In Dreaming Reality

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June Jubilee

As Sebastian pulled the car into the underground lot it took everything in me to hold back busting out of the car and racing up the stairs all the way to Marissa’s apartment to give her an earful about how unnecessary all this wedding stuff was-- and how a choice between pink or blue wasn’t even a choice! Pink? My face twisted-- maybe the Gen she remembered liked that… or blue? The only colour I thoughts of when I thought, blue was navy-- and I hated navy. Not sure how I knew that, but I did. It was an unholy colour. Couldn’t we keep things simple-- like white and gold… maybe a forest green? Not that this wedding really meant anything to me, or did it? Why was a so perturbed anyways? The car slid into a parking spot-- I moaned and put my hands over my face.

“You doing okay there Tiger?” Sebastian slapped me on the back.

“Is this really necessary?”

“Whatcha mean?”

“This whole human wedding nonsense? I mean I’m not even human… and neither are you guys! And it’s not really what I want right now.”

“Look Gen.” Seb started--

I sat up, and looked at him; his normally joking tone had turned super serious.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in the life you’ve chosen; the life we’ve chosen. We might be immortal-- but we really don’t know what day will be our last.”

I shivered at the ominous tone in his voice; but I knew what he was saying was true.

“Marissa is excited right now-- in this moment for you; when tomorrow you might be running for your life from the inner council who will try to hunt you down and end you.”

“Isn’t your dad currently on the Council?”

Kiera and Seb nodded.

“Yup he is!”


“But our dad is sitting a term on the Council-- but the Inner Council is made up of all Purebloods and they answer to no one.”

“Yeah. Everyone knows about them, that they do exist, but no one knows who sits on that council since it is so secret-- and so no one can stop them once they feel someone has broken or violated one of their ridiculous Pureblood laws.”

The car went silent.

“We should go up-- Marissa’s waiting.”

The three of us somberly made our way out of the car without speaking. It was strange this world I found myself plunked into the middle of. The Purebloods had laws, the Vampire community itself had laws-- and then there must be laws for each of the other supernatural races too… including the Fae that I apparently was. I wondered silently how everyone knew what the rules even were-- I mean was there a rule book floating around somewhere that I could borrow and study so I didn’t step on anyone’s toes?

We’d reached the elevator-- Sebastian scanned his key card and the doors swooshed open.

“Hey! I just realized something!” Kiera’s blue head bobbed as she jumped onto the elevator as if it was trying to eat her.

“Oh? What’s that?”

“You have to pick a wedding dress!!”

Sebastian laughed as my face paled. I could see in my minds eye a picture of myself in a poufy white dress-- but that was silly. When would I have ever worn a wedding dress before this … especially one that looked like that!

“Don’t worry Gen! I’ll make sure no one shoves you into a loads of fabric! I mean-- it’s really not the Vampire way.”

I rolled my eyes. The elevator slowed to a stop and as the doors opened I found myself being dragged off it by Kiera. “Sorry. I just hate those things. They move so slowly and really-- being trapped in that small space and…”

“Oh Kiera. My little little sister.”

Kiera stuck out her tongue at Sebastian and so when we entered the apartment we were all laughing thoughts of our conversation in the car an almost distant memory except when we closed the apartment doors behinds us we found ourselves in a sea of everything pink. There was pink party decorations everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I dropped my purple school bag on the ground and walked further into the apartment-- there were pink wedding invitations all over the modern coffee table, wedding magazines all over the island in the kitchen and then a huge pile of brightly pink and cream colored wrapped gifts on the kitchen table; and flitting here and there so fast you could barely see her was Marissa, her small silver phone to her ear-- humming here comes the bride; her dark hair flying as she moved from one spot to another in the room.

“Sounds perfect.” She said and snapped her phone shut, looking up at us with a smile as we all entered the room. “Perfect timing guys!”

“Marissa? What is this???”

Kiera and Sebastian slowly stepped backwards as if to run away.

“Oh no you two don’t!” She hissed at them-- and they froze. “We’re all in this together.”

“I really don’t know babe.” Seb shrugged. “I had nothing to do with the pink…”

Marissa glared at him. “Fine. Do me a favour and go hang out with my brother.”


“But nothing. You two could try to bond for once.”

