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Worlds within Worlds

How I passed the rest of the day I don’t quite recall. The professor, Mr. Flimheart told me my original seat mate-- Kiera was switching back to the day class; I guess that news should have made me happy but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who Kiera was so I just smiled and tried to look happy-- I hoped it was enough to convince everyone I was, at least.

No one except Flimheart spoke to me-- though I could feel at certain points throughout the day everyone in the room staring at me. It was getting close to the end of the term-- three weeks until graduation-- I had thought there was more time-- but Flimheart announced we would be starting review tomorrow in preparation for our exams. When he dismissed us Sebastian met me at the classroom door.

“Marissa had some shopping to do.” He smirked at me. “And so I’ll be driving us home-- that is after we pick up my sister.” He dangled car keys from his fingers and I sighed.

“I suppose I don’t have any choice in the matter?”

Sebastian shook his head so I followed him from the classroom and out of the school-- so far so good-- no one had tried to kill me yet today; I just hoped Vincent would stay as safe. In the car I relaxed; I hadn’t even realized how tense I had been since entering the school grounds and not sure what would happen. Marissa had told me she and Sebastian would keep me safe, I guess I needed to trust them more. Sebastian drove into a nice area up where I’m pretty sure my mom and dad lived.

He cleared his throat. “Your mom and dad live down that street” He pointed to the left. “But we’re going a lot further.” He was right, he kept driving through the nice houses until we were at the top of a hill and we had entered a narrower road that led through the forest. “Not a lot of people come up here.”

I could see why-- the road looked like it practically disappeared into the trees it was kind of spooky looking; after we had driven for a few minutes the road came to an abrupt end at a huge rod iron gate. I couldn’t help but stare at the gate. It was a magnificent pattern of ivy and leaves-- I couldn’t even see where the opening or latch was in the dizzying pattern. Sebastian put the car in park but left it running and slid out of the car-- I tried to see what or where he pressed, but at his touch the gate opened.

Sebastian grinned at me as he got back into the car. “Stupid gate is so old fashioned I had to actually push it open.” He pulled the car into the lane and then got out and closed the gate behind us.

I stared into the distance in front of us. We had entered what appeared to be a huge gated property with an extremely long driveway. On either side of the cobble stone driveway there was a highly manicured lawn that had a lake in one side surrounded by weeping willows and pink flowers and on the other side was interspersed with tall looming poplar trees that seemed to have been planted in perfect rows; all in all it was absolutely stunning.

“Welcome to my world.” Sebastian said proudly.

It was like I had entered another world-- a totally different place than what I was used to and as we neared the house I could see it was more than just a normal house; it was like a huge mansion you might see in a Jane Austen scene in London. I tried not to stare; but it was practically impossible.

“Who lives here?” I whispered.

The car slowed to a stop in a circle round a bout with a water fountain shooting up clear crystal water, and pink roses surrounded the base of the water fountain. As the car stopped, Sebastian turned to look at me.

“My family.” He said proudly.

I tried to look calm. “Oh.” Was all I could say.

“Don’t worry so much. But I will warn you-- there are lots of us.”

As we got out of the car the front door of the mansion flew open and a woman practically flew out of the house; she had long deep red hair and cream colored skin, and was wearing a flowing long pale pink gown with an empire waistline and small puffy cuff sleeves. “Sebastian!” She shrilled, pulling him into a tight hug.

Up close the woman looked only to be about twenty years old, and she had stunning green eyes, the same fluorescent green as Sebastian.

“So when are you and my gorgeous daughter-in-law moving in? I’ve fixed up your old rooms in a style I know Marissa won’t be able to resist-- You really shouldn’t be on your own-- it’s safer to be in the numbers of the coven.”

I somehow managed to contain my shock that this young woman who looked only two or so years older than Sebastian and I-- was Sebastian’s mother.

Looking over his shoulder at me Sebastian cleared his throat. “Mother, I would like you to meet the newest member of our family-- Marissa’s and mine sister-in-law; Genevieve.”

The woman with red hair turned around and looked at me for the first time since running from the house to greet Sebastian.

