class, it was still lunch hour but I wanted to get settled into my spot before the other kids got back. The girls were still in the classroom when I got back though. The purple haired one came over to me.

“Gen what’s going on? There is no way I believe you and Vincent broke up.”

The other girl wandered over-- I noticed the faint marks on her arm showing she was married. I swallowed, and reached out and took her arm tracing the intricate design in her skin.

“I wish I could see what this really looked like.” I muttered.

The girl with pink hair watched me closely. “I can tell you haven’t broken up with Vincent-- but for now I’ll play along, obviously it has to be that way.” She blinked and took her arm out of my hands. “Come Mina.” She whispered. “We should get back to our seats before the rest of class gets here.”

Mina the purple haired girl; followed the pink haired girl back to their side of the room and the door burst open as the rest of the class and the professor strode back in.

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