“Bond? I don’t think so. Every time I see him I feel like he’s going to try to kill me-- and…” Seb muttered but caught a glance from Marissa and changed his tune. “You want me to go? Alright, alright… I’ll go. But I’m not happy about it. If he says even one thing about my hair-- I’m out of there.”

“Thanks babe. Take Vince his tux for me? It’s in the closet in our room.”

“Is there a reason I feel like you are kicking me out?” He muttered eyeing all three of us suspiciously.

Marissa turned a sweet smile at him and batted her eyelashes. “If you go chill with him for a bit then I swear I will make it up to you-- in ways I really can’t talk about right now because your sister is standing next to me....”

From beside me Kiera grimaced.

“That’s what time talking about.” Sebastian grinned zooming out of sight with new motivation before momentarily reappearing with a clothing bag over his shoulder-- he blew a kiss at Marissa and with a wink at me and Kiera he was out the door leaving Marissa, Kiera and myself alone in the apartment.

“Alright ladies! Now that I am distraction free we have some things to finalize!”

“Do we have to?” Kiera whined.

My thoughts precisely as I eyed the pink invitations with horror.

“Yes. But, don’t worry! I invited some friends over to help us out-- and their picking up a bottle of my favourite Merlot and Champagne. So it won’t be all work. Thank heavens your mom emailed me your family addresses Gen! I just thought we’d get this out of the way so we can let the real celebrations begin-- I mean I’m talking dancing at Plumanara, an all-nighter at Worthington Manor-- drinks here, karaoke! The whole works! Then we can go dress shopping… I still haven’t heard back from Bella-- if she’ll be able to make it… but I did pick up a very special dress for you.”

I blinked a few times; she’d invited friends? Did I have friends? “Friends?”

“Of course!”

“Mina and Lexi? Kiera gushed looking so excited.

“You bet! They should be here momentarily. Now Gen-- I bought you a few things, I couldn’t help myself…”

“And if I had known I really would have too!” Piped in Kiera.

“Guys-- the last thing on my mind is gifts!” I plunked myself down on the couch and picked up a stack of invitations absent mindedly reading the top line out loud. “We are so pleased to invite you to the wedding of Genevieve Eden Pradora and Vincent Augustus Steinheart.” I took a deep breath. “Wow-- so our parents really gave us loaded names…. I’m the white wave warrior and he’s the magnificent victor.”

“Well-- looks like your name meaning suits you, I’m not yet sure of my brother’s-- I mean when I was a kid; I did think he was the magnificent victor, but that was before I saw another side of him.” Marissa sighed. “Perhaps it’s all water under the bridge now-- thanks to you, but there was a time when I thought I had lost him forever. We’ve missed out on so many many years.”

Kiera nodded. “I never thought you and Vince would ever talk again… neither did Mama.” She grabbed the stack of envelopes from me-- she’d already gone through her pile. “Here, let me finish these.” She glanced at Marissa-- “I can tell there is something you want to tell Genevieve, I’ll finish these up; you go show her what you want to show her.”

“Oh Kiera-- sometimes I forget that you are so used to using telepathy; but thank you! Okay Gen-- before Mina and Lexi get here I have something I picked up for you and I really really hope you like it!” She grabbed onto my arm and dragged me from the couch, pulling me down to where my room was. The room looked just as I had left it-- except in the corner there was something hanging under a garment bag. “Like I already said … I really hope you like this.” Marissa said her eyes sparkling; she pulled the covering off the dress and biting her lip looked up at me.

My eyes bugged out of my skull. Under the garment bag was this cream coloured wedding gown. I should have been shocked-- I should be appalled, any other regular teen would balk at getting married at seventeen but to me it was perfect. It was simple, with an empire waistline on the front and a dropped back with a long train. It wasn’t pouffy, it wasn’t over accentuated with needless details. It was a dress I was sure even Vincent would love.

“It’s perfect.” I whispered.

Marissa beamed. “I knew it was perfect when I saw it the other day. So I went back and nabbed it.” She let the garment bag fall back on top of the dress and went over to my bed. From the bed she picked up a hanger-- on the hanger was a purple dress that made even my head spin. “And this is for tonight.”

The doorbell rang.

Marissa giggled. “I have to go let Mina and Lexi up; put this on in the meantime.” She flitted from the room and left me by myself.