“Genevieve- this is my mother-- Juliet.”

For a moment she looked me up and down. “So the great King’s son has married a human. Does he know yet I wonder?” She blinked a few times as Sebastian shook his head.

“Not yet-- but she isn’t human… she’s Fae; and don’t worry, we’ll keep it from him as long as possible.”

“Fae?” Juliet took my hand. “Ah yes, the concealment gloves.” She murmured as she brushed my hands between her own. “I wonder-- might you mind showing me your marks?”

I shrugged, she was Sebastian’s mother and Sebastian had told me he would keep me safe. I pulled the glove off my hand and rolled up my tight sleeve as far as it would roll and held out my arm to Juliet.

She traced the intricate lines on my arm with a glowing look of acceptance toward me. “You have been put in a very dangerous place.” She said looking up into my eyes. “It would be best if he changes you as soon as possible. Best for both of you--” she hesitated a moment. “Has anyone told you my story?”

I looked at Sebastian-- “Someone mentioned bits and pieces I think.” I replied.

She nodded. “In our world either you are a pureblood or mixed-- the families who have had no made Vampires in them for at least a century are considered the next level under the Purebloods and made Vampires are considered the lowest of all.”

I felt sick slightly. I bit my lip.

“I fell in love with a human-- and was a Pureblood, my brother is Vincent’s father and if you think he was tough you should have met my dad. Anyways I turned him in secret-- but my brothers found out, they found out because I married Sebastian’s father and there is nothing to hide the marks on your arms showing you are wed.” She looked at my worried face. “Except long sleeves.” She patted my arm. “I ran away with him rather than face death-- it has been centuries since then-- our two coven’s have been at war since. Vincent’s doing this-- taking you into his life and not only that but his decision to not kill you or have you as his next meal will force my brother’s hand. But you will always find safety here. Come let’s go inside-- it’s slightly chilly out here.” Letting go of me she skipped up the stairs ahead of us. I walked behind her beside Sebastian.

“So wait a minute-- you’re like-- cousins with Marissa, wow that’s screwed up.”

Sebastian tossed me a wry look, and then winked. “I know I’m kinky.” He said smirking. “But actually the family line was broken when my mother married a human-- it’s complicated; like me.”

“Sure, sure….”

Inside the house there was a lot of noise; almost as soon as I entered the house and the doors had been shut behind me I was engulfed in teens-- swarming Sebastian.

“Hello sisters!” He said grinning.

I rolled my eyes, no wonder he acted like he was a supreme being, his sisters treated him that way-- and he was right there were tons of them. I lost count after a while. Most of them had bright hair-- some pink some blue while others were bright reds and yellows- I don’t mean blond I seriously mean yellow, canary yellow while others had midnight black hair. He must have at least fifteen or twenty sisters… and at least as many brothers.

I was made to feel welcome amongst their chatter as they fondly nicknamed me, ‘The Human.’ I was taken through numerous rooms and introduced to everyone-- spouses included, apparently Sebastian and his twin Kiera were the youngest of the family-- although many had sneaky suspicions that their mother was thinking about having more kids. More kids? Some of Juliet’s kids had kids, and they were adorable.

Finally the crowd slowly died down until it was just me and Sebastian wandering the hallway in the mansion. He pushed open a door in the wall which I would never have seen on my own and led me away from the hubbub in the house and into a library. Closing the door behind us Sebastian put his fingers to his lips and crept through the library on tip toes. I followed him somewhat hesitantly; we wound through the rows of bookcases and came into an open space where there was a couch and fireplace roaring. Just above the back of the couch I could see the top of a blue head. Crouching Sebastian sprang at the couch and the figure sitting on the couch squealed and flew into the air.

“NO FAIR SEBASTIAN!” Screamed the girl who looked like she was the exact copy of him in feminine form.

“Aw come on Kiera, you love it when I sneak up on you.”

She socked his arm with her book and scowled at him sticking her tongue out. I giggled. Kiera turned to look at me. “Genevieve?” She asked looking puzzled.