Alone now I took a deep breath and fell back onto the bed, staring at the garment bag in the corner. I had made the right choice hadn’t I? I pulled the glove off my left hand and stared at the almost invisible lines running up my arm. Forever was a really long time. Seb and Marissa seemed happy right now, but they had married at thirteen… which in my mind was far too young ever-- Vampire or not-- but were they always happy? What had the last four years of life looked like for them? I closed my eyes and lay there for a minute. Marissa wanted to celebrate as if it was the June Jubilee-- but was that really a good idea? There were people after us-- the dangerous scary kind.

“Be the warrior princess Gen.” I made the ball of light in my hands and tossed it in the air, let it run over my fingertips. I was a Fae-- I had powers… what was I afraid of? That Vincent would regret marrying me? That was absurd. He loved me and I loved him. I sat up, I could hear Mina and Lexi, Marissa and Kiera laughing together in the great room. I made a decision-- for as long as there was laughter to be had, I would fight for it. Picking myself up off the bed I shrugged out of my skinnies and top, and picked up the purple dress. I tugged it down over me and let the soft skin hugging material graze my thighs. I went to the mirror and took in my reflection. I blinked several times-- I looked amazing. I readjusted my hair-- as I heard voices getting closer to my door.

“I knew it!” I heard a familiar voice say. “When she said she had broken up with him I knew it couldn’t be true!”

I slipped on a pair of thigh high boots as a knock at my door sounded. “You ready Gen?”

Well-- I was as ready as I was going to have to be. I opened the door, Marissa and the purple haired girl Mina, were standing there grinning at me.

“I’m soooooooo happy for you!” Mina gushed as she threw herself at me and hugged me tighter than was comfortable. “Lexi and I were talking about this on the way over-- neither of us actually believed you and Vincent were done! Gah!”

“Alright Mina, let’s not crush the bride. Remember she’s still human-ish.” Marissa scolded.

“Right-- so sorry!” Mina untangled her arms from around me, I was so glad to be able to feel my lungs drawing in air.

“Thanks.” I mumbled as the three of us walked down the hallway together back into the great room where Lexi and Kiera were waiting-- shoes on, clutches under their arms, and a wedding magazine open between them as they giggled.

“All right ladies! Let’s get this party started!” Marissa grabbed a tray of shots from kitchen island-- Mina, Lexi and even Kiera grabbed a shot. Marissa looked at me with a question mark on her face.


“Well-- the old you wouldn’t want one. You were really against it.”

I stared at the shot glass. What did the new me like? I hesitantly reached out and took the glass.

“I guess we’ll find out what the new me likes tonight... Bottoms up ladies!” I took the shot and downed it-- letting it burn all the way down my throat. I tried not to cough, didn’t want to look like a total newb. “Not bad.” I wheezed out.

There was a round of laughter which even though it had been at my expense, I joined in on-- and that was how we left Marissa’s apartment, laughing. When we reached Plumanara we headed straight for the doors, completely walking past the line of people around the building waiting to get in; there was this guy at the front of the line blocking the door who I swear looked exactly like Sebastian-- which was really confusing at first.

“Viktor!” Kiera had squealed, running to give him a hug. “Gen, this is my big brother-- Vik, this is Genevieve.”


Mina and Lexi swooned.

Marissa rolled her eyes. “He’s married ladies, move on.”

Viktor flexed his muscles and the girls kept swooning.

“Must be a Worthington trait.”

Viktor grinned at Marissa. “I taught my brother everything he knows.”

Kiera made a face and Marissa went beet red.

“Come on in ladies.”

We walked into the coolest place I’d ever seen. The mirrored walls along the bar made it look like the room extended far beyond what it probably did and the dry ice made it look like we were floating among the clouds-- I felt the energy of the room and it was electric. The four of us made our way to the center of the dance floor which was almost under the clear platform that the DJ was spinning his tunes from. There were so many people here, and the music was so loud I felt like I could easily lose myself to the music and be swept away, turn into a sound wave-- or a lightwave like my name really meant and be content. With closed eyes I danced with my friends-- and we danced and danced until I couldn’t stand-- and my skin was glowing with the light of my soul.

It must have been at least three in the morning by the time we stumbled out of the club, which was still bopping and still had a line of people waiting around the building, waiting to get in, to experience what we had. I closed my eyes in the limo that had picked us up and let the soothing purr of the engine lull me to a sleepy haze.


I yawned.

“When will you come to me?”

Man, I must have had too much to drink… I was hearing voices in my head! Maybe I was daydreaming … about Vincent. I smiled.

“My scarlet woman!!!”

I jumped and woke. Marissa, Lexi and Mina were all passed out on the limo benches beside me. What had I just heard? That voice… why did I know that voice?

“You belong to me.”

I shivered as the limo came to a stop in front of the Worthington Manor house. Marissa groaned and stretched, blinking her eyes. “Wow! We’re already here? Did I really sleep? Pssst. Wake up girls!”

Should I tell Marissa what I heard? I bit my lip-- probably, but now definitely wasn’t the right time. The limo door opened as the girls woke or were in various stages of consciousness, and we were ushered into the Worthington Manor.

“Welcome ladies to my home away from home.” Marissa said grandly as we walked into the huge house. “And of course, Kiera-- welcome home.”

The huge house was different then when I had been here last-- it was strangely quiet as if all living things had ceased to exist. “Where is everyone? Did they leave?”

“Leave?” Keira giggled. “They never leave!”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Marissa muttered-- as the led us down a corridor I hadn’t been in when Sebastian had brought me here earlier. “Lady Juliet had these quarters designed for Seb and I when we first were looking for a place. She really wanted us to move in with the Coven since she feels it’s safer but I like living independently.” We’d reached a seafoam green door with gold trim. “Anyways. I do like having the option-- if we need it.” She pushed open the door and welcomed us into a beautiful suite.

The seafoam green and gold continued throughout the apartment, in the walls, the furniture-- the chandelier…

“Marissa! It’s so beautiful.” Why didn’t she want to live here again? Being independent was one thing-- but if someone was hunting you, wasn’t there strength in numbers?

Marissa nodded but didn’t reply as we walked into a sunken living room and sat on divans and settees that looked antique. “Now we open gifts! Before all of us fall asleep again!”

“Great!” Lexi yawned as she fell back on the settee-- kicking off her boots in the process.

Mina and Kiera joined her both ending up sitting on the ancient furniture. I sat down-- I really hadn’t wanted gifts, but I didn’t want Marissa to be upset-- it seemed like she had done a lot to plan all this out….

“Here we are!” Marissa piled wrapped gifts around my feet.

“Open mine!” Mina, Lexi and Marissa all fretted wanting me to open theirs first- but in the end I picked Marissa’s since she was after all the hostess.

I pulled at the bubble-gum pink ribbon and tore open the pale cream wrapping. Inside I found a box-- I hesitated a moment before opening it-- “What is it Marissa?”

She just giggled as she dropped onto an armchair-- which was probably a bad thing. I opened the box and found lingerie… tons and tons of it… My face went red slightly and I blinked a few times.

“Sebastian’s idea?” I asked over the giggling girls.

Marissa just nodded hooting with laughter. At the bottom of the box I found a note: “This is as much for you as it is for Vincent. – Sebastian.”

The other gifts were really no better-- scanty nighties, even scantier dresses… Surprisingly I made it through the trial, that and comments about Vincent that made even Marissa look slightly uncomfortable. Kiera was the only one who gave me something that wasn’t to do with boys or-- well boys… She had recently bought a journal that was leather bound and burgundy in color. She hadn’t known until today that I was getting married or was married to Vincent-- but she gave me the journal and said;

“This is for you to journal the events of your new life-- because once you are turned everything will be new for you.”

It was weird but her gift to me which wasn’t even really something she had necessarily picked out for me was the one thing I appreciated most.

After we opened gifts we drank champagne and rose dancing on the furniture like preteens and singing to blasting tunes on the entertainment system-- which was very hidden in this suite and we watched romance comedy movies and giggled our girly guts out until one by one we fell asleep where we sat. I tried to push the thoughts of the voice from my head but in my heart I knew that something evil was waiting for me--

In the dark corner of my mind there were shapes. Flames. Lava. A man with black wings calling my name-- and a part of me wondered what would happen if I walked across the heated sea and answered his call. When I woke up it was dark in the suite, and I had a blanket wrapped around me. I was happy, and my skin was glowing in the dark--

“Fae are made of light you know.” If I hadn’t been weighed down by blankets I would have jumped. In the light from my skin I saw a pair of green cat-like eyes-- Marissa’s eyes.