Sebastian cleared his throat. “Um, yeah-- that’s a long story that even makes my head spin.” Sebastian said smirking. “In any case I am here to bring you back to Marissa’s place.”

She sighed. “Ok fine, but then can you explain?”

He nodded, and put an arm around mine and Kiera’s shoulders. “Shall we go ladies?”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously how does Marissa put up with your pigheadedness?”

Sebastian laughed. “It’s all about the--oof--”

Kiera elbowed her brother in the stomach. “Do you really think I want to hear about my brother’s love life? Like ew gross.”

I giggled as Sebastian’s eyes narrowed. “I hope dear sister you have a husband who never lets you out of your bedroom.”

She pretended to puke, then grabbed my arm-- “We’ll meet you in the car.” And pulled me on ahead and down the hallway.

Sebastian followed grumbling.

Kiera paused before a huge archway to pick up a stuffed duffel bag and then we exited the building and walked to the Mercedes. Kiera dropped her bag in the back seat and turned to face me. “So I really do want to know what is going on.” She said slowly.

I nodded and bit my lip. “Were we friends?” I asked slowly.

She looked at me like I was an idiot. “Uh yeah.” She said. “Why are you asking me that?”

Sebastian shut the door and joined us at the car. “Because her memory before two days ago-- was wiped clean. She can’t remember anything-- nothing, the people the places… all gone. The only people she knows right now; Vincent, Marissa and myself; well now she’s re-met you and just met mom and family, too bad she didn’t meet dad-- he’s away sitting his term on the council. Pretty sure Uncle Marcus is having a cow about that; mom heard he left immediately for France yesterday when dad’s name was drawn-- that means that Marcus is away for a bit longer too which is fine because when he finds out his son is with Gen-- he’s going to royally flip.”

We all got into the car and Sebastian put the car into gear, Kiera kept looking at me. “But how Sebastian? HOW? Vincent with a human girl??? I thought she would be dead by now.”

Sebastian cruised along the cobblestone driveway. “I don’t know… he loves her, by the way-- and please don’t freak-- Gen and Vincent tied the knot the other day.”

Kiera squealed with shock and delight and fear. “OMG. When we get to Marissa’s I totally want to see your marked arm!!!” She jumped up and down in the seat.

“Relax would you.” Sebastian mumbled putting the car into park and going to open the front gate.

“I’m so glad that I switched back to day class-- then we can talk more!”

I smiled at Kiera-- “I’m glad too. I hope you don’t mind me being so quiet and all. I haven’t had any sleep in the last thirty six hours.” I grinned sleepily.

Sebastian popped into the car, and we drove through. “Good thing we didn’t leave you and Vincent alone then since you’re so tired.” He teased, as Kiera made a face and he went to close the gate behind us.

“Men.” She hissed softly.

Sebastian was laughing when he got in the car. “Just you wait till you find your man Kiera, then you judge. Besides from what Marissa was telling me earlier-- it was hard to get Genevieve to let go of her boy toy.”

I coughed and punched Sebastian in the arm-- remembering how much I had wanted Vincent right then and there-- my face going beet red. “He’s not my boy toy.” I whispered, pouting.

Sebastian’s cell rang, he pulled it out and flipped it open. “Hello, Sebastian’s phone.” He said sarcastically. Apparently he got an earful back because he rolled his eyes. “Yes darling-- of course, no I’ll never answer my phone like that again. What was that? Sure I’ll ask her.” He paused and looked at me while still speeding down the hill. “Marissa wants to know-- pink invitations or blue invitations-- but not just any blue POWDER blue.” He said emphasizing the words.

I moaned, I had forgotten I told Marissa that she could plan my wedding. “I’m going to kill her.” I wailed throwing my head into my hands.

“I think that means she wants the pink.” Sebastian interpreted for me on the phone to Marissa. I stole a look at Sebastian who was smirking. He tossed his phone on the dashboard. “Ps there is no way I’m letting you kill my baby girl.” He grinned and Kiera muttered something I couldn’t quite catch under her breath, but it sounded like; “Baby girl? HAH. Sure, more like your own personal drug.”

If only she knew-- that was what it felt like.

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