The silence felt heavy.

“Your humanity is slipping away Gen.”

I didn’t know what to say. “I’m terrified for you. What if Vince turns you and you forget him… If you forget us?”


“What if you turn into a wave of light and your body is just gone?”

“That won’t happen.”

Marissa’s face moved super close to mine. “You can’t promise me that.”

I blinked. She looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. “I love your brother. It’s the only thing I remember about myself. That isn’t going to change.”

“I know.” She whispered. “And that’s what scares me.”

I didn’t understand.

“Because he’s still out there… he still wants you.”


Marissa didn’t answer me, but I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to see the man with black wings anymore-- I didn’t want to be tempted to see how dangerous he was. Time ticked by until soft light crept into the suite from the behind the edges of thick sea foam velvet drapes-- and the girls stirred. I was relieved, being alone with my thoughts had almost been too much for me.

“Rise and shine girls! If you want a shower it’s now or never!!”

Kiera moaned; “Toooo early…” While Lexi and Mina threw pillows at Marissa.

I unrolled myself from my blanket burrito and stood up, it was freezing-- but just the wake up incentive I needed to get moving.

“Gen-- Juliet had some breakfast ordered up for you. If you’re hungry.”

I wanted to nod, but I didn’t-- instead I made my way over to the velvet curtains and yanked them open, letting in a flow of sunlight; behind me the girls whined about the light change while I basked in the sun.

“I’m sorry about what I said yesterday.” Marissa whispered from beside me. “I just don’t want to see my brother hurt.”

I wanted Vincent. I needed him. I was tired of people telling me they had to keep me safe-- did I understand that there was danger? Yes! Did I get that we shouldn’t be seen together by those who would hurt us? Sure. But he was my husband. “I know. But I would never hurt him.”

“On purpose.”

I growled. Why did Marissa have to be so difficult.

“Bathroom’s mine first!” Mina called out.

“I’m peacing it to mine!” Kiera shouted.

“Fine. I get to shower next. Hurry up Mina!”

“You realize he might be your brother but he’s my husband?”

“Yes-- well, let’s not break out in choruses of Hallelujahs just yet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There is no way I’m letting you near Vince until he turns you.”

“What?” No wonder she had shipped me out of Vincent’s apartment faster than you could think Boo.

“You might not be human-- but there are certain human qualities about you.”

“Oh? Like what?”

Marissa took my arm and squeezed it until I was howling in agony.


“Like that. What do you think would happen if I let the two of you go off alone and ‘honeymoon’? You would end up in a hospital-- or worse dead. Then I would end up with a broken hearted brother for eternity. Sorry-- no dice.”

“But what if he never turns me because he thinks since my memory is gone, I’m broken?”

“Then you never get left alone with him.”

“That’s-- that’s…. RUBBISH. Everything you are saying is all based on assumption.”

“Which is based on facts. It’s too risky. Too dangerous.”

“I don’t care.”

“One day you will understand I did this to protect the both of you.”

Interesting. I wondered if Vincent had texted Marissa the same thing… I mean seriously-- we tied the knot then had been ripped apart.

“I’m going to jump in the shower-- you should eat something.”

I wanted to tell Marissa what she could do if she kept separating Vincent and I but I clenched my jaw and let her walk away as I stared out the window into the trees.

“Hey did someone see something glowing in here last night?” Lexi’s voice floated to me from somewhere in the room behind me. “I swear I thought it looked like it was alive. So creeeeepy.”

If only she had known it was me. Wait-- I was Fae. I wasn’t human and I had powers. I could teleport… what the hell was I still doing here? I glanced over my shoulder Mina was standing in the sunken living room behind me her hair wrapped in a towel, drinking steaming liquid out of a Chippendale tea cup; I couldn’t see Lexi-- she must have just headed into the bathroom, and Marissa had disappeared. I took a deep breath-- it was now or I went to school and forgot about it. I began to think about Vincent-- focusing only on him; when I found him, it was in his apartment. I smiled, honing my thoughts in on him and being with him. I grinned Marissa’s suite at Worthington Manor began to fade.

“What the hell?” Screamed Mina. “Marissa-- Genevieve… she’s--” Mina’s voice was drowned out as air was sucked from my chest and everything went black as my body moved from the Worthington Manor to Vincent’s apartment-- and when I could breath again I was standing in Vincent’s living room. From where I was standing I could hear guitar tunes coming from behind Vincent’s door. I pulled off my sweater and gloves letting them fall to the ground, they barely made a sound when they hit the floor but it was enough-- the guitar music paused. He knew someone was here. I just hoped he knew it was me. Taking a deep breath I walked to Vincent’s door and pushed it open; he was sitting on his bed shirtless, in lounge pants, a guitar resting on his lap. When he looked up and saw me-- Vincent sprung up, dropping his guitar on the ground, staring at me in shock.

“Genevieve.” He whispered his arms open wide.

I didn’t need any other invitation then that, it had been what I was waiting for.

“You’re MINE!” An enraged scream reverberated in my head.

Ignoring the voice I raced the short distance from the bedroom door to Vincent and leapt into his arms which closed cold about me.

“Ahhh, my little bird. How I have missed you.”

My heart took off like a rocket; I traced the lines of his cool skin on his cheeks and then wound my fingers into his hair and pulled his face toward my own. I had forgotten what it felt like to be around his magnetic vibe.

“Don’t. You must not. You belong to me!”

When his lips touched mine a fire ran through my entire body-- I hated him for making me feel this way. I could not explain the hunger which I felt when I was around him.

“Gen-- you’re glowing!”

Laughter bubbled up from inside my soul. How could it be wrong to be with Vincent now? I was powerful, he was powerful-- together we would be unstoppable. Marissa was wrong. We belonged together-- I would never hurt him and he would never hurt me. “I’m Fae my love. And we-- we are light.”

His finger ran down my back. “Are you frightened?”

Frightened? No. What was there to be afraid of? I shook my head.

“If I hurt you.”

“Vincent. I just teleported across the city to your apartment. Do you really think I would have done that if I didn’t want to be with you?”

“But what about Topher?”

“What about him?”

“Babe-- we might be married, but he still has a mark on you-- and while you live, unless you die…”

Was Vincent afraid?

“Perhaps we should wait till I turn you. Then perhaps you will be beyond his reach.”

Now Vincent wanted me to wait to be with him? THIS WAS INSANE. I slid out of Vincent’s light embrace and stood with my back to him.

“You’re my husband.”

“Little bird-- I know.”

I sighed-- why had I even come.

“Come back to me.”

I pulled off my boots and threw them out of the room. “Vince.” I wanted to cry-- I wanted to throw something I wanted… to feel anything other than the way I felt now.

“See! He can’t satisfy you.”

“SHUT UP!” I put my hands over my ears, but I could still hear the voice.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Only I can satisfy your dark longings….”


“Gen?” There was a gentle breeze behind me and then Vincent’s cool arms wrapping around me. “What’s going on?”

I would not cry-- I would NOT CRY! Too late. Hot angry tears streamed down my face. I turned in Vincent’s arms and buried my face in my husbands chest-- bawling my eyes out.

“I will fight.” I whispered. “I will! I won’t stop fighting.”

“I know. It’s okay.” Vincent lifted me and walked us to the bed where we sat and I continued to cry-- Vincent wiping my years as if it was no big deal.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

I knew he thought I was broken, but I knew I wasn’t. “And I need a shower.” I moaned realizing that I must smell like sweat, and alcohol…

“Alright. First door outside this one, okay?”

I nodded my tear streaked face and left the room-- not shutting the door because then I would feel like he was too far away. Vincent’s bathroom was very clean for a bachelor; I was pleasantly surprised to find pine scented soap in a spotless shower. I turned on the hot water and striped off the purple dress; thowing it in a ball into the open living room. The guitar music had started again-- it sounded like a Beatles song… what was he playing? I pulled bobby pins out of my hair, and looked at my reflection. I was pale… with raccoon eyes from my mascara and tears. I took the face cloth from the hook by the sink and washed my face-- it was a little better. Was he playing ‘Hey Jude?’

The bathroom was steamy now. I stepped into the shower and let the heated water flow over me. It wasn’t too hot-- and it wasn’t ice cold… how long had it been since my body had been the right temperature? I slathered my body with the pine soap, scrubbing away the thoughts of the strange man with wings and the lava and the creeepy voice in my head-- until I felt squeaky clean. I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a towel. Maybe Vincent had a shirt I could borrow while we washed this dress…

The guitar music had faded. I frowned-- was Vincent ok? I walked out of the bathroom in my towel dress and into his bedroom. “Vincent?”

“Um, yeah-- what’s up little bird?”

I suddenly forgot what I was going to ask him-- I was standing in my sexy hot vampire husband’s room, and I was wearing a towel… I stared into Vincent’s eyes and let the towel drop.

“Are you trying to torture me?” Vincent groaned through gritted teeth.

“Fine. I’ll just go back to Marissa and Sebs place if that’s how you feel.”

“No.” Vincent was off the bed in a moment-- his hand wrapped around my wrist.

Genevieve the Princess might have been out of her depth here-- I don’t remember… was she a prude? I wasn’t a prude.

“What if I hurt you?”

“You won’t.”

Vincent’s mouth moved down my neck, across my shoulder blades, down my arms. His lips pressed urgent kisses into me, and I sighed in ecstasy. Slowly I turned so I was facing him.

“Do not give in to that scum!”

Too bad strange voice-- I belonged to Vincent, and I would always give in to him. I wrapped my legs around him my heart was beating like a helicopter-- as he carried us towards his bed. He paused drawing out the moment by placing his head on my chest and listening to my heart pound.

“Listen little bird-- as your heart takes flight.”

It was maddening how long he stayed there-- his head pressed to my breast listening to the beating of my heart.

“I never realized how amazing a heartbeat is.”

I was amazed I had forgotten he didn’t have one… I leaned up on my elbows so I could see his face-- he lifted his head and stared into my eyes. Was he purposely driving me mad? Vincent laughed, and I smacked him lightly-- what a butt, he knew he was driving me crazy.

When he finally stopped laughing his lips kissed my belly button, up my ribs, my neck and finally his hard lips found my own-- his hands going wild on my skin, caressing me while I found my own hands straying on the edge of his lounge pants. I slid down underneath him. He froze above me-- confused. His muscled chest was above me now. I hooked my fingers on his lounge pants and tugged down. They slid from his body as if sliding from a marble statue. My breath caught in my throat as he pulled me back up so my face was under his face. He looked down at me his face unmasked-- his vulnerability and passion clearly marked. As he watched me I could see he was wondering if this was what I truly wanted.

“I want you.” I said as passionately and possessively as I could my voice cracking. “To make me yours; completely and utterly yours.”

I reached up and let my fingers play along his jaw which now quivered. I’m still not sure if those were the words he was looking for-- but it seemed to be what he had been waiting to hear. He leaned down and kissed me and I let go of this world, and entered his.

It wasn’t like any other experience I had ever had, but I loved it-- and hated it-- and loved it. I was aware that I was bruised along my back and sides I could feel that-- I might possibly have pulled a muscle or two-- I might have broken my ankle kicking at something-- I was quite sure I felt it snap. Vincent never tired, nor did he slow-- and I didn’t really care. If I was to die here right now in Vincent’s arms-- I would die the happiest woman alive.

Some time later Vincent’s cell phone rang. I ignored it-- and so did he-- but it kept ringing and ringing and it was at the point where I wanted to kill the phone when Vincent pulled away from me. He stood with his back to me as he picked up his phone from his desk and looked down at it. I traced the contours of his long white back and round bum-- he was perfect.

I grinned vaguely aware that I was suddenly starving and that every part of me ached. I don’t think I could move even if I wanted to. Vincent didn’t answer his phone-- instead he turned it off; then he looked down at me and grinned.

“I’m going to get you some food.” He came to the bed and kissed me gently. “And I could use a pint of two of blood--Marissa left some in my fridge.”

I shook my head. “Don’t go.” I could forget I was hungry if he would just stay here with me-- and I think he knew that.

“I’ll be right back birdie, I promise.” He whispered at me, leaning over me, gently kissing me, as if I were a china doll.

I sighed, and watched as he slid some pants on over his lean masculine form. He threw on a white t-shirt and his studded leather jacket and then left the room grinning over his shoulder at me. “I’ll be back soon.” He whispered.

“You better.” I replied, but he was already gone. I curled up on my side and tugged a blanket up around me. I was suddenly completely exhausted.

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